Joel Salatin On “Illegal Everything”

An ‘oldie but goodie’ video…well worth the watch time for those not already familiar with the ever-expanding laws that restrict our freedom to decide what foods we can put in our bodies.

Joel Salatin speaks on John Stossel’s segment, “Illegal Everything,” about raw milk, farms, and food freedom. Interview is from 2012.

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Low Risk of Raw Milk

I have never been able to stand the taste of milk and don’t care to drink it raw or otherwise. However, I fully support the basic human right of having a free choice over what to put in our bodies. That something so simple as MILK has become a major political issue really disturbs me. What RIGHT does ANY government have to interfere with what we consume? If the current trends continue, people will have to worry about owning even a single cow and daring to use the milk – even for personal/home use – for fear of officials coming onto their property (with guns), terrorizing them and then penalizing them financially or by loss of freedom…and that is NOT OKAY!


“The unfortunate truth is that, no matter what we eat, all food has some inherent risk.  The question is of course, comparative risk.  At a conservative estimate, there are at least 10 million raw milk drinkers in the United States (no similar survey was done for Canada), based on a 2006 consumer survey (this estimate does not even take into consideration any increase over the last 7 years, and we all know that consumer demand has vastly increased).  But for these 10 million raw milk drinkers, we do not see thousands or millions of them dying each year. In fact, there have been two raw milk related deaths since 1997, and at least one of these two was actually linked to illegal raw queso fresco cheese.

In its report “Outbreak Alert!  2008. Closing the Gaps in our Federal Food Safety Net, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (2008) published this chart (page 21), showing that when adjusted for consumption, dairy, including the consumption of fluid raw milk, had a lower risk than even produce.” Full Article Here


Missouri’s War On Raw Milk

Here we have another fine example of our government trying to dictate minute aspects of our lives – the raw milk battle has now moved into Missouri as officials there interfere in the rights of consumers and business owners alike. None of the bullshit regulations have anything to do with genuine concern for our health and everything to do with finding ways to tax small businesses into oblivion while protecting the interests of the corporate dairies. Best of luck to the Vimont family as they stand and fight for their rights…

OZARKIt was anything but business as usual in front of the Christian County Health Department Thursday night.  Eric Vimont and his family were delivering their unpasteurized milk to customers.

“I believe God gave the right to produce food as a farmer for my neighbors, if they want it,” said Vimont.

 Although he thinks it’s his God-given right, it’s against the county’s ordinance.

Get Raw Milk

Get Raw Milk (Photo credit: On Bradstreet)

“If you’re a Grade A raw milk retailer you can sell in Christian County–if you get a food permit. If you’re not a Grade A raw retail milk producer, then you can either sell it directly off your farm or you can deliver it directly to your client’s domicile,” explained Bryan Haugen, the assistant administrator for the Christian County Health Department.

“They understand that it’s logistically impossible for me to drive to 20 or 30 different customers. So they’re trying to put me out of business, but they’re trying do it in a way that looks good,” said Vimont.

The health department said if he wants to distribute it anywhere else, such as a farmers market or from the back of a trailer, he needs a state Grade A permit and a county food permit.

“I could, but I won’t be under the thumb of tyranny…why do I have to have a permit that God gave me the right to do,” said Vimont.

The requirements, Vimont believes, are simply a way to collect taxes and rid raw milk producers.

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