Justifying the Unjustifiable: Deconstructing the Lies of the NSA

GlobalResearchTV – “As the public finally becomes outraged over the NSA’s illegal spying, members of government and the corporate media wage an information war to misdirect that anger to issues of less importance. To counteract this, a bold new citizen-led initiative to nullify the NSA is now gaining momentum around the United States…”


Americans are “outraged” by the NSA’s illegal spying, huh? That’s interesting…

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent

“Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”

Motherboard – “That’s a text message that thousands of Ukrainian protesters spontaneously received on their cell phones today, as a new law prohibiting public demonstrations went into effect. It was the regime’s police force, sending protesters the perfectly dystopian text message to accompany the newly minted, perfectly dystopian legislation. In fact, it’s downright Orwellian (and I hate that adjective, and only use it when absolutely necessary, I swear). 

But that’s what this is: it’s technology employed to detect noncompliance, to hone in on dissent. The NY Times reports that the “Ukrainian government used telephone technology to pinpoint the locations of cell phones in use near clashes between riot police officers and protesters early on Tuesday.” Near. Using a cell phone near a clash lands you on the regime’s hit list.

See, Kiev is tearing itself to shreds right now, but since we’re kind of burned out on protests, riots, and revolutions at the moment, it’s being treated below-the-fold news. Somehow, the fact that over a million people are marching, camping out, and battling with Ukraine’s increasingly authoritarian government is barely making a ripple behind such blockbuster news bits as bridge closures and polar vortexes…”

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Give Us Cash or Lose Your Kids and Face Felony Charges: Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

 Reason TV (November 14, 2013) – “Imagine getting pulled over while on a family vacation and having small-town cops accuse you and your family of being drug couriers. Then imagine hearing that you have two options: Fork over your cash and continue on your vacation or face felony charges for money laundering and child endangerment, in which case you go to jail and your kids get handed over to foster care. That’s what happened to Ron Henderson and Jennifer Boatright while traveling through Tenaha, Texas, a town that regards piracy as just another way to raise revenue.

Henderson and Boatright’s case helped launch a class action lawsuit against abusive civil forfeiture laws, laws which allow law enforcement to to shake down people and cash in. And don’t be fooled by officers tooling around town in Escalades seized from hotshot drug dealers–law enforcement often targets those who cannot afford to hire an attorney to fight for the return of their property.

Officers may swipe your property even if you’re not charged with a crime. Cops can drive the cars they grab, and seized cash has even been funneled to officers’ salaries. Booty is often a large source of law enforcement funding, and last year the Department of Justice pulled in a record $4.2 billion from civil forfeitures…” Full Story on Reason

The Relentless March of the U.S. Police State

Riot police
Excerpt from The Independent Institute – By  

Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, wrote recently:

An authoritarian nation is defined not just by the use of authoritarian powers, but by the ability to use them. If a president can take away your freedom or your life on his own authority, all rights become little more than a discretionary grant subject to executive will. . . . Since 9/11, we have created the very government the framers feared: a government with sweeping and largely unchecked powers resting on the hope that they will be used wisely.

Turley does not say much in this article about the other rail of the Police State Railway that Americans are riding to hell: the drug war, with its massive arrests, prosecution, and imprisonment of people charged only with victimless crimes and its militarization of the state and local police all over the country. (On the militarization of the police, see especially this research paper, a revised version of which will appear in the spring issue of The Independent Review.) This massive bloating of police power and legalized oppression and the corresponding suppression of individual rights have brought down to the lowest level the threats to life, liberty, and happiness that the war on terrorism has created in what most people view as a more remote and less threatening venue—”out there” somewhere, in drone-istan.

Each day, the U.S. police state grows larger, more powerful, more pervasive, and more menacing. When will the majority awaken to the realization that this threat has nothing to do with party politics, that it makes no difference whether a Republican or a Democrat occupies the presidency while our freedoms are demolished? Read Full Article Here

A Moment Of Clarity by Lee Camp…

How To Harass A Senior Citizen in Austin

Either I am in a really funky mood this week or else…or else this country (meh, probably the world) has just gone insane in more ways than my poor brain can begin to comprehend. If we aren’t beating innocent, young, mentally ill men to death, we’re holding 70 year old men at gunpoint…seriously, America?? What in the HELL is wrong with people? I understand officers have a job to do but don’t any of them have enough conscience anymore to say, “No, this is enough. I will not obey orders to harass/beat/spray or taze my fellow citizens who have done nothing wrong…” ? 

Austin PD didn’t beat this man to death in the literal sense but after waking him, tricking him, ambushing him, filling his basement with tons of cement, billing him for it AND seizing his property, it’s a small miracle the poor man hasn’t keeled over from the stress of it all!

From Off The Grid Survival – Early one Saturday morning, 70-year old retired Air Force reservist and former state employee Joe Del Rio was awoken by a knock on his front door. It was the city of Austin’s local code enforcement team. One of the agents told Mr. Del Rio that he needed to speak to him right away.

After getting dressed Mr. Del Rio went and opened his front door. He was immediately bum rushed by the Austin Police Department’s SWAT Team and then detained and interrogated for over 10 hours.

What was this 70-year old mans crime?

Bunker Bomb Shelter DoorIt seems that the Mr. Del Rio had an underground bunker, and apparently in Austin, Texas that enough to have the SWAT team storm your home and hold you at gun point.

The bunker in question was previously built as a bomb shelter during the cold war. Mr Del Rio had recently renovated part of the old fall out shelter and had been using it as a makeshift workshop…

Full Story (with video interview) Continues on Off The Grid Survival

Neighborhood Watch Shooting of Trayvon Martin: Probe Reveals ‘Questionable Police Conduct’

ABC News has uncovered questionable police conduct in the investigation of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white neighborhood watch captain in Florida, including the alleged “correction” of at least one eyewitness’ account.

Sanford Police Chief Billy Lee said there is no evidence to dispute self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman’s assertion that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin out of self-defense.

“Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don’t have the grounds to arrest him,” Lee said.

Martin had been staying at his father’s girlfriend’s house during the night of the NBA All-Star game Feb. 26.

The teenager went out to get some Skittles and a can of ice tea. On his way back into the gated suburban Orlando community, Martin, wearing a hood, was spotted by Zimmerman, 26.

According to law enforcement sources who heard Zimmerman’s call to a non-emergency police number, he told a dispatcher “these a..holes always get away.”

Zimmerman described Martin as suspicious because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and walking slowly in the rain…”

Full Story On – Neighborhood Watch Shooting of Trayvon Martin: Probe Reveals ‘Questionable Police Conduct’ – ABC News.

High Court Upholds No-knock Warrants

US Federal Protective Service Police officer w...

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Very disturbing to see a court uphold this. There should not be such a thing as a ‘No-Knock’ warrant, period. If having the police clothed in full riot gear and armed to the teeth is not the definition of ‘Unreasonable’ search, I don’t know what the hell is. Just another example of the erosion of our Constitutional Rights.

From Southbendtribune.com “The Indiana Supreme Court has upheld police use in the state of so-called “no-knock” warrants.

The court ruled this week that there are many circumstances in which police officers may enter homes without knocking, including concerns for officer safety, that a suspect may escape or that evidence may be destroyed.

The Times of Munster reports the court recommended police still ask a judge for a “no knock” warrant ahead of time if the facts of the case justify entry without knocking.

The court’s decision stemmed from a Fort Wayne search where police serving a search warrant on two men suspected of unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana entered without knocking based on their prior felony records and the possibility that they were armed.”

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