New Law Proposed in MO: Criminalize the Failure to Notify Schools of Your Private Business

“A Missouri lawmaker has proposed legislation that would require parents to notify their children’s school if they own a firearm.”

This irks the living crap out of me. Set aside the standard gun-issue arguments of whether or not we should own guns, how many or of what caliber and consider the concept underneath all of that…this law (or others like it) could be expanded…report to the school if you have medicines, objectionable books, cleaning products…think about it.

A 2nd point to consider…who is going to PAY for this?? Literally…where is the money going to come from to enforce this right now?

Who is going to go door-to-door and search the home of every child enrolled in MO schools? By what authority??? With – or without – search warrants and the all-too-common use of SWAT teams?


Excerpt“The bill, introduced by Missouri Democratic State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, would make it a crime to fail to report gun ownership to a school and to store a firearm in a place where a child could possibly access it. The legislation also criminalizes failure to prevent illegal possession of a firearm by a child under the age of 18.

“This act requires a parent or guardian to notify a school district, or the governing body of a private or charter school, that he or she owns a firearm within 30 days of enrolling the child in school or becoming the owner of a firearm,” the bill reads in part. “The written notification only needs to include the names of the parent and any child attending the school and the fact that the parent owns a firearm…

Failure to report a firearm to a child’s school would result in a fine of up to $100 or $1,000 if the parent is also found guilty of “negligent storage of a firearm,” in addition to any other required punishments.”

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Missouri’s War On Raw Milk

Here we have another fine example of our government trying to dictate minute aspects of our lives – the raw milk battle has now moved into Missouri as officials there interfere in the rights of consumers and business owners alike. None of the bullshit regulations have anything to do with genuine concern for our health and everything to do with finding ways to tax small businesses into oblivion while protecting the interests of the corporate dairies. Best of luck to the Vimont family as they stand and fight for their rights…

OZARKIt was anything but business as usual in front of the Christian County Health Department Thursday night.  Eric Vimont and his family were delivering their unpasteurized milk to customers.

“I believe God gave the right to produce food as a farmer for my neighbors, if they want it,” said Vimont.

 Although he thinks it’s his God-given right, it’s against the county’s ordinance.

Get Raw Milk

Get Raw Milk (Photo credit: On Bradstreet)

“If you’re a Grade A raw milk retailer you can sell in Christian County–if you get a food permit. If you’re not a Grade A raw retail milk producer, then you can either sell it directly off your farm or you can deliver it directly to your client’s domicile,” explained Bryan Haugen, the assistant administrator for the Christian County Health Department.

“They understand that it’s logistically impossible for me to drive to 20 or 30 different customers. So they’re trying to put me out of business, but they’re trying do it in a way that looks good,” said Vimont.

The health department said if he wants to distribute it anywhere else, such as a farmers market or from the back of a trailer, he needs a state Grade A permit and a county food permit.

“I could, but I won’t be under the thumb of tyranny…why do I have to have a permit that God gave me the right to do,” said Vimont.

The requirements, Vimont believes, are simply a way to collect taxes and rid raw milk producers.

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