Monsanto & Venter; The Unholiest Alliance

For those not already familiar with J. Craig Venter, I added links in bold to the article excerpt below that highlight more of his history. I’ll give you a spoiler…he was a huge part of that wonderfully successful BP Oil Spill ‘clean-up’…he created an e-coli based bacteria that eats iron and it was dumped…or was it sprayed?…all across the Gulf of Mexico….*shudders* It eats iron…how much iron is in the human body..? 

Monsanto + Craig Venter…the Ultimate Match Made in Heaven…er, HELL…

UT San Diego – “Monsanto Corp. has acquired part of a La Jolla agricultural biotech in a deal that gives the St. Louis food giant a presence in San Diego for the first time.

Monsanto purchased crop-boosting microbial technology from Agradis, a spinoff of Synthetic Genomics, the companies said Wednesday. Monsanto also made an equity investment in Synthetic Genomics and signed a research agreement with the company. Terms were not disclosed.

The acquisition gives Monsanto access to some of the newest and most sophisticated technologies for improving crop yields and preventing loss from disease. And while genetic technology is fundamental, it’s mostly being used to find naturally occurring beneficial microbes.

Synthetic Genomics was founded in 2005 by gene pioneer J. Craig Venter to solve energy and environmental challenges. As part of the acquisition, seven Agradis employees researching helpful microbes were hired by Monsanto, said Joe Mahler, Synthetic Genomics’ chief financial officer…

…Synthetic Genomics and Plenus are forming a new company with the parts of Agradis not purchased by Monsanto, Mahler said.

The company, AgraCast, controls breeding and genetic improvement technologies for castor and sweet sorghum, along with an antifungal product for fruits and vegetables. Employees with the new company will move out of the Agradis office to a new one nearby, Mahler said.

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Scientist Extraordinaire…Or Greed Driven Madman?

This man pictured below, Craig Venter, his corporate-political connections and the work he does, absolutely chills my blood.

J. Craig Venter

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For those who are not already aware, Venter is the scientist who created and unleashed a synthetic bacteria designed to ‘eat up’ the BP oil spill (and everything else in its path?). Venter’s work is funded in large part by BP (and now Exxon) but he claims to only turn to the corporate world when he cannot obtain government funding. His words ring hollow considering his scientific breakthrough could be worth trillions. With his corporate connections and background there could be little doubt that the man sees future revenues pouring in from clients, customers and partners like Merck and Phizer along with all of the oil customers he is already all too happy to take money from.

Research his work for yourself and then you decide, is this a mad scientist, another greedy corporate pig…or the ‘savior’ sent to deliver us from all of mankind’s troubles ranging from fuel to disease? Personally, I think he is quite possibly evil incarnate and that we’d all be wise to keep him, his political influence and his work on our radar…lest we all end up having a government mandate dictating that every citizen must be injected by one of his bacterial vaccines.

Craig Venter explains the steps his team took to create the first synthetic cell and what this means for the future of vaccines.

Obama Awards Venter the National Medal of Science in 2010.

Other articles provide more information and links concerning Venter and the work  he has been involved in:

Geoengineering and synthetic life – BP’s “solutions” to climate change and the energy crisis

(Excerpt) While drilling holes in the Atlantic seafloor and mining tar sands, BP has also been working with Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics to geoengineer microbes that could be injected into tar sands to release methane and create algae-based biofuels, according to Jim Thomas of etc group writing for The Ecologist yesterday. He also investigates BP’s role in driving science-fiction schemes to re-engineer atmospheric and ocean systems in order to counteract global warming while still making burning carbon and making profits:

The link between BP, geoengineering and GM

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