Six Californias Instead of Just One?

Plan To Split California Into 6 States Would Create 6 Dystopias

Curbed – “Bay-area tech types have been getting a lot of flak lately for the totally out-of-touch, isolationist ideas espoused by a few very vocal members of their ilk, like the plan proposed by prominent, hubristic venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California along arbitrary lines to form six new states (LA, along with Long Beach and Santa Barbara, would be in West California). Hellbent on ruining us all, Draper commissioned an analysis of the plan and the resulting report, via Valleywag, reads like the backstory to the damn Hunger Games. Turns out that Silicon Valley is so wealthy, if it splintered off on its own, it would become the richest state in the country, with a per capita personal income of $63,288. Meanwhile, Central California, where all the food comes from, would be the new poorest state, with $33,510 per capita personal income (perspective: less than the PCPI of poor Misssissippi). West California’s PCPI would be $44,900—close to current California’s figure.

Creating Six Californias would also seriously mess with the water infrastructure—Silicon Valley and West California are currently the largest importers of water, but the three poorest states in the deal (Central California, Jefferson,and South California) would have most of the supply. Another thing Central California will have? Most of the prisons: the three poorest states currently house 60 percent of the prisoners in the whole state. LA and its West California cities create 37 percent of the prisoners (good job!) but house only 7 percent of them, so if we thought our prisons were overcrowded, wait until our resources are one-sixth of what they are now. So, food shortages, water shortages, wealth inequality, prisoners either roaming the streets or rioting in overcrowded jails: seriously, is this plan guerrilla marketing for Mockingjay Part 1?” Full Story On Curbed

Rich state, poor state: VC’s ‘Six Californias’ divides Silicon Valley from have-nots

Excerpts, BizJournal – “A plan floated by third-generation venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into six parts would make the new state of Silicon Valley No. 1 in the U.S. in terms of per-capita income, legislative analysts said.

It would also create the nation’s poorest state measured by per-capita income, Central California, which would rank below Mississippi.

Tim Draper’s Six Californias proposal would create the wealthiest and least wealthy states in the U.S., state analysts said.

Draper, who wants to push his plan in a ballot initiative, submitted the proposal to the Legislative Analyst’s Office in California for a required review. For a $200 fee, Draper got a 16-page analysis that outlines the tax, education, political, correctional and natural-resources issues that would arise from splitting the state into six pieces…

…The analysts came up with some conclusions that will likely stoke the conflict between people who decry wealth disparity and those who defend the status quo.

Draper in a conference call in December said his idea was motivated by frustration with a bloated, ungovernable state government. The legislative analysis found that Six Californias would also work out quite nicely for his home region from a fiscal perspective…

…They also found the proposal would end up shifting the burden of funding health and social services programs to the federal government.

Other factors, like water distribution and reorganization of the penal system would have to be worked out, the analysts said. Those and other decisions by the new states could result in changes to the states’ demographics and economies, according to the report.

Draper has said he’ll leave it to others to navigate those sorts of issues. In a December press conference, he also said he plans to spend “as little as possible” of his own money to advance the idea.” Continue reading

K5 Robots Predict & Prevent Crime in Your Community

The creators of the K5 robo-cop are calling these robots, “New Hometown Heroes”…it really just gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it? Just imagine the near-limitless profit potential, er, safety potential…pretty soon we’ll have Pre-Crime Cops, Pre-Crime SWAT Teams…PreCrime detention centers where people can stay until…uh…K5 decides they are no longer a threat to the neighborhood? Sing along after me now, boy and girls…

“It’s a beautiful robotic day in the neighborhood, a robotic day in the neighborhood…don’t think of a crime…or else you’ll be mine…” 

Knightscope – “Imagine a friend that can see, hear, feel and smell that would tirelessly watch over your neighborhood, keep your loved ones safe and put a smile on anyone walking by your business. Imagine if we could utilize technology to make our communities stronger and safer…..together.

Knightscope is developing technology that will predict and prevent crime with an innovative combination of hardware, software and social engagement.

Crime has a $1+ trillion negative economic impact on the US each year and it will only worsen with the continued increases in population, strains on municipal budgets and volatility around the world.

The Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machine utilizes a combination of autonomous robots and predictive analytics to provide a commanding but friendly physical presence while gathering important real-time on-site data with numerous sensors.

How Does It Work?

Data collected through these sensors is processed through our predictive analytics engine, combined with existing business, government and crowdsourced social data sets, and subsequently assigned an alert level that determines when the community and the authorities should be notified of a concern.

If an alert is pushed, the K5 machine will turn on all of its sensors to allow the entire community to review everything and also contribute important real-time information. Our approach alleviates any privacy concerns, engages the community on a social level to effectively crowdsource security, and provides an important feedback loop to the prediction engine.


Height – 60 Inches (1,524 mm)

Length – 36 Inches (914 mm)

Width – 32 inches (813 mm)

Weight – 300 pounds (136 kg)

CUSTOMER Applications

Knightscope’s quickest avenue to commercialize the K5 technology is to augment private security services on corporate campuses and in large, vacant buildings and warehouses. Tedious and monotonous monitoring should be handled by the K5, leaving “hands-on” activities to security personnel.

Knightscope has also received numerous inquiries proposing a variety of use cases where the K5 would make a positive impact. These offer substantial future growth opportunities in areas including, but not limited to, schools, shopping centers, hotels, auto dealerships, stadiums, casinos, law enforcement agencies, seaports, and airports.

Soldiers Burn Down Cambodian Homes for Chinese Company


TruthLoader – “Soldiers representing the Chinese company Tianjin Union Development Group have forcefully evicted 29 families in the Koh Kong province of Cambodia and burned down their homes and crops. In 2008 the Tianjin Union Development Group was granted 36,000 hectares of land by the Cambodian government in order to construct a multi-billion-dollar tourism zone in the previously protected Botum Sakor National Park, complete with hotels, casino, golf course, seaport and highway.

What development means in Cambodia — “The Playground”

“We’ve heard of China’s buying sprees. That it’s plowed billions of dollars into some of the poorest nations in the world. But the story we don’t know is what this money means for the people there. In Cambodia, the cost has been devastating. More than 700,000 people have lost their homes — others their lives — while China buys the former killing fields for resorts, hotels, and exclusive residences. And as this country of genocide descends into another era of chaos and violence, some whisper it’s the second coming of Pol Pot.

But one woman has fought back. In this fast-paced narrative, Terrence McCoy follows Vanny Tep’s quest to save Cambodia from China’s money. Leading a small, fiery group of women, Vanny has sparked a grassroots movement from one of the most daunting slums in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Her battles are against the Cambodian government, Chinese companies, and a male-dominated society. Powerful and profound, “The Playground” takes us across Cambodia to discover the true meaning of a global Chinatown.”

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent

“Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”

Motherboard – “That’s a text message that thousands of Ukrainian protesters spontaneously received on their cell phones today, as a new law prohibiting public demonstrations went into effect. It was the regime’s police force, sending protesters the perfectly dystopian text message to accompany the newly minted, perfectly dystopian legislation. In fact, it’s downright Orwellian (and I hate that adjective, and only use it when absolutely necessary, I swear). 

But that’s what this is: it’s technology employed to detect noncompliance, to hone in on dissent. The NY Times reports that the “Ukrainian government used telephone technology to pinpoint the locations of cell phones in use near clashes between riot police officers and protesters early on Tuesday.” Near. Using a cell phone near a clash lands you on the regime’s hit list.

See, Kiev is tearing itself to shreds right now, but since we’re kind of burned out on protests, riots, and revolutions at the moment, it’s being treated below-the-fold news. Somehow, the fact that over a million people are marching, camping out, and battling with Ukraine’s increasingly authoritarian government is barely making a ripple behind such blockbuster news bits as bridge closures and polar vortexes…”

Full Article

New Mexico Man Given Forced Colonoscopy by Cops Wins $1.6 Million Settlement

“This is essentially medical anal rape, numerous times over a 12-hour period,” Kennedy said. “I can’t imagine anything more horrifying than what happened to our client. It’s just sadistic.”

A New Mexico man forced by police to undergo a colonoscopy has quietly settled his legal case against officials from Hidalgo County and Deming, N.M. 

USNews – “KOB-TV reports that David Eckert, 64, will be paid $1.6 million by the local governments – $650,000 from Hidalgo County and $950,000 from the city of Deming – to resolve the case, which was filed in U.S. District Court in November.

Eckert’s lawsuit alleged his Fourth Amendment rights were violated after Deming police pulled him over on Jan. 2, 2013, for allegedly rolling through a stop sign. Hidalgo County authorities arrived on the scene and played a role in justifying a lengthy series of medical procedures.

No drugs were found by police in Eckert’s vehicle or within his body by doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center, who administered two digital anal probes and an X-ray scan, then inserted into Eckert’s anus three enemas and analyzed the resulting stool samples, then performed another X-ray and – ultimately – conducted a colonoscopy with anesthesia.

A judge granted police a search warrant authorizing a probe “up to and including [Eckert’s] anal cavity.” The warrant’s limits allegedly were exceeded by the colonoscopy and it’s unclear why that procedure was necessary after enemas and X-rays did not reveal hidden drugs.

Eckert’s lawsuit further alleged the colonoscopy was performed without consent. His attorney, Shannon Kennedy, told U.S. News in November her client was sent a $6,000 bill by the medical center. Eckert refused to pay the bill…” Full Story on USNews

Government Agencies Add Pages for Kids to Their Websites

Activist Post – “A plethora of government agencies have decided to open up their websites to kids in a blatant attempt at brainwashing them.

The Environmental Protection Agency has added a kids page to its website. It has games and quizzes and characters called Stanley and Stella who are environmental explorers

So has the Transportation Security Administration; it’s called TSA kids. It has a little cartoon doggie and explains security check points and searches.

The FBI calls their page Fun and Games. It is aimed at kids from kindergarten through to 12th grade. Lots of interactive fun to be had here for mini feebies.

The NSA has opted for Cryptokids which features games, secret code making tips, battles with crypto-baddies and an entire section called ‘How can I work for the NSA?’

The CIA has opted for Kids Zone which features a cartoon spy with a cell phone embedded in a stiletto heeled shoe. Aimed at kids from kindergarten to 12th grade, with age-related activities.

The United Nations has tons of stuff for children. The Cyber School Bus provides lots of ‘fun’ activities with titles like “What should be done about child soldiers?”, “Stop Disaster” and a “super” online game called “Against All Odds” which increases awareness of refugee situations…”

Full Story on Activist Post

Chevron Suing The Victims Of Their Own Toxic Dumping

Chevron is suing people whose family members have died due to cancer caused BY CHEVRON. 

Prison Guards Accused Of Arranging Prisoner Fights, Staging “Retard Olympics”

The Raw Story – “State police have charged three Pennsylvania prison guards with organizing fights between inmates and other challenges described by one inmate as the “Retard Olympics.”

Authorities said the guards at the York County Prison encouraged inmates to drink a gallon of milk in one hour, take a punch in the arm without falling and allow themselves to be sprayed in the face with pepper foam.

In exchange, investigators said, the guards would reward them with food and coffee.

David Whitcomb, 28, Mark Haynes, 26, and Daniel Graff, 37, were charged with official oppression and placed on unpaid administrative leave, reported The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News.

State police began their investigation after video footage apparently showing Haynes grabbing an inmate by the neck turned up during their investigation of an unrelated graffiti incident at the prison.

The inmate told state police that the guards set up a wrestling match between him and another inmate in a closet.

Another inmate told state police that he agreed to do “stupid stuff for food and coffee,” including snorting crushed-up candy, drinking water with pepper foam in it and eating fruit with the peels still on them.

He also said inmates wrestled two of the guards and allowed the guards to punch them on the arms and legs until they were numb.”

Full Article on Raw Story


Woman Says She Called 911 for an Ambulance for Her Fiancée, Cops Came and Shot Him Instead

Reason – “Jack Lamar Roberson was shot and killed by police in his home on Friday afternoon in Waycross, Georgia. According to local TV station First Coast News, his fiancée Alcia Herron called 911 for an ambulance after becoming worried about diabetes medication Roberson had taken. Cops claim Roberson was brandishing two weapons (not identified by police, though the mayor said he was told it was a knife) and came toward them “aggressively armed”. Police also say they were informed Roberson had attempted to commit suicide and was being combative while on their way to his residence. His mother and his fiancée both witnessed the shooting, and their 8-year-old daughter was apparently in the home too.

Roberson’s mother said the family didn’t own “two decent knives…” Full Story Here

Family of man shot by Waycross Police refute officers’ story

 First Coast News – “The family of Jack Lamar Roberson, 43, is disputing statements made by Waycross Police on how he was shot and killed during a police shooting Friday.

“He didn’t have nothing in his hands at any time or period at all before they came, any time while they were here, anything. They just came in and shot him. He didn’t say nothing, the police didn’t say nothing, anything, it was like a silent movie. You couldn’t hear anything, all you could hear were the gun shots go off and I seen them going into his body and he just fell down,” cried Alcia Herron, Roberson’s fiance.

Officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave, Tanner said.” Full Story Here


Illinois Officers Rip Woman’s Clothes Off, Leave Her Naked on Cell Floor

Liberty Republic“Dana Holmes was arrested in May on a DUI charge to which she pleaded guilty. However, she never could have known what would be in store for her when she arrived at the LaSalle County Illinois jail. 

Holmes is alleging that she was illegally strip searched, when officers reacted to her moving her leg during a pat down. The video shows her move her leg slightly when officers quickly react and restrain her, then they throw her to the floor. After securing her, they then carry her into a padded cell, strip off her clothes and leave her lying there naked and alone.

State law in Illinois requires that strip searches only be performed when police have a “reasonable belief” that an individual is concealing a weapon or controlled substance on their body and they must be done by officers of the sam sex only where they can’t be watched. Resisting arrest is not grounds for a strip search in Illinois. The video clearly shows three male officers and one female. Holmes is suing for unspecified damages.” Full Story + Video

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State Threatens To Seize Infant Who was Fed Goat’s Milk

This was originally posted in late August, not sure how I missed it. Just another example of an over-reaching state interfering in our private lives…

A baby having milk from a bottle.

A baby having milk from a bottle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via Healthy Life – “A young mother in Maine is being threatened by the Department of Health and Human Services to have her infant child taken away and put into foster care. Her crime? Feeding him goat’s milk instead of commercial infant formula.

Alorah Gellerson was not able to breast feed her child, so she developed a formula of goat’s milk that included celery juice, and reports that the child loved it, and “grew like a weed.”

The young mother made a huge mistake, however. She told her pediatrician about the formula. The doctor turned her in to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which resulted in home visits, an overnight stay in the hospital, a directive to buy “approved” commercial infant formula (most of which contain GMOs and soy) and threats to remove the baby and place him into foster care.

The local mainstream media apparently is confused by this action, and has covered the story. WABI even interviewed another family doctor in the area who said: “I’ve got plenty of kids in my practice that have been given goat’s milk, for example, and they’re growing and developing fine.”

Indeed, goat’s milk is generally considered healthier, more easily digested, and less allergenic than cow’s milk. It has been fed to infants in traditional cultures for probably many thousands of years. So why the uproar and threats? The local media tried to interview the DHHS, but they refused, and instead referred them to government websites that stated goat’s milk was not suitable for infants.

Source: Health Impact News

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Cloud Seeding

Weather Modification Association

WMA, PO Box 845, Riverton, Utah, 84065, USA , Phone: +1 801-598-4392

Google Map of weather modification programs around the United States and the world.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Concerning Cloud Seeding Activities
Designed to Increase Precipitation

1) When did modern cloud seeding begin?

Modern cloud seeding dates back to the late 1940’s, springing from a discovery at the General Electric (GE) labs in Schenectady, New York in 1946.  The GE lab discovery led to the realization, through a series of laboratory trials, that flecks of dry ice converted supercooled water droplets (those existing as water at temperatures lower than freezing) to ice crystals . These efforts also demonstrated the ice nucleating properties of various inorganic compounds in certain cold (lower than freezing) cloud conditions.  Trials in the atmosphere soon followed, and operational and research cloud seeding projects began in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s.

2) In what areas are cloud seeding projects conducted?

There are two major types of project areas; mountainous areas and crop or range lands. Projects in mountainous areas are most commonly conducted to increase winter snowpack, which subsequently increases spring and summer runoff. Other projects are conducted directly over crop or range lands, typically during summertime, to provide more precipitation for agricultural crops or range land vegetation. Projects are conducted in areas which would normally benefit from additional precipitation.

3) Who typically sponsors cloud seeding projects?

The typical types of sponsors include agricultural organizations, municipalities and hydroelectric utilities. Agricultural organizations desire additional runoff for irrigated agriculture or direct precipitation on crop or range lands during the growing season. Municipalities are interested in enhancing drinking water supplies (via reservoir storage or enhanced streamflow). Hydroelectric utilities can generate additional hydroelectric power from augmented runoff which is either flowing into reservoirs or from enhanced flows in rivers which have hydroelectric generation facilities. Some government entities ranging in size from local governments up to state governments provide cost sharing support to cloud seeding projects. 

4) What seeding materials and methods are used in cloud seeding? Continue reading

Texas Police Repeatedly Shot & Tasered a 67-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient In Her Own Home

“Her husband begged the police to “put the gun away” as they fired the shotgun again and again…”

AlterNet – “SHERMAN, Texas (CN) – As her husband begged them to “put the gun away,” Texas police repeatedly shot and Tasered a demented 67-year-old woman because she wouldn’t drop a letter opener, then told the husband they had “saved his ass,” the man claims.

David Seyfried sued the City of Lewisville Police Department and six of its officers in Federal Court, for his wife Dolores Seyfried. 

Seyfried says he called the Dallas Alzheimer’s Association hotline after “Dolores had become agitated with (him) and had a four [to] five-inch letter opener in her hand” at their home in Lewisville, a Dallas suburb.

The Dallas Alzheimer’s Association then contacted Lewisville police without his consent, Seyfried claims.

 Defendant Lewisville Officers George Reed and Sgt. Courtney Letalien arrived as David tried to calm Delores down in their back yard, the husband says.

“Letalien immediately attempted to remove David from the back yard while holding an orange shotgun in his hand,” the complaint states. “David became very upset once he saw the shotgun and believed at that time that there was no need for such measures. David repeatedly pleaded with Letalien to ‘put the gun away’ and explained that he can calm her down and that no force would be needed.

 “David did not believe that Delores posed a threat to anyone and even explained to the officer that he had not been stabbed as reported to officers by the DAA. Letalien forced David to the front of the house so he could not see what was happening with his wife.”

David says that as he argued with Letalien, Reed shot Delores with a Taser.

 “When Delores did not fall, Letalien immediately shot Delores with the less lethal shotgun at her thigh,” the complaint states. “When once again Delores did not fall or release the letter opener, Letalien shot Delores once again in the other thigh. The second round did knock Delores to the ground but she was able to get back on her feet. Defendants allege that Delores maintained her hand on the letter opener during this time. When Delores turned to walk away from the officers, Letalien shot Delores a third time in the left buttocks with the shotgun. When the third round did not cause Delores to fall, Letalien switched to his Taser and deployed a cartridge with one probe hitting Delores in the back and the other hitting her on her right buttocks. Letalien found this force to be ‘effective’ when she fell to the ground.”

Reed then tried to step on her wrist to handcuff her, David says, and thinking she was resisting, Reed Tasered her again…”

Full Story on AlterNet

Journalist Faces Jail Time For Refusing To Disclose Identity Of Source

“I can’t believe an Illinois judge, or any American for that matter, would think it’s OK to imprison and bankrupt a person for doing his or her job well,” he said. “That’s something I would expect in a third-world country, not here. SPJ will not stand by passively and let a judge trample over democracy. Neither should the people of Illinois.”

Excerpts, Mint Press News – “For refusing to reveal the identify of his sources, Judge Gerald Kinney of Illinois’s Will County Circuit Court has fined editor Joseph Hosey a one-time $1,000 fine, plus an additional $300 penalty for every day he does not disclose to the court who gave him the police reports related to a double murder in Illinois earlier this year. 

Hosey is the editor of the hyperlocal news site Orland Park Patch, part of the Patch Media Network, which is owned by AOL. The $300 daily fine will be charged to Hosey for 180 days, and began Aug. 29, 2013. If Hosey does not disclose his source before the 180 days are up, he is expected to serve jail time.

According to his bio page on the Patch website, Hosey has been a reporter in the Chicago area since 1999 and covered the Drew Peterson case, which he later wrote about in his book, “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson.” That book was later made into a movie for the cable network Lifetime.

Hosey has been an editor for the Orland Park Patch since 2010.

In Illinois, journalists are protected under a state media shield law, which says that a journalist has the right to protect the identity of a confidential source. However, the law has an exception: if a petitioner can show that the identity of a confidential source is relevant to the proceedings and that public interest would be “adversely affected” if the information is not disclosed, they are not longer able to claim “reporter’s privilege.”

Though freedom of speech, which includes the printed word, is protected under the First Amendment, media shield laws are supposed to go above and beyond in terms of protecting a journalist from being forced to disclose confidential information and sources.

Hosey was ordered to hand over the police reports on Aug. 30, which he used to describe the details of the Hickory Street murders that occurred in Joliet, Ill. in January. Judge Kinney said that if the identity of the source could not be determined solely by the documents, Hosey would have to disclose the identity of his source to the court…

…Reporter’s privilege

The Society of Professional Journalists, which represents 8,000 journalists nationwide, has expressed support for Hosey, saying the ruling is not just a violation on the freedoms of the press but to citizens who have a right to know what is going on with their government.

Dave Cuillier is the president of SPJ. He said the charges against Hosey are outrageous and “cannot be tolerated.”

“I can’t believe an Illinois judge, or any American for that matter, would think it’s OK to imprison and bankrupt a person for doing his or her job well,” he said. “That’s something I would expect in a third-world country, not here. SPJ will not stand by passively and let a judge trample over democracy. Neither should the people of Illinois.”

Linda Petersen, SPJ’s national FOI committee chair, agreed and said the case against Hosey is “a witch hunt to discover who leaked documents to Joey Hosey who is just doing his job as a reporter.

“That Judge Kinney feels justified under the law is appalling,” she said. “Illinois’ shield law clearly protects Joey Hosey in this situation and Kinney’s manipulative interpretation of that law is a farce.”

The Chicago Headline Club, the largest SPJ chapter in the U.S., also released a statementcondemning the contempt of court charges filed against Hosey, and have asked Kinney to withdraw his orders to Hosey.

“We are appalled, dismayed and angered by Judge Kinney’s decision,” said Fernando Diaz, president of the Chicago Headline Club. “Kinney’s actions are unwarranted as Mr. Hosey was working within the ethical framework of professional journalism.”

“The SPJ code of ethics starts with ‘seek truth and report it,’” Diaz said, “and that’s exactly what Mr. Hosey has been doing. Kinney’s action does little more than keep information from the public.”

Restricted freedoms of the press

Hosey is far from the only journalist who has been targeted recently by a government entity for refusing to share where he obtained his information. As Mint Press News previously reported, after it was discovered earlier this summer that several media organizations had been spied on, including the Associated Press and FOX News, President Obama told the Justice Department to develop guidelines to protect journalists.”

More details and full article here on Mint Press News