Common Ground: Can We All Agree?

Common Ground – “Very few would disagree with the assertion that our current system has us headed for a disaster. However not everyone agrees on what that disaster will look like, and it’s virtually impossible to get people to agree on the solution. As a result forming a unified front to face these challenges has been next to impossible.

The Common Ground is an approach designed to deal with this issue.


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Farewell, Friend Of Freedom

The freedom movement lost one helluva warrior when Hardy Macia succumbed to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma today at the very young age of 43…


I never had the honor of meeting Hardy in person, but worked with him through most of Gov. Johnson’s presidential campaign. He was truly an inspiration and always led by example…


Hardy braving the cold to spread the message of freedom.

A fighter literally until his last breath, Hardy taped this video pleading for medical marijuana legalization just last week. Even with a collapsed lung, Hardy’s voice was persuasive and powerful…

Farewell, Hardy…your beautiful, fighting presence will be missed by everyone you touched & inspired.


Excerpts, Concord Patch“Hardy Macia, who spent one of his last breaths requesting that Gov. Maggie Hassan approve a medicinal marijuana proposal for New Hampshire with a homegrown provision, passed away earlier today, according to friends and family.

Macia, who had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was stricken with the disease last summer while he was running for the 2nd Congressional District and assisting former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson’s run for president

Previously, he was a Board of Selectman in Grand Isle, VT, and ran for governor there in 2004, before moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. He also attempted to run for state representative in New Hampshire in 2010. In his congressional race, he received 4.4 percent of the vote, or about 15,000 votes…”


“…Friends and family members began posting notes to his Facebook site around 5 p.m. on May 13,when the news began to be shared that he succumbed to the lymphoma.

Former state Rep. Seth Cohn, R-Canterbury, a colleague and friend, called him an inspiration and a role model for others, who spent his life “working for liberty, right up to the end,” earlier today.

“Despite a cancer diagnosis, he continued that run for Congress, hoping to wake a few more people up to the cause of freedom,” Cohn stated. “Even in his last days, he took action from, a hospital bed, confronting NH Governor Maggie Hassan to do the right thing and focus on people over politics. I’m honored to have been his neighbor, his friend, and a fellow activist alongside him. May his torch of liberty shine brightly in the heavens, a role model to inspire others onward toward freedom.” 


Sep 24, 2012 – Hardy Macia runs into Zombies at the New Hampshire State House…

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E-Day Has (Finally) Arrived!

WooHoo! Yippee! Hooray!

Finally! E-Day has arrived!

Oh wait…that was just a dream I had that today would be something glorious to behold…I haven’t had a full dose of coffee yet this morning, pardon my slip between Dreamland & Reality. I wish I could be truly excited and twist my hands in anxious anticipation as I await the outcome of the elections this evening but it seems I am suffering from the side-effects of Electile Dysfunction and possible political burn-out. Maybe it’s just a migraine brought on by the sound of so much “baa-ing” ringing in my ears today that has me just a touch…disheartened by it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled at the way my vote was cast – but I’m also a realist and aware that come tomorrow morning I’ll wake up in a country where nothing has changed. And as today passes, I can’t help but flash back to my 1st time at the polls…and how much I have learned in the years that have passed.

On my 18th birthday I did two things I had been longing to do – get a tattoo…and to follow in the family tradition of registering as a member of the Republican Party. Naive little fool that I was, I was quite proud of both actions. 20+ years later and I still don’t regret the ink…but oh my how I came to be ashamed of my political affiliation!

MisBehaved Ink – Gift from my hubby for my 35th

My first vote was cast for Bush…no snazzy-jazzy sax player for me..! I had convictions…I had morals!

I was going to stand on the side of all things Right, dammit!

If it were possible to time travel I think my first jaunt would be back in time to bitch-slap the smug little voter I was back then. I’m sure I meant well but if ever there was a wasted vote, my first attempt would most definitely qualify as such. I voted for the ideas with which I was most familiar…the ‘convictions’  I claimed to hold were passionate regurgitation of household conversations and nothing more.

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A President Of Peace

With insanity spreading and riots raging around the world, I want a candidate with a rational mind and a heart of peace leading this country for a change. Gary Johnson IS that man. No fear-mongering, no desire to expand our war-mongering ways.

I want a leader capable of representing the citizens of this country rather than the lobbyists of this country. I truly believe that Johnson is the only candidate who will hold the best interests of this nation as a whole above the interests of the War-Pig lobbyist groups. His desire is to bring our troops home and place our money where it is most needed and can do the most good – right here in the USA.


“Republicans are Thelma. The Democrats are Louise. Together they are taking our nation over a cliff. We have a President and a majority in Congress who insist on endless war. But a majority of Americans are insisting on Peace. As our President, I will end the wars and bring our men and women home — where we will rebuild and renew our broken nation together.

We the People will have PEACE.

Maintaining a strong national defense is the most basic of the federal government’s responsibilities. However, building schools, roads, and hospitals in other countries are not among those basic obligations. Yet that is exactly what we have been doing for much of the past 10 years.

Given trillion-dollar deficits, America simply cannot afford to be engaged in foreign policy programs that are not clearly protecting U.S. interests. There is nation-building and rebuilding to be done right here at home.

Our military should remain the most potent force for good on Earth. To do this, we should resort to military action as the last option and only as provided in the Constitution.” ~Gary Johnson~

His common sense is highlighted here in this outstanding article on All Voices Sept. 13th, 2012

Excerpt from, “Johnson more presidential than Romney in response to Middle East violence

 “Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who served two terms as New Mexico governor and currently has­­ more executive-level experience in government than Romney and Obama combined, on Thursday released a statement about the tragedy.

Johnson had no time for petty partisan jabs and blame games; he was too busy asking an important question that neither Romney nor the president seem to be capable of asking: Does it serve our national interest to be in places where we are not wanted, not appreciated and targeted for violence by American-hating extremists?

Johnson’s statement read, in part:

It is tragic when Americans serving their country are murdered, and we both mourn their loss and honor their service.

Part of honoring that service is to ask the obvious question: What U.S. interest is being served by putting our people – and our money – in places where U.S. personnel can be killed by extremists over a video?


Protecting America with a strong national defense and a rational foreign policy is our leaders’ most basic responsibility. But let us not confuse national security with senseless intervention where our interests are clearly not being served.

As Romney spews nonsense about Obama standing by a statement that sympathized with the killers, his words are all the more reason for voters unsatisfied with the choice between the two major party candidates to take a long, hard look at their alternatives. By any reasonable standard, Johnson represents the best alternative a non-major party has had to offer since former President Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose ticket in 1912…”

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Demand it.

Donate to it.

Elect it.

Protect it.

Who Is Jack Gault?

My name is Jack Gault.

I am one of Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign minivans.

Live Free in Las Cruces, NM

Follow me around America as I spread the message of “Live Free”.

Learn more about Gary Johnson

Previous posts about Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson – End The Drug War

Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson, will win our nation’s futile war on drugs by ending it. America once faced a similar dilemma with alcohol and mustered the public will to make a wise decision in ending Prohibition. Today America is safer and organized crime is out of the alcohol business.

It’s time to take the Capone out of cannabis, too.

We The People are ready to LIVE FREE.

Giving The Bird To Elephants & Donkeys

I absolutely love the newest video from  Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson. As always, the message is brief – and straight to the point…

Both parties are indistinguishable from one another. Both are keeping America broke. Both are keeping America at war. Both have trampled on the Constitution. And both are products of the same big money players that never change behind the scenes. It’s time to give the elephants and donkeys a little company. We the people are ready to let Washington know the TWO-PARTY IS OVER.

Libertarian National Convention Nominates Gary Johnson for President

I’m still a bit disappointed that I was unable to attend the convention but nonetheless, I am THRILLED that Gary Johnson has been nominated as their candidate in 2012. Congratulations Governor Johnson on a job well done and best of luck in November – this country needs you now more than ever…

LAS VEGAS – The Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for President of the United States, expressing confidence he will be able to find effective small-government solutions to the country’s most pressing problems and mount a strong challenge to his major party rivals.

Mr. Johnson was declared the party’s Presidential nominee after he won 70% percent of the vote in the first round of balloting by the 595 delegates of the National Libertarian Convention held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

His closest challenger, R. Lee Wrights of Texas, finished second with 25% of the ballots.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Johnson promised to present a clear and viable alternative to major party candidates, saying his victory in November will offer Americans effective solutions to slow economic growth, high unemployment and endless foreign military commitments that sap the country’s financial strengths.  America, for the first time in modern history, is poised to reject the tired two-party duopoly that has brought the nation to its knees economically.

“I am honored and I just want to pledge that no one will be disappointed. We’re going to grow the Libertarian Party.” said Mr. Johnson.

A successful businessman who lives in Taos, NM,  Mr. Johnson is known as an unwavering crusader for fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and individual freedoms. During his gubernatorial tenure, he used his veto pen more than 750 times to forestall attempts to grow government and put an end to wasteful government projects. He cut taxes 14 while maintaining New Mexico as one of only four states in the country with a balanced budget. The state boasted a $1 billion budget surplus when Mr. Johnson left office in 2003.

The nominee’s biography can be found at

Mr. Johnson’s running mate will be chosen later today and can be watched live on C-Span. If no candidate for Vice President attains a majority on the first ballot, the candidate finishing last will be eliminated from the race. In addition, any candidate polling less than 5 percent will also be eliminated from the subsequent ballot. A candidate securing a majority of convention delegates will be the Vice Presidential nominee.

“I am convinced that Gary Johnson will be an exceptional candidate, and a very successful President,” said Mark Hinkle, Libertarian Party Chair. “We have an impressive roster of talent this year to challenge our Big Government opponents not only in the race for the White House, but also in state and local races. The major parties offer Americans only one solution: Bigger government.  Libertarians will show voters how we can make government small while dramatically increasing jobs, lowering taxes, and scaling back government debt.”

Yesterday the convention approved a new party platform, which leaves unchanged the fundamental tenants of the Libertarian Party: Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make. Changes adopted by party delegates were generally ones that improve the wording or clarity of the party’s intent to advance liberty and shrink Big Government. One significant change adopted was to add ballot initiatives to the party’s mission.

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States, which is active in all 50 states and has more than 250,000 registered voters.

Libertarians call for ending government interference in personal, family and business decisions, much lower government spending, repeal of dangerous and unnecessary regulations, lower taxes, a currency free of government manipulation, free trade, and a peaceful, non-interventionist foreign policy.

Millions of Americans have voted for Libertarian Party candidates in past elections throughout the country, despite the fact that many state governments place roadblocks in order to keep third party candidates off the ballot and deprive voters of a real choice.

Additional information about the 2012 Libertarian National Convention can be found at

Additional information about the Libertarian Party can be found at

Gary Johnson: ‘Mickey Mouse Would Poll 15 Percent Against Obama And Romney’

What can I say…when Gary’s right, he’s right! 

At this point I’d vote for Donald Duck or even Goofy before I’d waste my time casting a vote for Obama or Romney either one…

From Huffington Post – Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has no qualms about running as a third party candidate, telling HuffPost in a recent interview he thinks Americans are so dissatisfied with their options that “Mickey Mouse would poll 15 percent against Obama and Romney.” That’s actually not as far-fetched as one might think.

According to a new poll, more than two-thirds of American voters would consider voting for a third party candidate and a full 48 percent say a third party is necessary. Throw in numbers like 22 percent of voters saying they would definitely vote for a third party candidate they agreed with and 28 percent saying they would flatly rule it out, and presidential frontrunners may have something to worry about.

“I think there’s a real opportunity that a third party candidate could poll significantly enough to be on the stage in what would be the national debates,” said Johnson, the former New Mexico governor. “I think that’s a possibility, and if that happens, I would hope to be that third party nominee to be able to do that.” Read the full article HERE.

Learn more about Gary Johnson – Gary Johnson 2012

The Race Is On: Two State Libertarian Parties Endorse Gary Johnson

January 7, 2012 COLUMBIA, SC – In the style of the Continental Congress, Members of the South Carolina Libertarian Executive Committee have endorsed Gary Johnson. A Resolution was penned as follows:

” Whereas, the South Carolina Libertarian Party supports the libertarian principles demonstrated by Gary Johnson and appreciates the efforts the candidate has been making to bring the message of libertarian ideas of personal and financial freedom to the voting public.
Resolved, that the following South Carolina Libertarian Party Executive Committee members endorse Gary Johnson for his bid for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the Office of President of the United States at the upcoming national convention in May of 2012 and we encourage our delegation to support him.

Gary Johnson; The Candidate of…Chaos?

Gary E. Johnson

Image via Wikipedia



1) Complete disorder and confusion.

2) Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

From Gary Johnson 2012 – According to a recent story in there are some RNC members who agree with the elite national media that including Gary Johnson in the debates would lead to chaos…Oh No!

Because hey, there is absolutely nothing ‘chaotic’ about a completely serious ‘top GOP contender’ like Rick Perry…right?

Would the inclusion of Gary Johnson in the debates force the Republican party to look at new ideas?

Wow, a revolutionary thought.

Or, we could just stick with the tried and true, red-white & blue patriot…

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November 15, 2011, Santa Fe, NM — The Presidential campaign of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is filing complaints with both the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protest Johnson’s exclusion from Saturday’s Republican debate in South Carolina.

Citing prohibitions against corporate contributions, the campaign’s FEC complaint makes the argument that, by arbitrarily choosing who benefited from valuable air time during the broadcast debate and excluding others, CBS was “directly and significantly supporting those candidates it favors, and advocating the nomination of one of their favorites and opposing the nomination of Complainant, whom CBS evidently disfavors.”

Similarly, in a complaint filed with the FCC, the Johnson campaign asserts that “The public owns the airways over which CBS broadcasts, and the public deserves to be free from bias- favoring some candidates over others- as well as illegal support of certain presidential candidates on national network television.

In a statement, Johnson senior campaign advisor Ron Nielson said, “As this campaign progresses, it is clear that nationally televised debates are having a tremendous impact. Candidates are moving up and down in the polls with every debate, fundraising is impacted dramatically, and Republican voters obviously remain undecided. When one looks at the inconsistent and arbitrary criteria networks such as CBS have used to decide who gets to be on the stage for the debates, it is apparent that decisions are being made in board rooms that are having the effect of ‘preselecting’ candidates.

“That is just wrong. We owe it to our supporters and to the process to take this basic unfairness and clear bias to those agencies whose job it is to insure that the power of the airwaves is not being misused in an arbitrary manner in the Republican nominating process.”

Copies of the Johnson campaign’s complaints to the FEC and FCC…

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Gov. Gary Johnson: “The Government Is Up For Sale”


From – Dylan Ratigan

Often called “the forgotten presidential candidate,” Gov. Gary Johnson was not included in the last two Republican presidential debates.  He spoke to Dylan and the Megapanel today about that, his take on Occupy Wall Street,  and how limiting voices in the debates is bad for our democracy.Johnson points to money and politics as one of the biggest problems in our democracy right now.

“In serving two terms for Governor, good government was easy. It wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t up for sale.  And it is currently up for sale. The root of all evil…  that is the reality of the predicament that we’re in today,” says Johnson.

In many ways, Johnson said that he shared in the frustrations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “This country doles it out unfairly. I just think the root of all evil are politicians that accept money, and when they accept money, they dole out favors to individuals, groups, corporations that pay for those favors, and that’s what the country. I think the majority of Americans are outraged over it. This is not a country that’s about a level playing field, and that’s what government should be doing, is doing everything they can to ensure an equal opportunity for everybody,” says Johnson.

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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Files for New Hampshire Primary

The best news I’ve heard so far!

October 28, 2011, Manchester, NH — Presidential candidate Gary Johnson filed for the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, arriving at 11:15am to formally add his name to the state’s ballot.

“As the first-in-the-nation primary state New Hampshire is an important focus for our campaign,” Governor Johnson said. “I’ve spent a lot of time in New Hampshire — even biking across it — and look forward to continuing to take my message to the voters of this great State.”

via Truth For A Change