Gary Johnson; The Candidate of…Chaos?

Gary E. Johnson

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1) Complete disorder and confusion.

2) Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

From Gary Johnson 2012 – According to a recent story in there are some RNC members who agree with the elite national media that including Gary Johnson in the debates would lead to chaos…Oh No!

Because hey, there is absolutely nothing ‘chaotic’ about a completely serious ‘top GOP contender’ like Rick Perry…right?

Would the inclusion of Gary Johnson in the debates force the Republican party to look at new ideas?

Wow, a revolutionary thought.

Or, we could just stick with the tried and true, red-white & blue patriot…

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November 15, 2011, Santa Fe, NM — The Presidential campaign of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is filing complaints with both the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protest Johnson’s exclusion from Saturday’s Republican debate in South Carolina.

Citing prohibitions against corporate contributions, the campaign’s FEC complaint makes the argument that, by arbitrarily choosing who benefited from valuable air time during the broadcast debate and excluding others, CBS was “directly and significantly supporting those candidates it favors, and advocating the nomination of one of their favorites and opposing the nomination of Complainant, whom CBS evidently disfavors.”

Similarly, in a complaint filed with the FCC, the Johnson campaign asserts that “The public owns the airways over which CBS broadcasts, and the public deserves to be free from bias- favoring some candidates over others- as well as illegal support of certain presidential candidates on national network television.

In a statement, Johnson senior campaign advisor Ron Nielson said, “As this campaign progresses, it is clear that nationally televised debates are having a tremendous impact. Candidates are moving up and down in the polls with every debate, fundraising is impacted dramatically, and Republican voters obviously remain undecided. When one looks at the inconsistent and arbitrary criteria networks such as CBS have used to decide who gets to be on the stage for the debates, it is apparent that decisions are being made in board rooms that are having the effect of ‘preselecting’ candidates.

“That is just wrong. We owe it to our supporters and to the process to take this basic unfairness and clear bias to those agencies whose job it is to insure that the power of the airwaves is not being misused in an arbitrary manner in the Republican nominating process.”

Copies of the Johnson campaign’s complaints to the FEC and FCC…

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Gov. Gary Johnson: “The Government Is Up For Sale”


From – Dylan Ratigan

Often called “the forgotten presidential candidate,” Gov. Gary Johnson was not included in the last two Republican presidential debates.  He spoke to Dylan and the Megapanel today about that, his take on Occupy Wall Street,  and how limiting voices in the debates is bad for our democracy.Johnson points to money and politics as one of the biggest problems in our democracy right now.

“In serving two terms for Governor, good government was easy. It wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t up for sale.  And it is currently up for sale. The root of all evil…  that is the reality of the predicament that we’re in today,” says Johnson.

In many ways, Johnson said that he shared in the frustrations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “This country doles it out unfairly. I just think the root of all evil are politicians that accept money, and when they accept money, they dole out favors to individuals, groups, corporations that pay for those favors, and that’s what the country. I think the majority of Americans are outraged over it. This is not a country that’s about a level playing field, and that’s what government should be doing, is doing everything they can to ensure an equal opportunity for everybody,” says Johnson.

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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Files for New Hampshire Primary

The best news I’ve heard so far!

October 28, 2011, Manchester, NH — Presidential candidate Gary Johnson filed for the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, arriving at 11:15am to formally add his name to the state’s ballot.

“As the first-in-the-nation primary state New Hampshire is an important focus for our campaign,” Governor Johnson said. “I’ve spent a lot of time in New Hampshire — even biking across it — and look forward to continuing to take my message to the voters of this great State.”

via Truth For A Change

Tear Down The Corporate Sponsored Election Circus

Once again our corporate controlled media set a conveniently flexible (flexes towards the rhetoric side, at least) standard for participating in the next presidential debate that excludes Gary Johnson – and yet somehow allowS the likes of Huntsman and Cain in. It’s bullshit. Pure, unadulterated, slanted Bullshit. The only purpose of including so-called ‘candidates’ like Herman Cain is to guarantee that there will be plenty of inflammatory sound-bytes that can be replayed endlessly to increase partisan division and hype for 3 days worth of out-of-context ‘news’ stories. I did mention the bullshit factor, didn’t I?

It is insanity, folks. We no more have Free elections any more than we live in a Free country. Why can’t more people see this game for what it really is? It’s a staged show; a circus…KISS is no longer ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’…our elections are. The thought that any of these life-size, walking, talking, caricature(s) of a bad political cartoon are being considered serious choices for leader of this nation makes me ill. You decide which candidate I’m referring to because that broad stroke easily covers several of them, up to and including Obama. It’s embarrassing to know that large parts of the world probably believe that ‘We The Peons, People’ actually take ANY of the jackasses being included in the debates, seriously.

And every time I see someone say how much they are voting for X because they ‘would just love to have a beer’ with them, I want to give into my base desires and smash something (usually my monitor as it brings in the most of these comments) to smithereens with my battle-axe.


Doesn’t it make you want to cry over what we’ve lost and how far we have fallen?

It doesn’t have to be this way. WE HAVE CHOICES. There are other options besides giving in to the corporate interests and politicians. TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. Do not participate in the commercial tactics and don’t buy tickets to the Insane Political Posses. Go hunt for your own news and knowledge; ween yourselves off the FOX-CNN sweet pudding and try some real cranial nutrition for a change. Stop supporting the system and the people who want to own and control you.

Please, please, please…cast your vote outside of the corporate circus tent…help prove to the world that the media whores and political puppeteers are not representative of who we really are. Vote Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and any other non-corporate sponsored (re: owned) and promoted candidates with views that align with yours. Donate. Blog. Promote. But above all…take back your right to honest representation in Washington and squash this media fueled and politically supported, circus filled with clowns and high-wire walking jugglers.



Have A Cup Of Liberty

This is OUR America. This is OUR fight. Let’s win it. LIVE FREE.” — Gary Johnson


Job For Job, Johnson Beats Perry

August 22, 2011, Santa Fe, NM – According to an article published in The Daily Caller, job growth in New Mexico during the tenure of former Governor and Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson tops that of Texas under Governor Rick Perry.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, C.J. Ciaramella writes in The Daily Caller that “during Perry’s tenure overall — from January 2003 to January 2011 — job growth in Texas was 7.2 percent.”

In comparison, Ciaramella finds “another former governor in the race who perhaps has a better overall job number than even Perry. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson had a job-growth rate of 11.6 percent between 1995 and 2003.”

Restating his reaction to other reports about his jobs record, Johnson said of the Daily Caller article, “We proved in New Mexico that what government can do to stimulate job growth is get out of the private sector’s way and provide an environment of tax and regulatory certainty. Government does not create jobs, but it can certainly create obstacles to job growth. In New Mexico, we worked every day to remove those obstacles, and doing so produced real results.”


Athlete’s Guide to Good Government

Our economy is tangled up right now. People are worried about their jobs and their futures. So how do we start to fix the problems? Given that we have a long race in front of us, we need to get back to basics. We need to do the hard work that makes us stronger and we need to have clear goals and plans to keep us on track. It all gets back to common sense government. We need a government that sets the rules and creates a level playing field for all competitors. We need government that lives within its means.

Right now, Washington is borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar it’s spending. We have to stop the spending and start thinking about providing the best service at the lowest price. When I was governor of New Mexico I saw how running the government is a lot like preparing for a triathlon. When we make good decisions, they build on themselves. Every lap in the pool, every spin on the bike, and every run prepares us for competition. Then there comes a time in every race where we have to dig deep and to push through and the results are worth it.

Do you want to keep America the strongest country in the world? Do you want to do the hard work it’s going to take to restore fiscal discipline? It all starts with you and me. This is about America. LIVE FREE.

— Gary Johnson

Johnson Interview On Fox

Gary Johnson talks to Shannon Bream on FOX News Channel’s “America’s News HQ” about his campaign’s focus on New Hampshire, his take on the credit rating downgrade, and his plan for getting America out of debt and working again.

Gary Johnson Exposes The Most Worthless Waste of Taxpayer Money

As President, Gary Johnson will end the fiscally irresponsible and unsustainable War on Drugs. Bank on it.


Gary Johnson 2012.

The Dirt On Gary Johnson

Club for Growth has released their Presidential White Paper analysis of Gary Johnson’s record as Governor and his public positions on the issues. Not surprisingly, Governor Johnson’s record stands tall among the GOP field.

Please share the Club’s report with your friends and acquaintances. We’ve included highlights from the white paper below.

Encourage others to compare Governor Johnson’s white paper with those of other candidates in the race. We believe they’ll agree that no candidate is more qualified to hold the highest office in the land.

While you can read the Club’s full report at this link, here’s their conclusion:

“With few exceptions, Governor Johnson’s tenure as New Mexico’s Governor and his public record since that time has revealed a generally pro-growth attitude … Governor Johnson deserves special praise for his consistent use of his veto-pen as Governor. We believe that Governor Johnson would most likely be a pro-growth President if elected.

Here are additional highlights from the Club for Growth’s Presidential White Paper on Gary Johnson:


“Overall, Governor Johnson has an excellent record on taxes and consistently pushed for tax cuts despite having to deal with the liberal New Mexico Legislature.

“Late in his second term, the Cato Institute found that Johnson was one of ‘four governors proposing or enacting the largest income tax rate cuts during their tenures.’

“In his first term, Governor Johnson proposed reducing the top rate of the state personal income tax from 8.5% to 8%, along with other tax cuts … He signed a repeal of a 1993 6-cent-a-gallon tax hike.
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Help Gary Johnson Climb Mount Money

Earlier today, Charles Lupton issued a personal challenge to Gary Johnson’s supporters.

Charles said, “I’m the one that donated $300. Any care to try or to get someone else to top me? So any up to the challenge?”

My personal challenge: I’ll donate another $100 for each of the rest of the goals we reach and $600 more if we pass the 1st quarter donations mark. That’s up to $1000 total and another $600 if we pass the $180K mark. (That will max me out on donations before the general election if we reach the summit as I’ve committed $900 already).

The challenge prize: I will put together and pay for 2 T-shirts for the first person to bring in another $300+ donation. Either directly to the donor (I’ll confirm with the campaign and you’ll receive both shirts) or the individual who got them to donate (I’ll confirm the donor with the campaign and you with the donor and you’ll both receive one). These shirts will be custom designed with your input. (Value: $40-$80 depending on style and design) This will be out of my pocket and considered an independent expenditure. (No FEC worries)”

Any of Gary Johnson’s supporters willing to take on Charles’s challenge?

via Help Gary Johnson Climb Mount Money – create a money avalanche.

Gary Johnson: “Debt deal kicking the can down the road”

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the Debt Limit increase agreement.

“The sound America is hearing today is the sound of the can being kicked down the road — again. The result of this agreement is that the debt ceiling will be $900 billion higher tomorrow than it is today, and the nation’s actual debt higher at the end of the year than it is now. Only in Washington is such a deal something to be celebrated as an accomplishment.

“Nowhere to be found in this deal are the entitlement reforms, structural changes in government, or the immediate and real spending cuts that must be made to actually put our financial house in order. I doubt the markets will be impressed, and I know the American people won’t be impressed.”


Who Is Gary Johnson?

*Gov. Johnson is a two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico.
*Gov. Johnson has the most executive experience of any candidate in the race.
*Gov. Johnson is the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country.
*Gov. Johnson vetoed more bills than his contemporary 49 Governors combined.
*During his time, Gov. Johnson was one of only 4 Governors to leave their state with a balanced budget.
*Gov. Johnson cut taxes 14 times.
*Gov. Johnson has the best record on jobs growth of any official Republican presidential candidate, according to a National Review report.
*According to a Public Policy Poll, Gov. Johnson is the only Republican presidential candidate who is still popular in his home state, which also happens to be 2-1 Democrat.
*Gov. Johnson has the record and the serious policy proposals needed to bring common sense back to Washington and put our country back on the right track.