Midnight’s Dragon


As midnight’s hour dances away through time once again

And bravely growing shadow demons dare challenge the

Light in the last battle for the day, a solitary Raven mourns for

The souls kept prisoner and lost in the mist. 

Staring out into the vast land of ink and ash,

My mind reaches out, searching, seeking –

Wondering which side of the hour’s reality

My brother occupies on this cold winter night? 

The sudden absence of words is so pounding;

So full that it has become its own rhythmic sea of expectation… 

Whoever could’ve dreamt that the silence of letters lost

Could echo so loudly into the nothingness? 

Each dawn whispers a tinge of hope; perhaps an SOS in a

Dragon claw’s bottle will wash up on the shore today? 

At dusk The Cap’n reports that the beach is empty and no

Double-rainbow message in a bottle can be found. 

And the sun drops down in blood-red glory, defeated once more

by the angry winds who’ve stolen your voice. 

Somewhere in the darkness, imprisoned in a

Cloudy cave, there lies a wounded Dragon Warrior… 

We miss the sound of his thundering, fighting Spirit. 

Wherever you are, our beautiful Warrior Brother,

we hope Freya is watching over you

 and protecting you against evil, from both without and within. 

Heal well and hurry back to us; you are needed out here in battle.

©Reb McFarland