E-Day Has (Finally) Arrived!

WooHoo! Yippee! Hooray!

Finally! E-Day has arrived!

Oh wait…that was just a dream I had that today would be something glorious to behold…I haven’t had a full dose of coffee yet this morning, pardon my slip between Dreamland & Reality. I wish I could be truly excited and twist my hands in anxious anticipation as I await the outcome of the elections this evening but it seems I am suffering from the side-effects of Electile Dysfunction and possible political burn-out. Maybe it’s just a migraine brought on by the sound of so much “baa-ing” ringing in my ears today that has me just a touch…disheartened by it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled at the way my vote was cast – but I’m also a realist and aware that come tomorrow morning I’ll wake up in a country where nothing has changed. And as today passes, I can’t help but flash back to my 1st time at the polls…and how much I have learned in the years that have passed.

On my 18th birthday I did two things I had been longing to do – get a tattoo…and to follow in the family tradition of registering as a member of the Republican Party. Naive little fool that I was, I was quite proud of both actions. 20+ years later and I still don’t regret the ink…but oh my how I came to be ashamed of my political affiliation!

MisBehaved Ink – Gift from my hubby for my 35th

My first vote was cast for Bush…no snazzy-jazzy sax player for me..! I had convictions…I had morals!

I was going to stand on the side of all things Right, dammit!

If it were possible to time travel I think my first jaunt would be back in time to bitch-slap the smug little voter I was back then. I’m sure I meant well but if ever there was a wasted vote, my first attempt would most definitely qualify as such. I voted for the ideas with which I was most familiar…the ‘convictions’  I claimed to hold were passionate regurgitation of household conversations and nothing more.

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Gary Johnson; The Candidate of…Chaos?

Gary E. Johnson

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1) Complete disorder and confusion.

2) Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

From Gary Johnson 2012 – According to a recent story in indecisionforever.com there are some RNC members who agree with the elite national media that including Gary Johnson in the debates would lead to chaos…Oh No!

Because hey, there is absolutely nothing ‘chaotic’ about a completely serious ‘top GOP contender’ like Rick Perry…right?

Would the inclusion of Gary Johnson in the debates force the Republican party to look at new ideas?

Wow, a revolutionary thought.

Or, we could just stick with the tried and true, red-white & blue patriot…

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Tear Down The Corporate Sponsored Election Circus

Once again our corporate controlled media set a conveniently flexible (flexes towards the rhetoric side, at least) standard for participating in the next presidential debate that excludes Gary Johnson – and yet somehow allowS the likes of Huntsman and Cain in. It’s bullshit. Pure, unadulterated, slanted Bullshit. The only purpose of including so-called ‘candidates’ like Herman Cain is to guarantee that there will be plenty of inflammatory sound-bytes that can be replayed endlessly to increase partisan division and hype for 3 days worth of out-of-context ‘news’ stories. I did mention the bullshit factor, didn’t I?

It is insanity, folks. We no more have Free elections any more than we live in a Free country. Why can’t more people see this game for what it really is? It’s a staged show; a circus…KISS is no longer ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’…our elections are. The thought that any of these life-size, walking, talking, caricature(s) of a bad political cartoon are being considered serious choices for leader of this nation makes me ill. You decide which candidate I’m referring to because that broad stroke easily covers several of them, up to and including Obama. It’s embarrassing to know that large parts of the world probably believe that ‘We The Peons, People’ actually take ANY of the jackasses being included in the debates, seriously.

And every time I see someone say how much they are voting for X because they ‘would just love to have a beer’ with them, I want to give into my base desires and smash something (usually my monitor as it brings in the most of these comments) to smithereens with my battle-axe.


Doesn’t it make you want to cry over what we’ve lost and how far we have fallen?

It doesn’t have to be this way. WE HAVE CHOICES. There are other options besides giving in to the corporate interests and politicians. TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. Do not participate in the commercial tactics and don’t buy tickets to the Insane Political Posses. Go hunt for your own news and knowledge; ween yourselves off the FOX-CNN sweet pudding and try some real cranial nutrition for a change. Stop supporting the system and the people who want to own and control you.

Please, please, please…cast your vote outside of the corporate circus tent…help prove to the world that the media whores and political puppeteers are not representative of who we really are. Vote Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and any other non-corporate sponsored (re: owned) and promoted candidates with views that align with yours. Donate. Blog. Promote. But above all…take back your right to honest representation in Washington and squash this media fueled and politically supported, circus filled with clowns and high-wire walking jugglers.