Riots & Abuses At Papua New Guinea Immigration Detention Centers

One dead, 77 hurt in riot at PNG immigration centre

AFP — One person was killed and 77 injured as tensions boiled over during a second night of violence at an Australian immigration detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, officials said Tuesday.

Thirty-five asylum-seekers broke out of the same facility on Sunday evening, with several hurt, as unrest flared about their fate under the Australian government’s hardline policies.

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said there had been a rolling series of largely peaceful protests, starting a few weeks ago, that culminated in the violence of the last two nights.

Monday’s unrest began when detainees pushed down internal barriers in the camp and the riot “escalated quickly with several hundred transferees” rushing to dismantle external fencing.

Security staff used shields to push back the mob while PNG police mobilised to capture those who had escaped, firing at least two shots, Morrison said, before order was restored.

“The news of a death is a great tragedy,” he said, adding that the man died from a head injury en route to hospital.

“This is a tragedy but this was a very dangerous situation where people decided to protest in a very violent way and to take themselves outside the centre and place themselves at great risk.”

…Manus Island is one of two remote Pacific camps used by Canberra in its punitive offshore detention policy.

Under the scheme, aimed at deterring people-smugglers, any asylum-seeker arriving by boat or intercepted at sea is transferred to Manus or Nauru for processing.

If they are judged to be genuine refugees, they will only be offered permanent resettlement outside Australia.

The United Nations refugee agency has condemned the camps as “harsh” facilities that “impact very profoundly on the men, women and children housed there”.

Morrison said that despite the unrest, the immigration centre had not been destroyed and was still operating.

Fled For Their Lives

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said tension with groups of locals, who oppose the camp, had been building throughout the day. He said the attacks began after power was cut to the detention centre.

He alleged the perimeter fences were breached, after staff were evacuated, by locals armed with machetes, pipes, sticks and stones who carried out “savage attacks”.

“If there are asylum-seekers outside the perimeter fence it’s because they’ve fled for their lives late last night from those attacks,” Rintoul told ABC television.

“It must be clear now that asylum-seekers cannot live safely on Manus Island. They should never have been taken there. Asylum-seekers must be brought to Australia,” he added.

This account was denied by Morrison, who said it “is not consistent with the reports I have received”.

He added that security contractor G4S “have advised that there was no one who came from outside and sought to disrupt or attack people on the inside which led to the perimeter fence being breached.” Full Article From AFP

Manus Island: One dead, 77 injured

ABC footage of a riot inside the Manus Island detention centre on Sunday night. A second, ‘more serious’ incident occurred on Monday night., Tuesday 23 July 2013

Nauru riot was inevitable, say Salvation Army staff

“Since the opening of the Nauru Regional Processing Centre [NRPC] there have been incidents of unrest that have re-occurred in escalating seriousness. Salvation Army staff in Nauru have been predicting such a tragedy for a long time,” the statement says. Continue reading

Voices of Nonviolence: Little Town of Bethlehem

Source – “Little Town of Bethlehem examines the struggle to promote equality through nonviolent engagement in the midst of incredible violence that has dehumanized all sides. Sami’s story begins as a young boy living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank; Yonatan’s starts on an Israeli military base; and Ahmad’s begins in a Palestinian refugee camp. 

Their three stories are interwoven through the major events of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting with the 1972 massacre at the Munich Olympics and following through the first Intifada, suicide bombings in Israel, the Oslo Accords, the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, and the second Intifada. Sami, Yonatan, and Ahmad each describe the events from their unique perspective, interjecting personal reflections and explaining how these events led them to become involved in the nonviolence movement.

In Bethlehem, the city where it is said that God became man, Sami just wants to be seen as human. First learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a teen, he began lecturing about nonviolence in high school. Later, Sami traveled to India to learn more about Gandhi. As the result of his discoveries, he founded the organization Holy Land Trust to promote nonviolence in the Palestinian community.

“When you struggle together, you change the paradigm. There’s still struggle…but it’s not This Side or That Side. You are struggling together to find the solution. And in that, there is very real HOPE…”

Yonatan embraced his father’s legacy as a pilot in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and fulfilled his own dream of becoming an IDF helicopter pilot. However, his journey led him to the astonishing decision to join with 26 other IDF pilots who publicly refused to participate in missions that would lead to civilian casualties. Co-founding the organization Combatants for Peace, made up of former Israeli and Palestinian combatants, Yonatan struggles to reconcile his love for his country with his growing opposition to the Israeli occupation.

After studying in Spain, Ahmad returned to Bethlehem to become a nonviolence trainer. Despite the daily challenges of living in a refugee camp, Ahmad remains committed to his community and risks his life and livelihood in nonviolent actions to bring an end to oppression.

For their work, Sami and Ahmad have been labeled as “Israeli collaborators” by some within the Palestinian community, and are seen as a threat to security by the Israeli military. By refusing to participate in offensive military actions against Palestinian civilians, Yonatan has been branded a traitor by some Israelis and can no longer work in his homeland.

All three men have had their lives threatened by members of their own communities as a result of their work. Sami, Yonatan, and Ahmad continue to embrace their common humanity and equality for all, daring to have the hope that peace in the Holy Land can be achieved through nonviolent struggle…

“They did it by discovering common ground in the nonviolence movement…”

Discussions on nonviolence –

The Fifth Sacred Thing

The Fifth Sacred Thing by dreamnectar

I’ve read “The Fifth Sacred Thing” three times over…I love everything about the book. The strong heroes and heroins; the eerie possibility that this is our future…and that at the end of it all, there is HOPE. I have my fingers crossed that this will be one of those rare occasions when the movie doesn’t fall 10,000 miles short of the book.

“The Fifth Sacred Thing is an upcoming feature film based on the best selling novel by Starhawk, and is set in 2048, where an ecotopian San Francisco defends itself from invaders using nonviolence and magic.”

This Land Is Mine

via “A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant…”

Who’s Killing Who? A Viewer’s Guide

Because you can’t tell the players without a pogrom! 

Is the State Department Trying to Silence Pakistani Drone Victims by Delaying Their Attorney’s Visa?

Rafiq ur-Rehman’s mother was working as his two children played near her in a field just outside his village of Tappi in the tribal region of North Waziristan in Pakistan when some of the CIA’s pilotless spy planes targeted their village and fired four missiles almost one year ago this month. 

TruthOut– “Rehman’s children, 13-year-old Nabila and 9-year-old Zubair, watched as the drone strike killed their 67-year-old grandmother, Mamana, instantly, and lodged shrapnel into their legs, hospitalizing them. Rehman returned from work to find the remains of his mother, his injured and bleeding children and a smoking field dotted with dead cattle.

A year later, Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) has formally invited Rehman, who is a primary school teacher in North Waziristan, and his children to testify about their experience before a Congressional ad-hoc hearing. It would mark the first time survivors of military drone strikes have traveled to Capitol Hill to give a voice and face to the reality of the CIA’s covert drone program.

But the family can’t travel to the United States to tell lawmakers their story because their attorney’s visa has been delayed by the State Department. Rehman’s attorney and translator, Shahzad Akbar, is a fellow at the human rights organization Reprieve and represents more than 156 drone strike victims.

Akbar has accused the State Department of deliberately barring his entry to the United States to silence the voices of drone strike survivors after they have prepared for months to travel to Washington, D.C. The State Department already has granted Rehman’s and his children’s visas.

“I have been blacklisted for simply one reason, that is my drone work. Otherwise, if I am any kind of security threat, [the State Department] can simply say,” Akbar told Truthout in a telephone interview.

This is not the first time Akbar has had trouble gaining entry into the country. Before he began investigating drone strikes in 2010, he traveled frequently to the U.S. as a consultant for U.S. agencies. But when he was invited to speak at a human rights conference in May 2011 at Columbia University about his work on legal cases involving drone strikes, his visa was delayed by the State Department for 14 months…”

Click Here For Full Story on TruthOut

America’s Private Sector Army

Prior to the Iraq war, most people wouldn’t have heard of the private military companies (PMCs) that provide their services to the USA. Then came the the headlines, thick and fast, as the heavy involvement of PMCs such as Blackwater led to controversy. 

Excerpts, The Kernel – “The number of contractors used is staggering. In 2010 there were 94,413 contractors in Afghanistan, compared with 91,600 US troops.


Most PMCs provide logistical support, but one stands out above all others: Blackwater. Described by some as a “private army”, they differ from modern day military units such as the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas and the French Foreign Legion, in that they are an autonomous company providing military services. Mercenaries in everything but name. Blackwater in particular stands out for their boots-on-the ground provision of “security guards” who look, smell and operate like any other combat soldier.

Blackwater, now called Academi, became known for a string of controversial incidents involving its personnel. Now that Middle Eastern occupations are winding down and court cases have been settled, Blackwater has managed to slip under the radar again. But it still exists, albeit with a new name, and is as influential as ever.

In the sixteen years of its existence, Blackwater has changed the face of modern warfare. How did they do it, what are they doing now and what does their continued existence mean for the future?

In explaining his vision for Blackwater, its founder Erik Prince famously stated:

“We are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service.” 

Blackwater started out by offering training services to the military and landed a major contract to train Navy personnel following the 2000 bombing of USS Cole of the coast of Yemen.

With their reputation established, Blackwater began to hoover up government contracts as the War on Terror progressed. At first they provided security to secret CIA bases, then they became the default private security force for the raft of diplomats and State Department employees who found themselves involved in occupied Iraq. Blackwater proudly remind people that “not one State Department employee was killed while we were protecting them”. No officials may have been killed but a number of innocent Iraqis did, at the barrel of Blackwater guns.

The US military has long had a reputation for financial ineptitude when it come to hardware acquisition. It’s a reputation that has persisted with their procurement of contract services. At the height of the Iraq war, sergeants in the military were getting paid one-sixth of their counterparts from Blackwater. This problem of capitalism colliding with patriotism was so serious that Defense Secretary Robert Gates considered asking US troops to sign a non-compete clause…

…The largest incident branded on Blackwater’s reputation is what has become known as The Blackwater Baghdad shootings. On September sixteenth 2007, Blackwater military contractors shot and killed seventeen Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, Baghdad…

“They became a symbol of what was seen as an occupying force. They are always heavily armed with machine-guns, and wear body armour and wraparound sunglasses. Usually they are beefy men with goatees, covered in tattoos. They swagger around like something out of a movie. Their presence here has been deeply damaging.”

Blackwater has become a destination of choice for ex-public servants looking for a cushy retirement, resulting in the company having even stronger ties to the centres of American power post-Iraq than pre-Iraq. The board of directors now includes Bobby Ray Inman, the former head of the National Security Agency and Jack Quinn, the former White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton. 

Lessons have learned by both the Government and private companies from their flirtation over the last couple of decades and the legacy will have repercussions on future conflicts. The Government has found a way to patch up their military personnel shortcomings with off-the-shelf and adaptable solutions: no need for the tedium of training youngsters and paying out pension plans.

By buying up experienced Army personnel, Blackwater have made themselves indispensable as a training institution for America’s elite troops. And next time the US goes gung-ho into another country? The contractors will be ready. Academi have developed and manufactured their own infantry mobility vehicle called The Grizzly APC. They were too late to the military hardware party this time around but they have all the pieces in place to take an even greater role in the USA’s next major conflict.” Full Article on The Kernel



Unmanned F-16 Fighter Jet Completes First Flight

“The Air Force has maintained that QF-16s will only be used in training exercises when pilots are completing dogfight simulations in the air. The planes remain capable of being flown by an on board pilot though, and a bomb will be placed on board in the event that an unmanned plane needs to be destroyed.”

via RT– “The US Air Force and the Boeing aerospace and defense corporation announced they have successfully converted a retired F-16 into a drone. It is now possible for fighter jets to fly supersonic speeds, land, and operate normally without a pilot on board.

Boeing announced Tuesday that modified versions of the F-16 Fighting Falcon will operate as a QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target for use in Air Force training practices. Last week, two Air Force pilots controlled the first successful flight from the ground station at Florida’s Tydall Air Force Base.

The maiden flight departed from the runway as normal and completed a series of simulated maneuvers in the air over the Gulf of Mexico, surpassing the speed of sound and landing safely.

It was a little different to see it without anyone in it, but it was a great flight all the way around,” said US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Inman, the commander of the 82nd Aerial targets Squadron. “It’s a replication of current, real world situations and aircraft platforms they can shoot as a target. Now we have a 9G capable, highly sustainable aerial target.” Full Story

Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall

So…you want a revolution, eh? Pissed off…fed up…you know bad things are going bump in the night but don’t know which way to turn for help when officers are murdering people – and pets – all over the place. Your government representatives have gone deaf and blind. Your online activity is not only not private, but can and will be used against you in court…doors are getting bashed in, your milk is no longer legal, your neighbors can vanish and be indefinitely detained & families are being terrorized by armed and masked SWAT men in the middle of the night…

It is time to do something…NOW!!

Enough is enough!! Our founding fathers would not have stood for this and neither should we!! 

The time for a revolution is at hand…!

Or is it..?

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Taking Out The Garbage

I look around at the piles of garbage floating all around us & I wonder how in the hell we can even start to begin to clean it all up…so many little messes to step around here and there; so many mountains to climb if we want to get from there to here. We’ve lost sight of ourselves and each other while we wander around the aisles of the dump, searching for the Exit Sign and trying to understand how it is that we ever got ourselves into such a fouled-up space to begin with…

No wonder so many people seem stuck and tired and mired in muck. Our garbage is pushing against us everywhere, spreading itself out, oozing across our farms and towns and mountains…no hideaway is high enough and no cul-de-sac is snug enough to keep it at bay anymore…and people are starting to panic as they feel the pressure building up from their toes to their ankles, pressing in and in…we wade around knee-deep as our collective trash pile starts reaching up to the sky…or at least to the top of the For Sale sign on the empty house next door.

Of course I don’t just mean literal garbage…although that is one of the obvious issues facing us as our self-created dump starts to quake and crumble beneath our feet. What I really don’t understand – what baffles me day in, day out…is the question of why we allow so much around us to continue happening when it is obvious that…


Our leaders are trashing talking morons; they spew foul-smelling lies that stink up our air and fog our minds…and we accept it. We whoop and holler and wave (disposable, Made In China) flags and shower them in cheap compliments on Victory Night! And then…then we begin bowing like whores hoping the fat cats will toss us a morsel…or perhaps some new riot gear, at least…as they sit at the grand table in front of us & feast on the carcass of our freedom. We smile bright, shiny, Credit Card smiles and say “Aww shucks” when leaders stomp us with black-booted laws…and then we proceed to elect them again and again.

The stench of politricksters’ broken promises wafting up from the new human garbage receptacles private prisons in almost every city is strong enough to gag the Man On The Moon and yet…there’s still the voice from the back of the room that utters the death sentence to community spirit…

“At least it brings us jobs…”        

And what are we to do about the ever-growing mound of wounded Pawns with trashed-out minds that are being Returned To Sender…What’s to become of the soldiers that land on our porches with hollow eyes and bleeding souls…screaming out in midnight confusion? We wrap their wounds with cheap gauze and their minds with expensive drugs to no avail. We excuse the Kings & Queens that trash every thing in sight…then we offer up our children as Disposable Sacrifices upon the altars of their lying wars. We hold huge parades, throw plenty of streamers and candy wrappers around on the ground and consider the broken lives honored…and little toy soldiers are left to collect with confetti & dirt lining the gutter. Continue reading


HT – The Internet Post

“Mesmerized as if by the nastiest pornographic abyss stare into TV news each night waiting to see a new war in full throated hell.  Even more than with the usual not so subliminal sexual and obedience programming America observes with barely repressed excitement the rulers Satanic desires unfold on TV. A wet, wonderful Syrian wargasm is only an image away. Economies fail to remain erect so the rulers of the Patriarchy go on TV and ritually chew and swallow an economic performance enhancement pill of dung called war…” 

Full Document by Publius Here

Silencing The Dissent In Mexico

Look closely and you might see that the differences between the United States and Mexico are not as great as mainstream media outlets might lead you to believe. Corrupt politicians; violent acts against citizens…fixed elections and leaders who no longer give a damn about what citizens want or think. The same words could be used to describe the situation on one country as well as the other, couldn’t they?

And it seems that the media coverage in both countries is about the same as well. Mass protests have been ignored across the board and in their place, the usual non-headlines and circus stories get full and extended coverage.

In spite of the protests and outrage of citizens in Mexico, President Obama just smiled and congratulated Pena Nieto on his newly won position. No call for investigation, no hesitation or desire to wait to see if the power of the citizens is strong enough to undo the fixed results.

And why is our president so quick to support an illiterate, unqualified and monstrous leader such as Nieto?

I guess it makes sense that two men with the same morals would work well together. Maybe there’s something that bonds men responsible for the murder of innocent people together that I just don’t quite understand? Or perhaps, it is just another example of two puppets dancing together on stage to promote a common agenda…

“Note that the human rights violations committed against the people of Atenco, including imprisonment, unjust persecution and sexual torture, reflect the “man repressor” which is Peña Nieto and who does not mind repeating a similar conflict.”

Read More On Proceso

Excerpt from YT – “Police abuse and represion in San Salvador Atenco in Mexico by the Governor Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI) with help of President Vicente Fox (PAN) that wanted to confiscate ancient lands to the citizens of Atenco and pay them at 5 cents of a dollar per square meter to build a private airport for the 20 whealtiest families of México.

As you can see in the images, the strategy of the goverment was first to provoque this brave people and then brutally hit them, you can see that even in the ground police keep hitting with the batons.

Woman arrested were subjet to violations by inserting the police fingers in their vaginas. Even dogs in streets were hitted by police and private house searched. The Mexican constitution explicitly prohibits any autority to enter into a private house without a judge court order but police invade private homes to take all man and woman of a certaing age into custody…”

And don’t get me wrong – I’m not singling Obama out…Bush, Romney, Clinton…any or all of the Puppets would have congratulated Nieto, too. Crooks of a feather flock together? Meh, something cheesy like that.

Meanwhile, as the media in both countries turns a blind eye, citizens of Mexico are continuing their fight to throw off the corrupt system that has overrun the political offices of their country.

May the voices of their citizens grow ever louder & never be silenced…

Excerpt & Image from, Neglected War -“There are also preliminary discussions of establishing a new federal law enforcement branch. With the constant risk of corruption and ties of officials to cartels such a plan may be flawed from the start.

The Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Airmobile Group, GAFE) is a special operations group that has received training from the U.S. Despite its accomplishments highly trained special operation soldiers deserted GAFE in the late 1990s and founded the Los Zetas Cartel, now the second biggest cartel in Mexico.

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Illegal Immigrant Caught Working Inside Nuclear Plant

Maybe TSA should be removed from airports and placed at the gates of all the nuclear facilities in the country?

KVOA-TV PHOENIX – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies arrested an illegal immigrant working inside the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the nation’s largest nuclear plant and one of the most closely monitored in the country.

Cruz Loya Alvares was taken into custody by Sheriff Deputies Wednesday and interrogated by the Sheriff’s Human Smuggling detectives.

Deputies determined that the worker is, in fact, here illegally. Cruz admitted he has been in the U.S. illegally for most of the past 15 years. He was detained and deported in 2000 but paid a coyote for re-entry into the U.S. And last month, Cruz admitted that in June 2011, Mesa Police cited him for driving with a suspended license.

According to Sheriff Arpaio, Cruz tried to gain access to the Nuclear power plant on Monday but was denied entrance because his Mexican Driver’s license was expired.

He then returned on Tuesday, this time as a passenger in a contractor’s vehicle. Cruz presented an Arizona Identification card and was permitted into the facility.

via Illegal immigrant working inside nuke plant arrested | | Tucson, Arizona.

Search & Rescue Of Criminals; Who Foots The Bill?

Excerpts From – Criminal Justice Online: CBP, US Border Patrol Rescue 26 In Distress Over Holiday Weekend
Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents rescued 26 individuals in the desert over the holiday weekend.
Tucson Sector has more than 200 agents certified as emergency medical technicians and approximately 3,800 agents trained to provide aid to anyone in need. Individuals attempting to cross the Sonoran Desert face extremely hazardous conditions yet smugglers continue to put lives in danger by leading people through the harsh terrain and often abandoning people if they are physically unable to continue. In addition, those who cross illegally will face administrative consequences and potential criminal consequences.
Since launching the Southwest Border Initiative in March 2009, the Department of Homeland Security has made significant investments towards establishing a secure and safe border environment and improving the quality of life throughout Arizona communities. Read Full Story Here

This article leaves me with a few questions I’d love to have answered –

1) Are we going to bill Mexico or other S. American countries for the medical care we provided to their criminals?

2) Are we going to immediately deport these criminals?

3) Are we going to send a bill to the home countries of the invaders to cover agents’ and EMTs’ pay for these rescue operations?

4) How many of our tax dollars were spent rescuing the criminal immigrants are our we going to end up footing the bill for? Not just for all of the above, but for their nice, long stay(s) in privately owned and for profit detention centers if they face ‘potential criminal consequences’?

Babeu Is Right About Our Southern Border, Mr. President

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has sent a powerful and pointed editorial to major newspapers across the country calling out President Obama on his ‘lighthearted’-but-nasty-toned comments about people wanting alligators and moats along the border. Babeu pulls no punches in pointing out the gaping holes in our Southern border and the safety risk they pose. Kudos to Sheriff Babeu for standing up and speaking out against our President’s arrogant and callous remarks regarding those of us who wish to see a solidly defended borderland.

It isn’t about hatred, or racism; it’s not about giving or denying amnesty or any of the other false flags being hurled around by media outlets – residents here have dealt with the dangerous elements from Mexico for years and we’re tired of it.

It’s about danger; about the protection of US citizens living on the edge of a war zone while being denied the right to protect themselves on a local and state level – and while being denied any help or protection from the very same folks who deny them their right to defend themselves in absence of Federal protection. It’s a destructive circular pattern being held in place by force of a federal government that blatantly oversteps it’s Constitutional authority.

We have been forced to watch helplessly as US Roads like Piasano in El Paso, TX are posted with signs warning people to take different routes due to bandits robbing drivers blind in broad daylight…and this was long before 9-11. The village of Columbus, NM may as well be declared a war-zone as it is completely unsafe and uninhabitable by all but a few souls still left standing. Where is the federal government? Why has there been no protection for US Citizens living legally in a US town overrun by druglords?

There are a multitude of dangers we face by leaving our border so shamefully unprotected and the federal government has for years blatantly shunned its duty to protect Americans. We are in dire need of more men like Babeu who are willing to stand up and speak out on behalf of ‘We The People’ and who will even stand against the POTUS as he not only mocks Americans, but attempts to outright lie about the status of our Southern border. Keep up the good work, Mr. Babeu; you have the support of residents well beyond the border of Arizona who appreciate your courage and candor.

Click Link To Read Sheriff Babeu’s Full Letter in PDF