Working To Change The World Award

A million thanks to Moorbey, one of my favorite bloggers/activists for honoring me with this award.

Please be sure to stop by his blog and show your support for his awesome work! 


Recipients of the Working to Change the World Award work hard and sincerely to make the world a better place, using their compassion, love, and understanding, and promoting open minds, free communication of ideas and, above all, peace.

There are people who do not accept awards who are deserving, and I just want you to know that I appreciate all of the work that you do on your Blog here at WordPress, and I am proud to be part of the WordPress Family with you.

The Rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog
  2. Link back to the person you nominated you
  3. List one thing — however small — that you think would make the world better if everyone did it
  4. Nominate bloggers whom you feel help to Change the World — there’s no minimum or maximum, just a list of those you feel are deserving

One thing that would change the world…If we would each take time to walk up to 10 strangers every day, hold out our hands and greet them with the words, “I am your sister/brother and I am so glad you are here on this earth with me.” 

My Nominations Are:

As with all of the awards, this list is just a few folks, not an all-inclusive list, of really awesome bloggers who put so much effort into trying to wake people up and make the world a better place. If you blog for peace, change and hope for the future or know other bloggers who deserve the award, please grab it, share and pass along the love! ~Reb

Awards, Procrastination & Puppy Breath

As always, I’ve procrastinated enough throughout the year to totally jam myself up in the last few days of 2013. I really should make some kind of anti-procrastination resolution for 2014 but I’m also really kind of busy so maybe I’ll do that…meh, next year? In the meantime, I’ve had to accept that Procrastination has bitten me in the butt this year and that there is no way I am going to pull out a miracle and tie up the last odds and ends of my To-Do (eventually) list the way I’d like to.

I was already pushing the limits of time when…this little creature “dropped” into my lap a couple of days ago…(Damn those Craig List ads that offer such temptation and cause me to cave & fall in love during a weak moment..!)

Bowser von Uberdog

Bowser von Uberdog
Cocker Spaniel/Aussie Shepherd

Okay, so any and all hope of wrapping up 2013 in proper form and fashion just went right the hell out the window. It’s been years since I’ve had such a little one around…oh me, oh my…everything I do now gets scheduled around Sir Bowser’s nap time! And then there are the 2am feedings, the 4am trips outside and the random 6am, “I’m awake but don’t know why” cries. In other words, I’m screwed for the next couple of weeks, at least! But I’m happy…like over-the-moon-without-a-spoon, beside myself happy. 

One of the main items that is nagging my head into insanity today is the fact that I was honored with blogging awards that I should have properly accepted and passed along already but…yeah…it’s the last day of the year and I have company arriving in less than 8 hours…and no matter how much I love this awesome blogging community, I am just not going to be able to get all of the individual awards posted/shared with others. So, even though I have been remiss in dealing with them, I would very much like to extend my thanks to the bloggers who were kind enough to pass them to me. 

I admire each and every blogger that I interact with here…all of your blogs are worthy of these awards – and more! – so instead of singling out individuals to formerly award them to, I invite you all to help yourself to the ones that appeal to you! Cheating, I know but hey…I truly AM honored, I DO feel as though everyone here deserves to be awarded as well and the part I always hate most about the awards is having to sit here and choose *favorites* and if I had another 360 days left in this year, it would not be enough time to express how much I love you all and how grateful I am be included in this community. So..without further yakkity-yakking ado…





Dear Kitty, Some Blog

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg


Thanks also for the award to my Prison Pork blog –






Thanks again for honoring me with the awards and I hope that others grab them and spread the joy around even more! Thanks to everyone here for making 2013 such an educational and entertaining year.

I hope everyone has a safe and sober – (okay, let’s just go with safe) –  New Year’s celebration! 



Peace & Justice Award

Many, many thanks to my awesome blogging buddy Moorbey for passing this award on to me. I am truly grateful to be included and thrilled to pass this award along to others! 


In the words of the creator of this award:

“I am creating this award to honor WordPress bloggers who support Peace and Justice throughout the world and who are against Racism, Bigotry, Anger and Hatred.  It is the for the Heroes and the Sheroes who believe in One World and All People of all Races, Sexes, Religions, Creeds and Cultures Living in Harmony.

It is my hope that recipients of this award will feel proud to know their hard work for Peace and Justice has been recognized by their fellow bloggers.    



I’m not big on rules, but an award should have some, so I’m told.  So here are mine:

Recipients should frequently write about Peace, Justice, Love — the goodness in the world, or putting goodness in the world.

Recipients may also frequently call attention to the bigotry or racism that happens in the world.

Link back to whomever nominated you and, since this is about goodness, politely thank them.

Spread the love to whomever and however many you believe deserve it!”


Now it’s my honour to nominate the following bloggers for the Peace and Justice Award, created by Idealistic Rebel:

High Grade Discourse

Shelby Courtland

47 White Buffalo

R.L. Culpeper

The Oneness of Humanity

Ink Paper Pen

Reader Appreciation Award

Many, many thanks to fellow blogger and much admired friend, Moorbey for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award. Please make sure to drop by his most excellent blog for a read and a follow if you don’t already!

The rules of this award are:

Identify and show appreciation of the blogger who awarded you. You must add the award logo to your blog. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself. You must nominate 5-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award. Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

Seven things about myself:

– Mom of 2 kids; step-mom of 3 more

– I swore I’d never have kids

– I can whistle almost any kind of tune from Mozart to Metallica

– Am fluent in Igpay Atlinay

– I wanted to be a horse when I grew up

– Marigolds are my favorite flower

– Peanut butter & pickle sandwiches are my favorite food

As for the recipients? Ouch. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour now flipping through blogs trying to get that part done…I find one and think, “Yeah!”…oh wait, just gave them an award week before last. “Ooooh I know! THIS one!” Ooops, a non-award blog. Scroll, flip, scroll…have I awarded this one? Yep. How about…oh wait, the person that awarded me also awarded them…

I read SO many blogs that are artistic, interesting, enlightening, informative…and again I realize that pretty much EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU that I read/follow/chat with ALL have “Award Winning” blogs. So once again, I’m reduced to bending the rules in order to save what little sanity I have…

Congratulations! You’ve ALL just WON!  :-)

And of course, if any readers are looking for fabulous new reads, check out this partially-finished-will-never-be-complete page of most excellent blogs – and be sure to check back as more links get added all the time!

Thanks again so much to Moorbey for passing the award along to me. And again, I DO apologize for not following the rules set forth…I am just too mentally exhausted and worn out to get much done like I should right now.

~ Much love & many blessings to all ~ 



My ABC’s

A happy post for a happy, mellow Sunday-funday morning. Many thanks to both KnowBody’s BusyNess & Moorbey for nominating me for the ABC Award. If you don’t already follow their blogs, please stop by and check them out…you’ll be glad you did! Now, on with the ceremony, eh? 


Here (I think) is how to “play”:

Create a new post with the above ABC logo.

Write one word/phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C ~ Z.

Nominate your favorite blogs, and let them know with a comment.

Now you know my ABCs:

A. Artistic

B. Boyish

C. Coyote

D. Dented

E. Earthy

F. Flutterbye

G. Gonzo

H. Hell-raising

I. Independent

J.  Justice

K. Knowledge

L.  Leapin’ Lizards!

M. Melungeon

N. Nevermore

O. Oddity

P. Political

Q. Quirky

R. Rabble-rouser

S.  Seeking

T. Trickster

U. Unity

V. Versatile

W. Wandering

X.  Xarxes

Y. Yearning

Z. Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da, Zippety-A…

…And the Nominees are:

Shelby Courtland

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

 Deconstructing Myths

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

I Can Beat It


Thanks again, KnowBody’s BusyNess & Moorbey!

I’m off for some quiet time with my awesome hubby. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


A Super Bouquet Of Awards!

As always seems to be the case with me, I have been The Queen of Procrastination and have allowed a few awards to go unclaimed and worse…

…UN-passed-along to others. So tonight I smacked the back of my hand with a wooden ruler and told myself that I would not play on Facebook or get up for a cup of coffee until the post is done. It seems to have worked because here I am, right? ;-)

Now…without further yakkity-yakking ado, I’d like to first send out a huge hug of thanks to Ajaytao for blessing me with the awards.

If you are not already a follower, please stop by and grab yourself some of his uplifting and visually stunning posts. You can see both rounds of his original awards posts here & here. 

On to the fun stuff…spreading the awards – and hopefully lots of smiles – all around the WordPress Family Tree!  Continue reading

Seed Of Light

Many, many thanks to ajaytao2010 for passing along this lovely award!

If you are not already a follower, drop by for an incredible dose of uplifting beauty!


You only need one to start a forest!

Planting is easy: if you receive this award, simply pass it on to another blogger who inspires you through the beauty of their words/images as well as any blog which brings joyful awareness to nature and our connection to each other.

I happily pass this lovely little seed along to:

Friend Nature

Auntie Dogma’s Garden Spot

Naturalistic Pantheist Musings


The Best Moment Award – Thanks, Papizilla!

Well now…there is nothing to lift the spirits on a dusty, dreary, Un-Springy weekend than to be honored with an award or two! Many, many, many thanks goes out to one of my favorite ranting blogging buddies, The Ranting Papizilla for bestowing the Best Moment Award on me and giving me reason to grin and smile (rather than bitch and grumble which is what I had planned for this insufferably windy weekend)!

Rules: Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video. Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awards! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and, winners, notify them the great news!

What makes a good acceptance speech?

Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way

Humour. Keep us entertained and smiling

Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives

Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in

Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in


I’ve wanted to sketch out a post for awhile now thanking everyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to stop by blog and well…no time like the present, right?  

When I started blogging here I wasn’t at all sure it was going to be worth it; hell, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to rant and blog about at first! There are so many outstanding bloggers on WordPress I guess I figured it would take eons for anyone to ever get around to reading my mad rantings – if they ever did. Well, at this point – almost 2 full years after I started here – I am inching towards 30,000 page hits and 300 readers…and yes, I am a bit stunned and beyond grateful that I have as many readers as I do now. It absolutely blows my mind to check my notifications now and see all of the hopping activity!

What once felt like an echo chamber has morphed into so many connections with such a wide variety of folks that I am constantly learning and expanding my horizons thanks to all of you interestingly wonderful fellow bloggers from around the globe. And I really, really appreciate all of you that take time to stop by to read the posts here…it means the world to me to know that you find my posts interesting enough to Like, comment on or even consider some of them worth reblogging. I do what I do here in hopes of shaking people up a bit and if at all possible, waking them up from their discontented slumber – so thanks a million for the reblogs and for making it possible for important issues to reach an even larger number of people. 

Now, without further rambling, babbling, here are my nominees to pass the Best Moment Award along to:

Namiah’s Cipher Report

Piazza Della Carina

Mustard Seed Budget

Don Carnegie Lanier 

advocatemmmohan aksharaalu

Vicky Nanjappa

Nothing To Be Gained Here 

Congratulations to all of the nominees – Enjoy your awards! Thanks again, Papizilla for bringing some sunshine into the weekend…and for giving me another purty award to add to my blog!

And thanks again to all of you who stop by here…you may not know it but you truly are helping to make this a very enjoyable and memorable time in my life. I feel very blessed to have stumbled into such a welcoming and interesting community…

~Love, Peace & Blessings To All~

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Many, many thanks to willowdot21 for honoring me with this award, it is very much appreciated. And this award has a dragon which just tickles me to pieces so a great big double, “Thank You!” is in order here!

You really made me smile with this one!  


The rules are: 

1- Display the Award Certificate on your website.

2-Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.

3-Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. 

4- Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.

5-Post 7 interesting things about yourself. 

My nominations in random order are: 


Charron’s Chatter 

Wayward Spirit 

Naturalistic Pantheist 

Icewolves of Europa 

Carpenter’s Cabin 

Moorbey’z Blog 


Family Survival Protocol 

The Other Side Of Ugly 

The Ranting Papizilla 

Drugs And Other Things 



The Daily Deconstructor


7 Things About Me –

When I was little I swore that I was going to be a horse when I grew up. 

I create artwork out of pieces of bone, sticks, broken glass, rusty nails and pretty much any other interesting objects I find on outdoor journeys. 

If I don’t get a new tattoo soon I am likely to go insane from the itch. 

I got married to Steve while wearing a black T-shirt with two skeletons have sex that says, “Love Never Dies” and a baseball cap that reads, “Bitch”. (Yes, I married a freaking prince, I know!) 

I once moved to California with everything I owned in 3 suitcases and with only $20 in my pocket. 

I failed ceramics in high school. 

On my 5th birthday, I got a card from the Gremlins that lived under our house. True Story.

(Who would think that Gremlins handwriting was just like Dad’s, eh?) ;-)

Congratulations to the other nominees…I hope enjoy your happy dragon awards!

Thanks again to willdot21 for passing this one along! Please stop by and check out her amazing blog!


*Oh, and if your name was not listed as a nominee here, check back real soon- as usual, I’ve been slacking and there are a few more awards post to come!*

Versatile Blogger Award

Many, many thanks to Kurt Rees for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!



 Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
 Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
 Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
 Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
 Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The hard part: Seven things about me –

I don’t believe in using white paint for anything. Go bold, or don’t bother.

Every day I battle with a nearly lifelong eating disorder.

I’ve not seen my natural hair color since I was 18 and don’t remember what it even is anymore.

When I was a kid, I drew faces on rocks, wrapped them in blankies and played house with them because baby dolls scared me.

I wear shoes less than 10 times a month.

I love enticing bees to come land on my hands and play.

I can howl like a coyote and can call a pack down to camp when I’m in the wilderness.


Now for the FUN part! My nominees, in no particular order…

D.A. Hartley/Friend Nature

Insomniacs II

The Polka Dot Skirt

Teacher As Transformer

Beyond Meds

The Oldspeak Journal

Rodney Artist

Just Cruisin 2


Serenity’s Musings


Tool Wielder


Thanks again, Kurt! The nomination is much appreciated and I am thrilled to pass the award along to so many others!

Congratulations to everyone!

And remember, Take Time To Smile..!

A Very Inspiring & Liebster Awarding Kind Of Day

I don’t know quite how to begin to express my gratitude for being gifted with more awards from bloggers I admire and respect…

Many thanks to The Ranting Papizilla for the Liebster Award.

And to  Ajaytao & InkPaperPen for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award(s)


A simple “Thank You” doesn’t quite begin to cover it but I do not know what else to really say…so…thank you, thank you so very much! I am honored to be acknowledged and to know that my efforts and words are not just falling into an abyss never to see the light of day. Thanks not only to those who bestowed the awards but to everyone that takes time to drop by for a read and to those who like posts enough to share/reblog them!!

And if you’re not already a reader of these blogs…get on it already, will ya?!

~Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than To Beg Permission~ 

I know there are rules that should be followed as part of some of the awards but I am going to follow the example of Papi and shrug off the rules – and hope that I’m forgiven for being a slacker, a cheater…or maybe just someone who doesn’t have another 11 interesting things to say about herself..? My failure to comply with the ‘rules’ isn’t for lack of trying – there’s been an open document on my desktop all week with questions to answer and questions to ask but after a week, I’ve only gotten 3 questions answered and 5 prepped to be asked…Now that the weekend is here and I can devour the hours of being alone with hubby, there is no chance on earth that I’m going to finish up the document and close it out anytime soon. (Google “Procrastinator” and my name will come up as Queen Leader of Procrastinators, I promise.)

Then there is the matter of having to choose only a select few folks to pass the awards along to and that part is the most dreaded and hardest for me to get done. I would not follow and read anything or anyone that isn’t worthy of awards, kudos and praise, dammit! So how to choose 7 for this award or 11 others for that one when every blog I follow here ought to be praised and rewarded and the authors all acknowledged and thanked for their efforts?!

 Since the task of choosing is impossible at this point, I am offering nominations for both of these awards to everyone here. ALL of your blogs are awesome, informative, enlightening, entertaining, creative and artistic…and above all, worthy of more awards and praise than I am capable of expressing. Don’t believe me? Just pick an avatar from anyone who shows up here or check out the (short list because WP only allows 50 to be shown) Blogs I Follow link in the side column…you’ll find something wonderful, I promise.

 Thanks, thanks and thanks again for the recognition and awards. I am honored and grateful.

 ~Peace, Blessings & Wishes For A Beautiful Weekend~

Beautiful Bloggers

Thank you, tuttacronaca for this Beautiful Blogger Award! I am honored!


The rules:
1. Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
3.  Tell 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award & tell them by posting a comment on their blogs.

 7 things about me:

– I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

– I do not like being in vehicles and did not learn to drive until I was 22.

– I’ve washed and prepped bodies for burial, including my mom’s.

– I can whistle any tune; even classical music and wicked Mozart riffs.

– I got Tigger inked on my back while drunk as a skunk at a tattoo party in East LA.

– I’ve danced on the rooftop of Café du Monde in New Orleans under a full moon.

– I love long walks through cemeteries.

Seven Beautiful Bloggers to share the award with:


Sisi Hidupku

Sea Play Photography

Simple Tom


Kaitlyn Roland

D.R. Freeth


Raining (Awards) In The Desert

It’s raining in the desert!

…Raining some very wonderful awards from the WordPress community, that is..! I’m not complaining though…quite the opposite..! I am thrilled, honored, elated, grateful and very, very blessed to be part of such a wonderful world of blogging people. Thank you ALL so much!

Now, to spare everyone multiple award posts, I have bundled them up in one happy little winter package and hope it is okay that I share them all together. I like posting them this way because I get to create a longer list of blogs to check out all in one place. I wish it were possible to just nominate ALL of the bloggers I interact with here but time and space make that impossible! 

Without further ado…I accept and in turn, pass along, the following awards –  

Thanks so very much to Fictional Machines for bestowing the Reality Blog Award on me! I am grateful & honored.


The award requires me to answer the following questions:

1. If you could change something what would you change?

 The damage humankind has done to this planet.

 2. If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

  No time travel for me, thanks.  I’m not into repetition or taking my lessons all over again!

 3. What one thing really scares you?

 The seemingly unconquerable division that exists among people.

 4. What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?

 To move out of this godforsaken dust-patch to somewhere that feels more like home. And yes!

 5. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

 Hrm…being Amelia Earhart for a day might’ve been a real kick!

 Nominating others is always the hard part since I follow so many excellent blogs…there is no way to choose just a few favorites. So, in no particular order, I’d like to pass this award along to…

For Women’s Eyes Only

Ronin’s Journey

The Anti-Landscaper

The Ranting Papizilla

The Sillyfrog’s Blog

Moorbey’z Blog


As if one award wasn’t enough (one rocked my world; multiple awards have sent me over-the-moon with joy! I am SO very grateful for the recognition!!) …A little Angel floated by and dropped another award on me!

Thanks a million to The Other Side of Ugly for passing along the Illuminating Blogger Award to me. If you aren’t already a follower, go soak in some of the peace and beauty that radiates from her page!

light bulb concept

The rules of this award are:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link

3. Share a few words about yourself and pass on the Award to at minimum 5 other bloggers…

A few words about me:

As a kid/teen I swore I was never going to have any kids at all…so of course, life made sure that I ended up with 2 kids of my own and 3 step-kids to boot…never say never, folks…

I proposed to my husband instead of waiting for a proposal from him.

I am fluent in the language of Pig Latin thanks to my grandpa who not only taught me the language…but did so while teaching me to playing dominos. End result is that I can count and add in Pig Latin, too!

Passing along the award love…

Lady Blue Rose


The Animal Spirits

Romancing The Bee

Family Survival Protocol


But wait! Don’t go yet! There’s one award left!

My thanks and appreciate go out to BeesATC for the Family of Bloggers Award. Please make time to fix yourself a cup of tea, drop by her site & browse though her very lovely & interesting artwork! 


The attributes I bring to the family of bloggers are:

  • F = Funkiness
  • A = Attitude
  • M = MisBehaved
  • I = Inked
  • L = Ladylike (mwahahhaha ok or not, but I was stuck on an “L” word)
  • Y = Youthful Yammerer (2 y’s I know; I’m a cheater!)

And now for the nominations in random order – 

LuRain Penny

Terry Shepherd

Living and Lovin

Justice For Raymond

Congratulations to everyone and a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone for the awards..!

Shine On!

What a wonderful and rewarding week it has been for me here. I have the double-honor of receiving the Shine On Award from not one, but two of my new favorite bloggers…I’ll be walking on air from now ‘til Spring!


Please take the time to check out both of these blogs and treat yourself to some of the wonderful inspiration offered by The Other Side of Ugly and then hop over for some super-wit and humor by visiting The Ranting Papzilla.

Thanks so much to both of you!

As always there are rules to these awards. Here are the ones for the Shine On Award.

1.) Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2.) Add the award logo to your blog.

3.) Share 7 things about yourself.

4.) Pass the award on to 5-10 other bloggers you admire.


7 things, eh? Okay, I’ll give it a whirl…

1. I knew from the time I was 5 years old that I would get tattooed when I grew up.

2. My ‘realworld’ nickname is “Ducki”…my given name is Rebecca, so you can just ponder how Ducki came to be!

3. I spent the better part of 5 years working as a prison reform advocate; a journey that started with The Black Panthers and ended with me tangled up and horrified in the middle of Neo-Nazi movement. If life is a lesson to be learned, that trip taught me enough to carry me 10 lifetimes.

4. I’m terrified of camping in flatlands places like plains or open desert. If I have to run from…*IT*….there will be no place to hide!

5. Dia de los Muertas is my favorite holiday of the year.

6. My husband & I built my father’s casket by hand without using any screws or metals. Seeing as how Dad is still alive, the coffin is doubling as a set of bookshelves in his den until needed.

7. I once had a cat that I named, “Mouse”…which was cute until I had to step outside and yell, “Here kitty-kitty, Mouse…here kitty Mousey…” DoH!

Now to pass the award along to 5-10 other bloggers that I admire…this is the easy part! (I could just copy and paste my whole blog roll because they are all to be admired but I won’t cheat like that!)


Don Carnagey~Lanier

The Animal Spirits

Romancing The Bee

Cindy Knoke

Home Designs Master

So please, go enjoy these wonderful blogs! And thanks again to EVERYONE here on WordPress for making this blog so much fun to run and for all of the incredible posts that have become my daily source of information, inspiration and pleasure!