Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall

So…you want a revolution, eh? Pissed off…fed up…you know bad things are going bump in the night but don’t know which way to turn for help when officers are murdering people – and pets – all over the place. Your government representatives have gone deaf and blind. Your online activity is not only not private, but can and will be used against you in court…doors are getting bashed in, your milk is no longer legal, your neighbors can vanish and be indefinitely detained & families are being terrorized by armed and masked SWAT men in the middle of the night…

It is time to do something…NOW!!

Enough is enough!! Our founding fathers would not have stood for this and neither should we!! 

The time for a revolution is at hand…!

Or is it..?

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

…you better make damn sure they came from a licensed, registered and insured grower before you dare put them to use!

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here first.”

~Mark Twain~

As if strangling every last bit of entrepreneurial spirit out of adults isn’t quite enough fun or entertainment for ‘the powers that be’ – there is a new trend of making damn sure little children learn from pre-school that nothing is to be done without permission from a state guardian or agency.

Kids these days need to learn that if they don’t take their numbers, stand in endless lines and get prepared to fork over the loot for bribery costs, er, I mean state registration fees and taxes, they can just forget any big ideas or dreams of earning their own rewards through hard work and determination.

Don’t these kids know they can’t just get an idea in their head and run out and start earning money for trips they want, for luxury items…or even of earning money to give to charity? I mean, who wants little Johnny out mowing neighbors lawns when he could be lounging around his room trying to win trips by texting #1234Winsomethingfree! to his favorite TV station? It is obviously far better for kids to learn how to stand patiently in line in hopes of a government approved handout or permission slip than it is for them to learn how take responsibility for their own desires and achieve their goals through ingenuity and hard work, right?

If it isn’t, then why on earth are we trying so hard to teach them that hard work results in getting crushed by huge wheels of unnecessary restrictions and bureaucratic iron fists?!

Seven year old Daniela Earnest says she got into the lemonade business because she wanted to help her family pay for a trip to Disneyland. But, the city shut her down saying her stand was operating without a permit…


June 17, 2011 – A kids lemonade stand was shut down and fined $500 by Montgomery County officials. WUSA reports.


Police ramp up on their nationwide crackdown of illegal lemonade stand enterprising. ‘We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with,’ says police chief in Midway, Ga.


According to Capitol Police, it’s illegal to sell Lemonade on “Capitol Grounds” without a permit. Permit being a fancy for, “you can’t unless you pay us first, allow us to regulate you and cut us in on a portion of your profit” (they’ll call that tax). This past weekend local D.C area activist, including several from Virginia CopBlock, went out to “liberate lemons” by setting up their own lemonade stand.

All Charges were dropped against those arrested in this video.