Famous Last Words

Anyone that would like to keep in touch is free to drop me a line at misbehavedwoman@gmail.com or, if you’re on FB, you can find my personal account here. I’m scaling back my online life all the way around but can’t see myself just up and disconnecting from everything so I will still be around…I just won’t be making new posts or promoting/updating this blog anymore.


Nothing left for a dreamer now, only one final serenade…

And these are the last words I have to say
Before another age goes by
With all those other songs I’ll have to play
But that’s the story of my life

And it’s so clear standing here where I am
Ain’t that what justice is for?
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn anymore…


A millions thanks to everyone for making my time here such a wonderful, educational, uplifting and enlightening experience.

Peace, Blessings, Best Wishes and Love to All ~ Rebecca


18 comments on “Famous Last Words

  1. Findog says:

    Aww.. you are a good blogger!!.. I understand since I stopped bloggin last summer .. the Snowden revelations made me realize that sharing my political views was a liability..

    You will be missed.. a lot of people like me are NOT on Fakebook and never will be.. (my blog hammered at FB ever chance I could..ha..ha..ha..)

    So thanks Misbehaved for all your efforts.. I’m sad to see you go but I understand..



    • Findog – Thanks much for your kind words. I noticed when your posts pretty much stopped but wasn’t sure what had happened. I tangled with our cyber-monitors a couple of years ago when I was running prison blogs. After DoD/FBoP sent an official ‘cease and desist’ letter to my home address, I figured a FB account was no real added threat to me or my safety lol. What could I possibly post there that could get me in more trouble than I already am/was? Other than a few embarrassing childhood pics, there is nothing to use against me! :-D

      Even after everything Snowden has done, people still don’t really understand just how much is watched – or who is doing the watching. I used to pay for Trace My IP on my prison blogs and the social network I ran…if you ever want to watch the watchers watching you, try it out…just don’t expect to every really sleep well again.

      I may return at some point; otherwise I’d have just hit delete and made the whole blog go *Poof*. Right now I just don’t have the drive for it and half-assed blogging like I’ve been doing is worse than not blogging at all.

      Take care ~ Reb


  2. tubularsock says:

    MBW …….. that is not a good idea. I’ll miss your work a great deal. You posted such a broad array of information that I don’t have time to keep up with without your assistance. And now what?

    Coffee in the morning without the rush to get your new information out to the world? Now where is the fun in that?

    And your comments to Tubularsock ……. now there will be just a hole in the middle of my comment section and I’ll have to say …..”oh THAT big hole? that is where MisBehaved Women used to be …..”

    I will truly miss your work and your crazy humor and much much more …….

    I wish you well my blogging friend but now Tubularsock will have to fight the bull shit alone.
    It’s a sad day in bull-shit vill ……. may the force be with you!

    And I hope I’ll see you on the flip side ………..


    • Tubular…A broad array of info, yes…but let’s get real…lately it’s been sloppy info and half-assed posts. I threw out not one but two BS propaganda posts within a week? Seriously?! Rushing to get things out with the morning coffee break is no excuse for putting out things that are Rushed and that’s all I’ve been doing for months now. Shame. On. Me. This community deserves better.

      When I started out blogging…long before this WP incarnation of MisB, I ranted and roared with such ferocity that even Ms. Shelby would’ve stepped back an inch. Links, proof…I packed every post from top to bottom with as much research as they could hold. Uhm…have you seen ANYTHING like that since you’ve been around? Nope…just half-hearted, half-assed…UNinspired, space-filling BULLSHIT. Interesting bullshit now and then…but still. It’s been pretty weak shit lately.

      For me, the “And now what?” question is answered with…And now I spend some time cultivating and refining my painting skills & creative nature. Out of nowhere, I sold two pieces of my work- and for prices that knocked me on my ass with shock and awe. Then I got commissioned for two more pieces; again, at prices that knock me backwards. I AM NOT AN ARTIST…art teachers told me so years ago while suggesting I switch to HomeEc or Money Management instead of remaining in their classes.

      But…what if …what if they were wrong?

      And that, my friend, has become my new “Rabbit Hole” to go running down. My blogging has led me places that I never dreamt possible…from being called upon for a favor by the DoJ…all the way to working for and lunching with Gov. Johnson during his presidential bid…I have had one HELLUVA good run and good time. And I did it all just because people said that I should not or could not. What if that attitude were applied to The Artist I was told I could not be? It’s an itch; it’s like any story I’ve ever chased into the darkness…I gotta go find out or die trying.

      I’ll be around to comment…uhm, HELLO? Where else on cyber-earth am I going to find my
      “first hand coverage, second hand news” if not here on WP? You really thought you’d shake me off that easily? BaH! I just can’t multi-task well enough to make posts worth reading AND art worth making at the same time. :-D


      • tubularsock says:

        MBW, come now …….. you and your work is/was GREAT! It was fun, informative and diverse. You can’t change that!

        Not catching every BS propaganda story is not a capital crime.

        I do admit that I missed your early period, which I regret.
        Ms. Shelby does pack a punch!

        But your interest has moved on and you are going to higher ground it appears to Tubularsock.

        Being an artist …… why not!

        And having people buying is always nice as well.


        But let’s not get so carried away with that itch that you die trying.
        There could be an easier way ……. that’s the way Tubularsock suggests.

        Tubularsock has a small artist retreat in New Mexico where he goes when this
        political shit gets him down. I also have a studio that I work out of in Oakland as well.

        My work is based on a Taoist-Wabi Sabi tradition using wood-glass sculpture. It too sells but that is not the purpose but it’s fun.

        Good luck my friend and hope this all works well for you ……

        Still, I’ll miss your blog.


        • A study to work in? Sounds heavenly, no matter the geographic location. Do you post/share your artwork online anywhere?

          Your advice is duly noted about not dying while trying out the artistic urges. The downside of not dying while trying is my stepmom always telling me that I’ll be famous after I’m dead…the longer I live, the longer fame will elude me, dammit!

          Oh wait, I don’t give a shit about fame, whew! I am just curious to see what my abilities might be. Selling anything is just secondary icing. The recent earnings got dropped into our “Move to New Orleans or Bust” fund and that DOES tickle me. If I could ever have a real studio to work in? Aww baby, New Orleans would be the place I’d want it!

          On a bad day, I could just cover myself in metallic purple paint and make a buck entertaining tourists on the riverfront…THAT might even be worth blogging about :-D

          Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be dropping in to bug ya and who knows? Maybe I’ll take my daughter’s advice and start an artistically themed blog to showcase art from around the world with no politricks allowed…

          “Anything Can Happen Child, Anything Can Be…”
          ~Uncle Shel Silverstein


  3. All the best. You will be missed.


  4. you will be missed..though I understand the scaling back….
    I have too…sometimes …well you know….just sometimes ….
    check in once in awhile okay?
    Take Care…You Matter..


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m really just tired, I think. I’ve not bothered to replenish or nourish my spirit in quite a long time & it can’t be ignored anymore without risking my physical health. I will absolutely drop in…I still love your posts and the inspiration & lift you give are priceless.

      ~Peace & Blessings~


  5. Revecca,
    In an ideal world what would you see bloggers and journalists focusing on? Of all the issues you’ve written about which stand out as those which need the greatest attention? Perhaps you can share the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your blogging experience, as this may help others improve their “product”.
    Thanks and best of luck to you.


      • Hi Jerry – Very interesting questions you’ve posed here. The one thing – the main thing – I would have focused on more if I had this all to do over again would be promoting a message of peace combined with thoughtful dialogue. Too often I allowed my personal feelings of rage spill over into my posts – it was a righteous rage concerning all of the injustices of society and the world but even still…that tone of rage sets us back. It dilutes any messages of peace or peaceful resolutions and instead of spreading an energy of positiveness, it plays right into the “Divide & Conquer” games of our world leaders. We need more peacemakers, talkers, movers and shakers :-) I tried to highlight wrongdoings and such but my way of doing so only ended up spreading more fear, more division, more anger…ugh.

        In general, for anyone thinking of starting up a blog…my advice would be to have some sort of focus or ideal to hold onto. I never did; I started this particular blog on a whim with no real set goal or intention…or even an idea of what I wanted my ‘product’ to be. My lack of focus made it easy for me to get pulled around from here to there and back again, depending on the current mood of the internet. That is the perfect way to achieve burnout…


        • Rebecca,
          Your sincere words are greatly appreciated. Perhaps you are a little overly self-critical about your creations here. The reason I say that is because (just a wild guess) probably the great majority of men and women bloggers are tossed and pulled, prone to bouts of “righteous indignation” upon observing conditions around the Earth, and frustrated when sincere efforts are made to improve those conditions with seemingly little or no results. “Ugh” is a three letter word that packs a powerful punch. :) With regard to the rageful tone that sets us back, it seems there is a difference between senseless anger which benefits nobody and the upset displayed for example by the Christ when he turned over the tables of the moneychangers.
          The source of what you mention as rage is a benevolent concern for one’s fellow human beings and compassion to take action to end suffering to what extent possible. Give yourself credit for making the effort, and realize that men and women who you will never meet were changed in a good way after reading your words. You’ve helped your brothers and sisters, and added to the store of love on Earth – surely cause for celebration. Come to think of it, if instead of MisBehaved Woman you had decided on PeaceDialogue Woman… :)
          Thanks again for your thoughtful words.
          Peace be with you,


  6. ileneonwords says:

    I’ve been taking a break from my blog. I have enjoyed yours!


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