How Multinational Philips Profited From Illegal Cannabis Farms

Corporate Cannabis: The corporation that made millions from the illegal drug trade…

JourneyMan Pictures– “When Philips, a huge multinational company, started supplying lamps to the cannabis industry it wasn’t breaking the law. Growing is illegal, supplying lamps isn’t. But it was supporting a €1bn criminal network.

“I think his revenues are €5 to 6 million on Philips products alone. Philips is THE brand in the industry”, an insider says of the intermediary that Philips sold their lamps to the cannabis industry through. Nothing was put on paper with this intermediary and they were careful to filter their operations through a wholesaler, but his lawyer attests to his partnership with Philips and shows us an email in which Philips gave him advice on how the lamps were best used for growing cannabis. As criminologist Frank Bovenkerk points out, while it may not have been illegal, the morals are certainly questionable. “It is absolutely clear that a number of serious criminal organizations are dealing with this business. Very unpleasant people.” Now that the law is changing to outlaw the supply of lamps to the growing industry, Philips has changed its policy and left its intermediary badly in the lurch, but many say it is too little too late. “They’re in a position that is conductive to crime, often organised crime.” A fascinating look at how large companies make money at the fringes of the law and a warning of the kind of industries that can grow up around Cannabis legalisation.”

Philips stops selling lamps to cannabis growers: employees threatened at home

HortiDaily Publication date: 2/4/2014 – “Staff of Philips Netherlands are daily harassed and threatened by a buyer of the greenhouse lamps, used for cannabis cultivation. Philips stopped supplying these lamps and the buyer is not amused.  The harassment and threats have been going on for months now and aren’t only addressed to the company buildings. Some employees are even being harassed at home.

The electronics group announced this news in a broadcast of the Dutch news program, Brandpunt. This broadcast revealed that Philips earned a lot of money by supplying lamps for cannabis cultivation. Two years ago, the company says, they  stopped the supply of lamps when there were suspicions that the lamps would not be used for greenhouse horticulture, but for cannabis cultivation.

Legally it isn’t forbidden to supply to the weed industry. Currently a legislation to criminalize this is in the making.

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One comment on “How Multinational Philips Profited From Illegal Cannabis Farms

  1. […] a broadcast by the NOS, witness Marian Kulig said recently: “All profits by Philips in Poland have been obtained by crime.” Kulig said he had distributed more than one million […]


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