Fukushima: I See Fire But No One Is Listening To The Warning

 If someone yells fire in building, everyone will leave the building and the fire department will come to put out the fire. Fire is visible, smoke smells bad, and it burns with great heat that can be felt. 

Multiple Fukushima radioactive fires are raging out of control underground. Many people are yelling fire, but no one is responding. Worse than that, most people either ignore or attack the person yelling fire or deny that there is even a fire. Why? 

A Green Road Project – Published on Feb 17, 2014 “A radioactive fire is invisible, it has no odor, it has no sound, and it has no feeling on the skin like the heat of a normal fire. Instead of killing quickly like a physical fire, radiation from an out of control radioactive fire (corium) attacks health slowly, over many years, killing from the inside, not the outside. The cause of a radioactive fire that kills people from within by cancer, leukemia, heart problems, diabetes, other health issues or 1,000 genetic diseases, is most often not even identified, but blamed on something else entirely.

There is an out of control radioactive fire raging at Fukushima, and it is growing worse and worse over time. That out of control radioactive fire at Fukushima has already poured an avalanche of radioactivity that will ‘burn’ millions and potentially billions of people from within over the next 10 to 20 years.

The Fukushima radioactive fire is pouring an avalanche of killing radiation into the Pacific, with no end in sight, and the amount of radiation is increasing exponentially over time. Fukushima in Japan is NOT in ‘cold shutdown’ and it is not being ‘decommissioned’.

The radioactive fires underground are raging, consuming all life. They are growing, becoming more intense, but the fire department has not even been called, and most people are ignoring it completely.”

The name of the song is “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran but it was performed by Rebecca Shearing. Her site is rebeccashearingofficial.com

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2 comments on “Fukushima: I See Fire But No One Is Listening To The Warning

  1. I can honestly understand why people smoke weed. I just wish that I was not allergic to smoke ’cause after watching that and listening to the song, I could sure use some weed. But hell! Cocktail hour(s)’s gonna start early tonight, that’s for damn sure!

    Thanks MisBehaved! And from what I can see, we should all just let our hair down and never put it back up again ’cause it ain’t looking good for us! That’s for damn sure!


  2. Are we all destined to be overcome by radioactive related diseases while we stand, head in sand like ostriches, totally unaware and mute?


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