Pot Smokers Must Choose: Guns Or Pot?

Young Turks – “The Illinois Department of Public Health on Tuesday unveiled their proposed rules for the state’s medical marijuana pilot program — including several proposals that are receiving significant backlash from marijuana advocates. medical-pot-symbol

Among the proposals are that medical marijuana users would need to pay a $150 annual fee to participate in the program by getting a special photo ID, in addition to agreeing to be fingerprinted, undergoing a criminal background check and relinquishing their right to own a gun, the Associated Press reports.

The IDPH is now accepting public comment on their proposals through Feb. 7 before it plans to submit their recommendations to state lawmakers by the end of April, followed by another public comment period, the Chicago Tribune reports. Patient applications aren’t expected to begin to be considered until September.”

5 comments on “Pot Smokers Must Choose: Guns Or Pot?

  1. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    There is this little thing known as scoring a bag in privacy, black market cash society. If someone wants a gun, they will find a way to obtain one. If someone wants to buy some smoke, they will find a way to obtain it. We dont need permission.


  2. Let’s see… Illinois residents who want medical marijuana must get a special id, get fingerprinted, submit to a criminal background check, and give up their right to own firearms, while Illinois residents who don’t want medical marijuana – but may be using truly dangerous drugs like methamphetamine – can stock up on firearms without those restrictions (via gun shows and internet purchases).

    That’s some pretty twisted logic. I wonder who’s more likely to bring an assault weapon to school, a medical marijuana user or a methamphetamine user?


    • Take it back one step more even…have you ever been around someone in a tequila rage? What’s to stop someone from shooting while drunk? Again, odds are still higher that an alcohol related shooting would happen before a marijuana-fueled shooting would. This is just another arbitrary law that will allow the state to collect *processing fees* and/or fines – oh, and personal information.
      And as with all of these laws, I wonder if any kind of study was done to gauge the cost of enforcement to taxpayers? Why is that people always seem to want more laws AND less taxes…how do they figure that works?


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