Common Ground: Can We All Agree?

Common Ground – “Very few would disagree with the assertion that our current system has us headed for a disaster. However not everyone agrees on what that disaster will look like, and it’s virtually impossible to get people to agree on the solution. As a result forming a unified front to face these challenges has been next to impossible.

The Common Ground is an approach designed to deal with this issue.


This approach begins with a simple and undeniable premise: that there is no way that anyone is going to convince everyone else to accept one unified belief system. Liberals will never convert the conservatives, and the conservatives will never convert the liberals. We’re never going to all agree on the wedge issues, and it’s not even realistic to expect that people will learn to discuss these topics in a calm, rational manner any time soon.

Therefore the only way that we can hope to unify in the face of a common threat is to bring it down to the lowest common denominator. What can we use as our unifying principle, what is our common ground?”

A Twitter Storm To Unify The Masses

The CGM Thunderclap is a way to get the message of The Common Ground Movement out to a much wider audience. If you agree to the CGM unifying ideas, click the link below and “donate” your Facebook page or your twitter feed and Thunderclap will post on your behalf ONE TIME on Jan 21, 4pm EST. Thunderclap does not see your password, nor do they store it in their system.

Click Here to ‘Donate’ Your Page

Welcome to the Common Ground Movement. This CGM_StarterPacket is full of useful information to anyone wanting to get more involved. Inside, you will find several folders designed to help you start a local Common Ground Team in your area including eBooks, videos, graphics, tactics, ways to organize locally, and contact information for your Regional CGM Coordinator. This is an ever evolving packet that is updated with new graphics and tactics, so be sure to check back here for later releases.


Click to download your Common Ground Starter Pack

We unify against these wars and we start cooperating rather than working against each other. This isn’t a pipe dream, or a utopian fantasy. The left and the right did unify in 2013 against the Syrian war and we succeeded in pushing it back. The mainstream media claimed that the war was put on hold due to Russia’s diplomacy, but the reality of the matter is that the U.S. government didn’t want to acknowledge that they were losing control of the population.

Those of us who call ourselves the Common Ground were part of that push and we will be there pushing back again when they attempt to take us into the next war. If you stand against these wars then you are one of us. We don’t have a formal membership list, nor do you have to get permission to join. We are a distributed network, a decentralized movement comprised of individuals and organizations unified by an idea and a commitment to non-violent resistance. If that idea resonates with you then help us build that network.

How to take down a tyrant without firing a shot…

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11 comments on “Common Ground: Can We All Agree?

  1. Anonymous says:

    great video.. what happened to your ‘like’ button?.. ;o)


  2. Done and done. Great strategy.


  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    We do need to figure out how to come together, the sooner the better. Thanks for doing your part, Misbehaved Woman. Our collective power lies in our shared humanity. These bonds are stronger than the artificial bonds of money and status.


    • Thanks for taking time to check out the post, Jeff. Some people say that it’s already too late – waking up and coming together ‘at this late date’ won’t matter. I’m not ready to give into that idea just yet…I’d like to think we are not a lost cause…just lost. Our bonds ARE stronger than those of money and status…we just need to keep reminding one another of that truth.


  4. annetbell says:

    I have nominated you for the Shauny Blogging Award. I hope you will accept it, and pass it along to other deserving blogs. Please visit the page below to read the details. Thanks for your great work!


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