Hunger Games: UK Refuses EU Food Aid, Leaving 1000s In Dire Straits

Dec 21, 2013

“Britain has ditched the EU’s help to feed the poor, despite half a million citizens, including children, turning to charities this year to stave off hunger. The opposition’s criticized the government for gasping with pride and ignoring the problem…”

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6 comments on “Hunger Games: UK Refuses EU Food Aid, Leaving 1000s In Dire Straits

  1. 1/2 a million, really?
    Try 13 million officially in poverty working or not.
    That’s a 1/5 of the UK population the government would rather just “go away”.
    Biggest growth industry in the UK is food banks.
    They can’t accept EU aid as it would prove them liars about the reality of life in the UK. So while the MP’s feast, some people will open a can of SPAM others will simply go without.

    “Let them eat cake”:
    It is widely attributed to Marie-Antoinette (1755-93). She is supposed to have said this when she was told that the French populace had no bread to eat.

    I wonder if our prime minister thinks the same? I’m pretty certain his Secretary of State for Work and Pensions maggot Iain Duncan Smith would.
    (p.s. Both are millionaires)


    • Ahhh I see…the UK apparently employs the same number crunchers as the USA, eh? Stay poor and unemployed long enough and we conveniently disappear from the statistics never to be counted again.

      Thanks for the insight as to what the real numbers are. If any of the world leaders decided to let We The Peons eat cake, you can but yer butt that it would be an imported GM-corn-filled cake from China…and that they’d want to loan us the money (with a good interest rate, of course!) to buy ourselves a slice…


  2. wow. The growth of food banks is staggering–and the sentiment the same as I hear expressed here in the US–the divide between the wealthy and the poor grows–the middle class, a thing of the past.


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