Why The USDA Isn’t Recalling Contaminated Chickens

“The latest outbreak is a stark example of this dynamic. Foster Farms’ official statement asks consumers to see their tainted chicken as a learning experience: “The alert that regulators issued based on illnesses over the past seven months emphasizes the need to fully cook and properly handle raw poultry.”

Nation Of Change – “As an especially vicious salmonella outbreak sickens hundreds across the country, U.S. Department of Agriculture regulators have declined to crack down on the poultry processing plants that spread the pathogen. On Monday, the USDA threatened to close the California-based Foster Farms facilities, but decided to keep the plant open under scrutiny on Thursday night after Foster Farms submitted a plan for “immediate substantive changes to their slaughter and processing to allow for continued operations.”

The outbreak has sickened at least 300 people in 17 states, and 42 percent of the victims have been hospitalized — twice the normal hospitalization rate for salmonella. Yet neither state nor federal regulators have issued a recall order, stating the chicken is safe iffully cooked.

Industry publication Meating place interviewed Daniel Engeljohn, a USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service official, about the decision to keep the infected meat on the shelves. Engeljohn pointed to a federal court decision in 2001 that crippled the USDA’s ability to take meaningful action against meat processors that violate food safety standards. The notoriously conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the USDA did not have the authority to shut down Supreme Beef, a meat processing plant that repeatedly flunked tests for salmonella contamination. The justification for this ruling was that the meat was safe if it was cooked properly. Thanks to this decision, the USDA has only the power to ask the company at fault to recall their products voluntarily.” Full Story

Chicken products blamed for salmonella outbreak still on store shelves

Published on Oct 11, 2013

Consumers are confused about why Foster Farms chicken is still for sale when it made more than 270 people sick. But the USDA doesn t require recalls for salmonella, because it is widely found where chickens are raised.


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9 comments on “Why The USDA Isn’t Recalling Contaminated Chickens

  1. so corrupt! The Big 4 in meatpacking are as bad as GMOs in terms of welfare and health and humanity. The FDA–a frickin’ dangerous joke in terms of Big Food and Pharm–notice how there is no longer an actual “farm” associated with the FDA, haha.

    I hear the protection act for Monsanto is being repealed though…did you? So Monsanto is at least accountable to judiciary?


    • I think it was only a month or so ago that the FDA – er, maybe it was USDA – just set forth a slew of impossible salmonella safety guidelines for backyard chicken-raisers (chickeners?). Isn’t it a special kind of miracle that they can oversee everyone’s backyards but can’t manage the 4 or 5 big processing plants in the country?
      I’ve not had time to look behind the headlines at the Monsanto deal even tho I keep meaning to. If the act has been repealed I’m guessing that either the repeal won’t last long – Or – there are loopholes that STILL protect Monsanto. Just guessing…


      • that’s particularly ironic in light of the salmonella outbreak raging here in Cally.

        I’ll read up on that GMO news and get back with a nutshell. Gads. That just made me think about our asinine govt…we should develop a set, and sack the lot of them. (pun intended, I suppose..hehe)


  2. tubularsock says:

    Seems pretty fowl to Tubularsock.


    • Even more fowl is the fact that a couple months ago, USDA released a 20 ton book of salmonella safety guidelines for backyard hens that was so intimidating I re-homed my (illegal) pet chickens.
      Kinda makes me want to go pluck some political tail feathers…


  3. […] Raw Chicken Responsible in Salmonella Heidelberg Outbreak; Foster Farms Implicated […]


  4. ravenskeeper says:

    Reblogged this on Ravens-Tree.com and commented:
    It is becoming more and more evident that sub-standard food is being sold to the public.


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