Bar Code Voting

It is critical that people become informed about what is going on with our food supply if things are going to change. All of the petitions, protests or marches in the world are not going to stand much chance of bringing about change so long as millions of people continue to support the industrial system with their pocketbooks. Every scan of a bar code in a supermarket is a VOTE, people. If we continue to use our *Votes* to support processed, modified, soy-filled, corn-filled, JUNK…then that is EXACTLY what we will keep getting!

The strongest statement we can make, the best message we can send to corporations, is to back up our words with action…the action of consciously deciding to buy local, to make those organic fruits and veggies the most scanned items in the system. Stop voting for junk and start voting for your own health…and the health of all future generations.


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12 comments on “Bar Code Voting

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  2. skywanderer says:

    In theory sounds like a great idea but in practice it doesn’t work.

    We need strong democratically controlled government and agencies to rule out these practices, otherwise companies, which are ALWAYS profit-driven, will always go for solutions that drive the profit the highest, which means they will always go for the lowest cost of production sold at the highest price. This they very often can achieve only by fraudulent in general malevolent practices.

    Capitalism as it is a flawed system that’s why it doesn’t work. The libertarian so called invisible hand Hayek and others have been pushing is a MYTH.

    Due to the game theory applied on the markets ie to the tacit agreement among the largest players, we will always end up with natural oligopolies.

    In addition, we as consumers can’t spend a life-time to investigate every single company offering something we should avoid, or to investigate which one exploits people to death, which one uses 3rd world child labour, etc.

    Without benevolent government control we can never prevent corporations to increase their profits by firing skilled workers and instead to use the cheapest labour abroad.

    I could continue the list but I think I have made the point …


    • Well then, you are free to shop however you wish.


      • skywanderer says:

        That’s not my point – I am not arguing against this idea. All I am saying that it is not enough. My point is, the way I am – or anyone is – shopping, even upon the very best considerations like this, does not solve any of these issues, let alone eliminating the evils of this system.


        • skywanderer says:

          meant to say *all evils of this system*


        • skywanderer says:

          I just realised I first sounded as if I was against this idea. I apologise for that. : )


          • It’s not even 8am; I’m enjoying a mostly-offline romantic anniversary weekend with hubby. Just not up to economics debate this morning. Will respond more properly tomorrow when it’s a more ‘business’ mood :)


        • And once again, I can only state that you are free to shop as you wish, ignore things you think will not work, etc. I am not getting into a lengthy debate with you again. You have some really well-thought ideas & some I find interesting but I do not agree with everything you keep repeating to me. I am entitled to see things my way and to do the things I see fit/post ideas I find helpful, etc., whether or not you personally happen to think they are worthwhile. I do thank you for taking time to express your views and maybe some other reader will come along and agree or find your post intriguing and hop over to your blog for a read and learn more.


          • skywanderer says:

            Dear friend,
            These “ideas” – in facts- I never mentioned you before, and we haven’t been in anything like a debate, let alone lengthy ones.
            Of course you are entitled to see things the way you wish, including seeing debates where there aren’t any. The best of luck to you! :)


            • I spent countless hours last week reading the multiple articles you’ve linked to me in other conversations on your blog. I read everything you linked and at the end of the day, you and I do not see eye-to-eye. I think your point of view is interesting but nothing sways me to see things the same way you do. You linked A LOT to some lengthy articles and as I said – I took the time to read them in an effort to understand your viewpoints and to see if there are intersecting points of agreement we could build on. I don’t see many and I don’t see what there is to gain from going around and around about it endlessly.

              And if I seem short, or terse or even rude, forgive me. You obviously missed MY previous post that no matter what state the world is in, I have limited time to deal with it…I blog to keep myself sane while I watch my dad suffer the last few weeks of his life. I am NOT here to save the world, right all the wrongs or anything else. It’s a DISTRACTION to me and something to do in between building his headstone and writing his eulogy. I am no great crusader out to *fix* things nor do I pretend, present or try to be. This is a RANDOM blog about whatever random shit is on my mind or distracts me, nothing more, nothing less…point being, your time might be better spent presenting your views on a more serious forum instead of on a multi-topic blog that is half-snark, half attitude and likely to get deleted the week after next if my REAL life crushes me into the ground. You have great passion and energy and THAT I truly do respect no matter how differing our views. Hate to see you waste them here…
              ~ Best Wishes ~


  3. M. R. Wilde says:

    I think the best way to generate change and the “voting” habits of people is to do what you’re doing by informing, educating and engaging. Peace & happy trails…


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