Man Convicted After Police Smell Marijuana On His Money But Don’t Find Any Actual Drugs

The way your money smells could land you in jail. Seriously.

By Dominic KellyOpposing Views – “When William David Bush, a Sebastopol, Calif. resident, was pulled over for speeding, police searched his truck and found $47,000 in cash in his trunk. They suspected drugs were involved, but didn’t find any actual marijuana. They did, however, decide that his cash strongly smelled like pot and determined that the money had to have come from a drug deal. They arrested the man shortly thereafter, and has now been convicted following a two-day trial. 

“The odor was so overwhelming that one of the officers said he could smell it from across the road,” said prosecutor Sharmalee Rajakumaran.

Although they didn’t find any marijuana in Bush’s truck, they apparently did find a letter describing various strains of marijuana, as well as small particles of pot on the floor. They also discovered receipts for items that would be used to grow marijuana outdoors along with stubs from money orders used by many drug dealers to filter cash.

Bush, who represented himself in the trial, denied that the money came from marijuana sales and gave various reasons as to why he had $47,000 in cash in his trunk, including that it was given to him from his mother and that it was from his ATM business. Still, the testimony given by the police regarding the strong smell of the money along with the bits of evidence found in the vehicle were enough to convince a jury that Bush was guilty.

He could face a maximum of four years in prison, and his sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 24th.”


via FIND LAW – By Aditi Mukherji on October 1, 2013 3:22 PM

Fact: If your money smells like pot, you could get busted — even if there’s no pot to be found.

William David Bush of Sebastopol, California, learned that the hard way when he was convicted of possessing proceeds from the sale of marijuana.

Cops pulled over his Benz and discovered $47,000 in his trunk which wafted a certain, shall we say, “skunk-like” aroma.

Stanky Money = Drug Money?

In general, automobiles may be stopped if an officer possesses a reasonable and articulable suspicion that the motorist has violated a traffic law.

Once the vehicle has pulled to the side of the road, the Fourth Amendment permits the officer to search the vehicle’s interior, including the glove compartment. However, the trunk of a vehicle can’t be searched unless the officer has probable cause to believe that it contains contraband or the instrumentalities of criminal activity.

In this case, it was the reefer smell of the pot proceeds that triggered probable cause. According to the prosecutor, it was more than a mere whiff o’ weed.

“The odor was so overwhelming that one of the officers said he could smell it from across the road,” prosecutor Sharmalee Rajakumaran said after the verdict was announced, reports The Press Democrat.

This adds a whole new dimension to why the chicken crossed the road…

Possessing Proceeds From the Sale of Marijuana

n California, it’s illegal to knowingly receive drug money.

Bush claimed the trunk of cash came from his ATM business and that his mother had given it to him. But the panel of jurors were swayed by police testimony that the moola smelled more than fishy… For an ATM business, the cash smelled awfully “maui wowie.”

Adding fuel to the reefer flame, further incriminating evidence included an alleged hand-written ledger of various marijuana strains, fine particles of pot on the floorboards, and stubs of money orders (which are often used for money laundering).

Unfortunately, Bush went down the pro se path and represented himself. He also rejected initial prosecution offers to drop the felony charge if he forfeited the money, reports the Press Democrat.

Bush faces a maximum of four years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000 for possessing proceeds from the sale of marijuana.

Maybe next time he’ll invest some of his “ATM proceeds” into a few of those pine tree-shaped air fresheners — or maybe a kilo of them.” FIND LAW


4 comments on “Man Convicted After Police Smell Marijuana On His Money But Don’t Find Any Actual Drugs

  1. What a waste of time and money. These cops, judges, lawyers, guards, should hang their heads in shame. Profiting from a war on drugs that is now known to based on lies and bs. Shame on you all coppers.


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