Rats Free Trapped Friends, Hint at Universal Empathy

Wired– “With a few liberating swipes of their paws, a group of research rats freed trapped lab-mates and raised anew the possibility that empathy isn’t unique to humans and a few extra-smart animals, but is widespread in the animal world.

Though more studies are needed on the rats’ motivations, it’s at least plausible they demonstrated “empathically motivated pro-social behavior.” People would generally call that helpfulness, or even kindness. 

“Rats help other rats in distress. That means it’s a biological inheritance,” said neurobiologist Peggy Mason of the University of Chicago. “That’s the biological program we have.”

In a study published Dec. 7 in Science, Mason and University of Chicago psychologists Jean Decety and Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal describe their rat empathy-testing apparatus: An enclosure into which pairs of rats were placed, with one roaming free and the other restrained inside a plastic tube. It could only be opened from the outside, which is exactly what the free rats did — again and again and again, seemingly in response to their trapped companions’ distress.

The experiment built on research conducted several years ago by geneticist Jeff Mogil at McGill University, where mice were shown capable of “emotional contagion” — a slightly scary-sounding term denoting a tendency to become upset when cagemates were in pain. This might not seem surprising, but anecdotes from wild animal observations don’t pass academic scrutiny, and it hadn’t before been shown in captive mice. It hinted at unexpectedly sophisticated cognition: Mice were supposed to feel pain, but not each other’s, at least not outside children’s stories.” Full Story

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3 comments on “Rats Free Trapped Friends, Hint at Universal Empathy

  1. ravenskeeper says:

    Reblogged this on Ravens-Tree.com and commented:
    And they need scientific experiments to know what animal lovers have known for centuries! I despair at their ignorance about the rest of the life forms on this planet. Poor creatures, I wonder what other experiments the have been subjected to.


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  3. […] Rats Free Trapped Friends, Hint at Universal Empathy (misbehavedwoman.wordpress.com) […]


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