Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall

So…you want a revolution, eh? Pissed off…fed up…you know bad things are going bump in the night but don’t know which way to turn for help when officers are murdering people – and pets – all over the place. Your government representatives have gone deaf and blind. Your online activity is not only not private, but can and will be used against you in court…doors are getting bashed in, your milk is no longer legal, your neighbors can vanish and be indefinitely detained & families are being terrorized by armed and masked SWAT men in the middle of the night…

It is time to do something…NOW!!

Enough is enough!! Our founding fathers would not have stood for this and neither should we!! 

The time for a revolution is at hand…!

Or is it..?



No one can deny that we are in dire straits both as a nation and as part of the global community of human beings…things are not good and changes absolutely must be made before we all end up in darker times and conditions than most of us could ever dream of living in – or even surviving. But…since it is premature to jump into a revolution…and it is obvious that we cannot continue on the path we’re on without serious negative consequences, where does that leave us? 


I wish I could drop a big, happy rainbow here and say that there is no reason to worry, our leaders will all come to their senses soon and everything will be hunky-dory. I’d be a liar if I did. I honestly don’t think that things are going to be “okay” in the sense that we want for a long time to come still. The price of…everything…has risen so it seems. It’s not actually that prices are any higher – it’s that the dollar is lower, worth less…bottom line either way is that you get fewer items for more Monopoly Money than ever before. There is no denying the rise of the police state and ever tightening laws that are strangling us on every level from personal to business. The war machine is rolling over countries left, right and sideways; it is the Hexxus of Fern Gully, out of control and oozing death and destruction everywhere it goes. We find it acceptable to imprison citizens in order to satisfy corpo-political pigs and keep them all feeding at the trough of profit via human slavery…

I agree with StormCloudsGathering’s assessment here in this video that outlines the four reasons America as we know it, cannot (and will not) survive:


I don’t want to end this post with a feeling of hopelessness or to promote the idea that we are all powerless…we are NOT. We have plenty of power to use to protect ourselves and to walk through the chaos. We can educate ourselves and help to educate one another. If you have knowledge…how to help bees, how to preserve food…how to seed, plant…if you can build things out of reclaimed items, share how you do it! 

Stop playing Farmville and start your own herb garden instead! Download, print and save sketches of edible plants and flowers. Copy basic recipes and learn a bit about cooking ‘the old-fashioned’ way. And once you’ve learned something…let me say this again…don’t keep the knowledge to yourself! Spread it around, talk it, teach it…


We may not be able to prevent all of the hard times coming our way, but we can sure make the decision to learn as much as we can…while we can…and use what we learn to see to it that the hard times are not harder than they have to be. We can provide for ourselves; we can learn to be better neighbors and trade skills, produce and time so that fewer people are left to go without when the dollar bill finally reaches its realistic value…Zero.

Right now, Steve & I are working on compiling a big ‘Book of Knowledge & Know-How’ for our family…even in the case of  just a weather event that leaves us without electricity, it could prove to be very useful. I am gathering information on all things health, herbal, gardening, etc., and hubby is working on compiling plans and sketches of water purification, bee-hives, green house, recycled furniture. I am surprised by how charged I feel when I work on it…I’m not just learning but creating deep pool of knowledge to draw from as needed.


We ALL have power, there are things that each and every one of us can be doing to help soften the blow; if we use our power and combined knowledge carefully, it will become a spirit that no police state or insane government can ever crush. 

Life as we know it may be rapidly changing but we are capable of handing the changes with Grace, Strength & Dignity. We are strong and we can survive the fall in order to Rise & Rebuild this planet into the paradise it was meant to be.

This much I know is true; this much I still believe in…


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44 comments on “Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall

  1. moorbey says:

    All Power To Tha People. Panther Love


  2. Great post, powerful and inspiring and along with the warnings also uplifting in its motivational qualities. Got me thinking. I will be working out what I too can do about becoming more self sufficient! You have charged me too with your suggestions….and the importance of sharing them :)


    • Glad to know this helped inspire! I get tired of always feeling like the Grim Reaper of news stories & don’t like the idea that my posts cause people to feel afraid or like there is too much in the world for them to handle…so I wanted to illustrate that we AREN’T without Hope or Power. It is just time for us to learn how to cultivate both things…and it wouldn’t be hard to do if people make just a teensy bit of conscious effort to gather and share basic knowledge and ideas.

      I figure we take the internet for granted now and assume that anytime we need to know something, we just click-click and viola! Who owns encyclopedias anymore? I glued my last set together and made a table with them! So I got to thinking…maybe it would be a good thing to gather and store basic information while it is free and easy? What if I am without power for a week or more..? Do I know how to REALLY make do without waiting for help? And so the idea for putting together a “Book of Stuffs” was born..! Once it is done, I’ll share copies with anyone who wants one both locally and on the web. If everyone would share what they know with the intent of helping one another survive…well, that could end up being more valuable than any of the world’s funny-money. :-)


      • Excellent idea :) I’m as guilty as the next person these days for relying on the internet to answer all my queries!

        I think people are inclined to bury their heads in the sand re bad news and unsavourary sort of items. But nothing will change if they don’t have their heads dragged out of the sand and be made to face reality. It’s not going to go away so better start looking it in the eye and see what we can do to change things for the better! If not us then who! :)


  3. One of the best resources out there is the series of Foxfire books. They’re available on Amazon, but I would recommend check used book stores for them. They contain information on planting, harvesting, how to butcher a hog (which would be useful for other critters as well), how to render fat to tallow, how to tan hides, how to build a spring house (what people used for refrigeration before ice boxes)… All kinds of useful information.


    • I used to have one of the Foxfire books that I picked up 2nd hand but I made the mistake of loaning it out – so it vanished, of course. I’d forgotten all about those; thanks for the reminder! I don’t use Amazon but if I can’t find any at the thrift shops, I’ll see if I can find some on Alibris next time I order books.


  4. Nobody has any authority. If you refuse to give someone authority, they have NONE over you.

    It’s just time for folks to recognize that government has no authority, as it doesn’t represent anyone anymore. :)

    Yeah yeah…easy to say, well, ti’s not that hard to start denying the authority of those who think they have it…start small.


    • It is easy to apply in theory but when your vehicle is being swarmed by armed DHS agents and dogs at one of these damned checkpoints…well…it certainly feels as if they have power over your life.

      BUT – we can try to take back some of that power…or reduce it at least – if we decrease our dependency on the gov’t. We can’t have shit both ways…”leave me alone and let me live free!…oh but wait…help me clean up this mess from the last storm first…” The more we rely on *the system* the more power it naturally has over us. Time for us to start relearning what it means to be self-reliant…only then will we be free of the need for governments to rule us.


  5. Valentina says:

    I could not agree more with you. Survivors will be those people who know what to do with seeds and make things with their hands. Wonderful idea to compile a book of knowledge and know-how. Spot on!


  6. Findog says:

    Great post.. revolutions usually take place when the middle class have lost too much and sees no change for their children’s future.. So the US is ripe for revolution.. but what kind of revolution?.. the problem is that revolutions are often co-opted by reactionaries.. so in this way revolutions take decades sometimes a century!

    I agree that the state is itching for a counter-insurgency so that it can crack down with further emergency powers and a fascist state.. in many ways 9/11 was the start of this process.. so yes you are right.. the state is trying to provoke the people..

    I feel what is needed is a new paradigm.. not socialism.. not capitalism.. something to fire the imagination of the people.. but I have not found this ideology (yet).. its hard not to see this in plain class-war terms.. rich are getting richer.. poor are getting poorer..

    Never underestimate the power of the sheeple!.. when violence breaks out they will be very easily led by the simplistic answers of fascism.. this is the counter-revolution stage.. their excesses usually lead to fresh revolution.. Egypt is going through this right now..

    I hate violence and don’t subscribe to it.. but I do recognize that that state keeps the sheeple in line with violence.. people talk about non-violent revolution but what they mean is non-violent resistance.. sure non-violent resistance has won a few battles but never without bringing the violence of the state down on their heads ..

    No sane person would pick a fight they are gonna loose.. but when you are in the middle of a fight you didn’t pick.. and if you are gonna lose everything, including your life if the fight goes the wrong way …… (this is how revolutions start right?.. ;o)


    • I get the desire people have to just RISE UP! And take a stand but I’m also realistic enough to know that in a Red Dawn scenario, I’d be obliterated in the blink of an eye. I have weapons meant to repel home-invaders but they wouldn’t do to even take on the local PD never mind the fending off gov’t troops! Ahh…but it all sounds so romantic if we talk of emulating our fore-fathers…

      I just can’t get the image of most of the sheeple-masses to jive with the determination and hardships that are part of a real revolution. The same people who stampede each other for a holiday sale are going to do what…?! Organize? Calm the hell down and stop pushing and grabbing? Or are they going to be the ones I worry about protecting my family from if there is a disruption in our normal food supply? Even placing the nation on rations would send people into an uproar and it wouldn’t be like The Depression…if things were that hard when people were mostly self-reliant, what will they be like now if people lose just a few luxuries that they’ve confused for necessities?

      Glad to know I am not the only one searching for a new path, new method…new something…to make this world a livable place for all of us. Smaller, more localized systems of government would help but we’d all still need to learn to get along, decide on common goals, feasible sustainability, etc…and that…well..? Maybe it could happen. The sheeple are going to have to get off their tails, get out of their comfy pastures and WORK for it if serious change is to happen, that much is for sure!


  7. Robertlyn says:

    Well done Ducki! Perfect Tone & Tenor…


  8. moorbey says:

    Excellent post komrade. I just want to thank u 4 being 1 of the few rightous independent media outlets that is about truth and change is this screwed up world. And Solitary Torture in it’s infancy is on point but it fantastic and informative. A big upz to u &ur husband 4 spreading tha truth. Panther Love


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