Taking Out The Garbage

I look around at the piles of garbage floating all around us & I wonder how in the hell we can even start to begin to clean it all up…so many little messes to step around here and there; so many mountains to climb if we want to get from there to here. We’ve lost sight of ourselves and each other while we wander around the aisles of the dump, searching for the Exit Sign and trying to understand how it is that we ever got ourselves into such a fouled-up space to begin with…

No wonder so many people seem stuck and tired and mired in muck. Our garbage is pushing against us everywhere, spreading itself out, oozing across our farms and towns and mountains…no hideaway is high enough and no cul-de-sac is snug enough to keep it at bay anymore…and people are starting to panic as they feel the pressure building up from their toes to their ankles, pressing in and in…we wade around knee-deep as our collective trash pile starts reaching up to the sky…or at least to the top of the For Sale sign on the empty house next door.

Of course I don’t just mean literal garbage…although that is one of the obvious issues facing us as our self-created dump starts to quake and crumble beneath our feet. What I really don’t understand – what baffles me day in, day out…is the question of why we allow so much around us to continue happening when it is obvious that…


Our leaders are trashing talking morons; they spew foul-smelling lies that stink up our air and fog our minds…and we accept it. We whoop and holler and wave (disposable, Made In China) flags and shower them in cheap compliments on Victory Night! And then…then we begin bowing like whores hoping the fat cats will toss us a morsel…or perhaps some new riot gear, at least…as they sit at the grand table in front of us & feast on the carcass of our freedom. We smile bright, shiny, Credit Card smiles and say “Aww shucks” when leaders stomp us with black-booted laws…and then we proceed to elect them again and again.

The stench of politricksters’ broken promises wafting up from the new human garbage receptacles private prisons in almost every city is strong enough to gag the Man On The Moon and yet…there’s still the voice from the back of the room that utters the death sentence to community spirit…

“At least it brings us jobs…”        

And what are we to do about the ever-growing mound of wounded Pawns with trashed-out minds that are being Returned To Sender…What’s to become of the soldiers that land on our porches with hollow eyes and bleeding souls…screaming out in midnight confusion? We wrap their wounds with cheap gauze and their minds with expensive drugs to no avail. We excuse the Kings & Queens that trash every thing in sight…then we offer up our children as Disposable Sacrifices upon the altars of their lying wars. We hold huge parades, throw plenty of streamers and candy wrappers around on the ground and consider the broken lives honored…and little toy soldiers are left to collect with confetti & dirt lining the gutter.

Of course, we can’t overlook the more literal garbage we insist on spreading to every far-flung and well-rounded edge of this planet. Not only does human life have little-to-no value, things that can make life more mysterious, inspiring and meaningful have been devalued as well. Pretty blue ocean and white sandy beaches? Indeed! Those would be much prettier with a black, oily sheen…wheeeeee! 


Look at us, careless as can be…after all, we are FREE, the Earth’s bounty is FREE and can do as we please…yep, yep…Look At Us Go, Mama Earth, aren’t you proud of your children? 


If the mental manifests itself into the physical, then what does our physical tower of garbage say about our human (mental) condition? Why have we allowed our minds and spirits to become such Garbage Makers? Once upon a time, mankind strove to always rise above…higher & higher and up towards greater peaks and places never seen before. Now, we still try to rise above…but usually only to the top of the high-rise downtown while refusing to see garbage we must climb over to get there.

There is a near endless list of problems that are mucking up the world…or endless ways that WE are mucking up the world – and ourselves – but that muck is creeping closer and closer to our own back doors and it gets harder & harder to keep ignoring the stenchy smog closing in on us.  If we don’t DO SOMETHING we are going to be crushed by our mountains of careless waste…

…Just like little SarahCynthiaSilviaStoutWhoWouldNotTakeTheGarbageOut.

We have to stop accepting the Big Fat Huge LIE that everything around us is cheap, disposable…this Earth did not begin as the biggest trash receptacle in the Universe and it surely doesn’t have to end up as one…

It’s up to us – each & every one of us. It’s time to stop standing around like pouting children being told to clean up their room or there will be no desert – or arguing over who made the mess – or whether or not it’s Timmy’s turn to take the trash to the curb. No single person created this garbage heap of problems and certainly no one person can clean it all up. But, if every person extended a hand to either help another person or start cleaning up the space around them, the mess can be cleared away before it smothers us. The only other option is for us to all keep plugging away, chugging away…throwing away…everything until there is nothing left to throw but the garbage we’ve already thrown before.

Hey! I know…what if…What If….Instead of tossing out old items left and right, we tried throwing out old IDEAS and see what happens instead?

We could try some insane new ideas…like to STOP electing people who run the prettiest billion-dollar blood-money campaigns and elect our neighbors, friends or co-workers instead. (Even better, we could stop voting for others to rule over us at all but I don’t think we’re quite ready for that concept) We could talk to our kids, our neighbors’ kids…the teen on the street…we could tell them that enlisting in the military is too high of a price to pay just to secure a paycheck or escape a small town. We could go all out and offer them tutoring, training, apprenticeships…or even a trip to the local VA hospital for an afternoon of visiting with broken Knights, Rooks and Pawns that’ve been stuffed away in the back of the closet, out of sight, out of mind…out of collective guilt? We can explain to our children that the oh-so-cool gotta have it toy of season was likely made by children who are forced to work in factories…we can teach them that their playthings should not come at the expense of other boys and girls. If we wanted to, we could go all-out and teach kids and grandkids that Nugget=Animal and vegetables come from the garden, not Pizza Hut…

Radical thinking, I know…but doable, yes? It’s up to us…All we have to so is stand up and start tossing out garbage filled mantras, ideas, methods and systems and replacing them with new, durable, lasting…truly valuable…ideas, methods and systems. It’s either start taking small actions now…or wait until it’s too late and all that’s left to do is burn the trash heap to the ground, clear the space and start over again from scratch.

©R.McFarland 2013

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2 comments on “Taking Out The Garbage

  1. Mis Bee for president. Seriously.

    It does start with self.

    D’ya think IQ and education plays into that realization/behavior & viewpoint change though? I think it may. I sometimes feel the populace is a single entity–or at least an easily led, lazy entity. The people patronizing Mickey Deez…


    • Hehehehe I am not nearly insane enough to throw my purple Beret in the ring for Prez just yet but I’ll hold the idea for future consideration! :-D

      I most definitely think education plays into everything. That’s why I don’t really believe our schools are mysteriously and accidentally failing right now. What is the quote about a populace smart enough to run the machines but too dumb to question them? We seem to be living in That Space right now.

      Instead of Prez, I’ll just keep running around like the Little Alarm Clock That Could…*ring-a-ling-a-ling* wakey, wakey, rise and shine, people…! ;-)


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