New Research: CBC Cannabinoid Sparks Brain Cell Growth

california-marijuana-dui-d-bill– “One by one – the irrational lies of the prohibition set are slowly being put to down like rabid animals. Even within the stubborn old guard, cannabis as medicine is continually finding new allies. Example: a new report offered by the Journal Neurochemistry International has discovered that marijuana’s CBC cannabinoid helps to promote brain cell growth.

Apart from the psychotropic compound Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), evidence suggests that other non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids are also of potential clinical use. This study aimed at elucidating the effect of major non-THC phytocannabinoids on the fate of adult neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs), which is an essential component of brain function in health as well as in pathology. We tested three compounds: cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene (CBC), and found that CBC has positive effect on the cell viability of mouse NSPCs during differentiation in vitro.

While some  marijuana myths die slow – this research recently performed at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry was funded by the manufacturers of Sativex, and is merely one of a multitude of studies which has demonstrated that marijuana cannabinoids can accelerate brain cell growth.”

“Scientists at the Institute of biomolecular chemistry concluded;

Based on a previous report, we studied the potential involvement of adenosine A1 receptor in the effect of CBC on these cells and found that the selective adenosine A1 receptor antagonist, DPCPX, counteracted both ERK1/2 phosphorylation and up-regulation of nestin by CBC, indicating that also adenosine is involved in these effects of CBC, but possibly not in CBC inhibitory effect on GFAP expression. Next, we measured ATP levels as an equilibrium marker of adenosine and found higher ATP levels during differentiation of NSPCs in the presence of CBC. Taken together, our results suggest that CBC raises the viability of NSPCs while inhibiting their differentiation into astroglia, possibly through up-regulation of ATP and adenosine signalling.

Scientific studies like this are hard to ignore – though the NDIA have tried. The mounting successes of medical marijuana being passed in state after state, have ushered in a new age of cannabis reform and acceptance – only this time we have science on our side.” Learn More at


11 comments on “New Research: CBC Cannabinoid Sparks Brain Cell Growth

  1. jimnjoy says:

    This was interesting and it doesn’t surprise me that there are healthy aspects of any botanical. We keep in mind that the study was funded by a drug company that sells a drug containing cannabis, and that there are also many studies that come to opposite conclusions.

    What comes immediately to my mind are the people I know who have smoked it for years and are as stupid as a sock full of rocks. I knew these people before they started using and they weren’t as stupid then as they are now. They started using it for recreational reasons and later became emotionally addicted to it. They’ve essentially become used to “turning on and tuning out” instead of learning healthy life/coping skills.


    • What comes to my mind is my dying father currently using the plant as pain-relief and appetite booster and the help it is giving him minus side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Of course it can be abused…just like alcohol, fast food, sleeping pills…where there’s a helpful product/plant there is a way to misuse it unfortunately…


  2. jimnjoy says:

    I am sorry about your father and happy that there is something that can give him relief without the harmful side-effects of prescription drugs. I’m sure you are a blessing to him.


    • I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to sound rude or abrupt in my previous comment. I do understand that this study was done by a ‘special interest’ but so are a lot of drug studies. I’ve also encountered people who probably should never have smoked weed but on the other hand…I’ve met folks who should never drink booze but they do. I’ve also seen people down Oxy’s just to party and have fun so I do think that any substance can be abused…doesn’t seem fair that our laws single out one substance that actually does have medicinal uses. And again, I’m sorry if I sounded rude before, I was in a rush out the door and should have waited to compose a better comment. ~Rebecca


  3. digger666 says:

    Well, I can attest my imagination hasn’t been nearly so fertile since I’ve been without these past few years…


    • Depending on mood and environment, it can help or hinder me. Sometimes I spend hours painting millions of teeny-tiny little dots or lines and it can help me stay focused and stay on task. If I have to learn or so something new or if it’s a rainy, dreary boredom day…forget it, no good. But for insomnia and helping with my eating disorder? It can be a godsend unlike any man-made concoction ever could be.


  4. ephraiyim says:

    Reblogged this on Eclectic Thoughts and commented:
    This is just another in a long line of studies that invalidate the arguments that the mind control propagandists have used to put fear in people about drugs in general and Cannabis in particular.
    They’re going down hard.


  5. […] New Research: CBC Cannabinoid Sparks Brain Cell Growth ( […]


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