Indiana AG Suggests Pregnant Women Be Forced To Take Drug Tests

*Updated* As pointed out by a reader – this has just been suggested and is not yet a law as is presented here. Apologies for the screw up in not verifying that part of the story before I posted.*

via The State Weekly – “If you are a pregnant woman living in Indiana, the state Attorney General now says you have to take a second urine test after the pregnancy test – a mandatory drug test.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller argues that women should be subject to drug testing among pregnancy testing due to the scores of infants that are addicted to drugs upon delivery. He also claimed that the drug testing could save up to or more than $30 million dollars in hospital expenses related to caring for babies suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, reported Care2.

This certainly becomes a controversial issue. Regardless of the state having good intentions of protecting babies from drug-addicted mothers, forcing all pregnant women to undergo drug testing is a definite violation of civil liberties.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “A specific intrusion into personal privacy stemming from drug prohibition is the mandatory testing of individuals for the presence of drugs, whether as a condition of employment or as a requirement for the receipt of public assistance, even in the absences of any reason to believe those individuals have committed a crime.”

It is a constitutional and moral breach to force a woman, not suspected of using drugs, to be tested for drugs just because she is pregnant.

This makes my brain spin so fast that I can hardly type out a right and proper rant about this story. No state official has the right to demand this; I don’t know who this arrogant prick thinks he is but he needs a reality check…Upside the head. With a fully-loaded diaper…bag… 

11 comments on “Indiana AG Suggests Pregnant Women Be Forced To Take Drug Tests

  1. Maria Brophy says:

    So, what happens if a mother-to-be is found to have drugs in her system? What is their course of action next?


    • Your guess is as good as mine..? Mandatory treatment? Forced hospitalization? Fines? I get that people want to protect babies but this is not the way to go about it…seems like this law will just drive more women away from proper medical care and could end up increasing the risk of complications.


  2. from some quick research this appears to be nothing more then (an admittedly horrible) “Suggestion” by Indiannas Attorney General. In other words- no where near being law or put into play.

    And the US Supreme court has previously ruled (by a wide margin) that hospitals can not drug test pregnant women without their consent. (if memory serves the specifics did have to do with the results then being handed over to the police).


  3. I am having a very hard time believing this. It almost seems like a snarky headline from The Onion. And yeah, what will happen if the drug test is positive? Take the baby, sterilize the mother?


  4. Maria Brophy says:

    That’s a great point, MBW. It could scare women away from getting proper care. It would be better to focus on cutting out the reasons people turn to drugs in the first place. Hopelessness, difficulty in fitting in society, feeling lost. Many reasons….it may cost governments less to set up systems to avoid it then to try to stop it after it happens. Once someone’s hooked on drugs, they often can’t get off. It’s a terrible cycle.


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