Ancient Cave Art Found In Tennessee

“The faded images in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau are believed to be the most widespread collection of such art ever found in the U.S.” 

via White Wolf Pack – “Recently archaeologists have discovered America’s oldest cave and rock art that has remained hidden for more than 6,000 years in Tennessee. The faded images were found in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau and they are believed to be the most widespread collection of such art ever found in the U.S. Cumberland Plateau contains 280 caves – 21 of which are described as ‘extensive’ in size. Researchers claim there are 71 known prehistoric cave art sites in the greater south-eastern USA.

The preserved artworks were found by researchers Jan Simek, Alan Cressler, Nicholas Herrmann and Sarah Sherwood from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee and Mississippi State University. The researchers state that some of the pictures found remain extremely fragile because they were drawn into mud.

Researcher Nicholas Herrmann noted that, “Human images are often shown in activities suggesting heroic or ceremonial action, flying, transforming into animal shapes or reaching through the rock surface.”

Rock art is commonly thought to have been drawn by Native Americans and other races as part of rituals and ceremonies. Mud was also traditionally used by Native Americans in the south east part of the country because it was readily available and was seen as an ideal canvas by prehistoric cave artists.

The images found vary in that some of the pictures were drawn using shallow lines made with a pointed tool. This type of art shows events such as hunting, or depicts animals that the Native Americans would have lived with and eaten.” Full Story & More Images Here

The drawings discovered in Tennessee are believed to represent the Native American’s prehistoric world in three dimensions – the upper parts of the art are ‘celestial’ representing religious beliefs. The middle sections usually show plants, animals and the world in which they would have live. Art that is found in the lower parts of the caves and walls represent ‘darkness, death and danger’.

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10 comments on “Ancient Cave Art Found In Tennessee

  1. I love this kinda thing. I was in Tennessee a few years ago hiking with and friends and almost fell in a cave. That part of the country is riddled with caves. I didn’t see any drawings, but maybe next time.


    • It’s hard not to wonder how many ancient treasures we’ve blindly just obliterated, isn’t it? Hiking in TN must be a blast! Most of time there has been while driving across the state with only a couple of side stops at some of the civil war battlefields.


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  3. Steve McFarland says:

    Reblogged this on Carpenter's Cabin.


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