Missouri Resident Wins Fight For Front Yard Vegetable Garden

The board felt that, technically, he had the law in his favor,” Schroeder said. “But I think that all of us on the board agreed that the garden is an eyesore. It goes against common sense, really, to put a garden in the front yard instead of the back.”

Personally, I think this Schroeder dude is a moron…what standard of “common sense” are we using here? The ‘socially acceptable’ common sense standard that we have all the water in the world to waste growing lawns that serve no purpose other than to look pretty?

In spite of the lone hold-out voter, at least this family has retained the right to use their property resourcefully…score one for liberty, eh? 

via Real Farmacy – “The resident, Karl Tricamo, had been feuding with the city for months over the vegetable garden he had planted in front of his house in the 300 block of Louisa Avenue.

The city saw the garden as a blot on the landscape and issued Tricamo a citation demanding he uproot the corn, tomatoes, sorghum, peppers and other crops sprouting there and, instead, seed the yard for grass. The garden measures 35 feet by 25 feet.

With the help of an attorney from the Libertarian group Freedom Center of Missouri, Tricamo emerged victorious on Wednesday night when the city’s Board of Adjustment voted to throw out the citation against him.

“We felt vindicated,” said Tricamo, 29. “I had taken steps from day one that everything would be within ordinance. They just tried to throw everything at us and hoped something would stick.”

Tricamo’s attorney, Dave Roland, cast the issue as a blow against petty city tyranny.

Gardening is part of the basis of human civilization,” Roland said. “Is it unusual to have a garden in your front yard? Yes. But the city had no right to demand he remove it.”

…Though the citation has been thrown out, the couple has grown weary of repeated interactions with City Hall and visits and drive-bys by code enforcement officers. Tricamo logged his dealings with City Hall and the garden in a blog, vegetableyarden.wordpress.com.”

Full Story on Real Farmacy

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13 comments on “Missouri Resident Wins Fight For Front Yard Vegetable Garden

  1. It looks wonderful, what are they complaining about?:
    And if you plant a lawn you either need to buy a lawn -mower or a sheep to keep it down!!!


    • None of our cities would allow sheep so that means they want us to go buy lawnmowers, preferably gas-powered. Here in New Mexico, the Rio Grande is running dry and there’s not enough water to even allow farmers their normal allotment for this growing season. Texas is suing us for more water…but yes, by all means….PLANT LAWNS! Ugh. Argh. Idiots.


  2. F. Mohr says:

    Awesome ! Imagine how beautiful the neighborhood would look if everyone had a victory garden like this family!
    A discussion I once had about this the guy said that if everyone had a victory garden then we would put landscapers out of business. Absolutely not!!! They would become gardeners instead!


    • Never thought about the landscapers becoming gardeners but it’s an excellent point. I’d love to see a neighborhood filled with front yard gardens…happy kids having fresh fruits and veggies to pluck as they play…families outside together on weekends…*sigh*


  3. F. Mohr says:

    Oh yeah. I would do the same thing but I just don’t get enough sun in my yard.

    I do not chemically treat my lawn like all the other nuts. All day long I have rabbits chomping down on whatever they like because my lawn is a natural aggregate off all sorts of clovers and and grasses and yes WEEDS.

    My neighbor has a lush green lawn that is perfect and he is always spraying shit everywhere and spending money and I think it’s such a useless waste of time.

    If people don’t like my weed lawn with nice rabbits bouncing all over the place, screw them

    oK IM ranting now.


    • Our garden is technically in the “back” yard but it’s at the end of the driveway so it can be seen from the street. I planted 2 rows of sunflowers on the street side to kind of block the view of the veggies going on behind them. What? I’m just growing flowers…

      Wish we had rabbits but since we’re center of the city they don’t venture in this far. I got hens to knock out the weeds for me…they love the mustard and goathead stickers so no chemicals here, either. Even without the hens, I’d use a hoe before I’d spray the ground with toxins.

      For one short, miserable year I lived in a burb of St. Louis…the people were bonkers! We had a whole packet of “Yard Rules” and it drove me insane. Neighbors sprayed for dandelions constantly and when the leaves feel they used these power-blowers to push them to the street so some big truck could haul them away. In spring, they all had to go buy mulch and fertilizers…HELLO??? You loons just spent hours hauling your natural mulch away!!

      Insanity. All of it. Makes me rant and RAWR all the damn time. Sometimes I seriously think I was born in the wrong time period…


      • Are those protesting citizens not thinking of all the poison they bring into the ground to prohibit lovely little flowers to grow and to bring some ‘sunshine’ in?


        • They only think that anything that isn’t a perfect green lawn is offensive. 20,000 lbs of poisons dumped is okay as long as the grass is pretty! One neighbor asked why I had to have a garden when we have a grocery store down the street…what can you possibly explain to someone like that???


  4. Nancy Barnes says:

    So goofy all these rules! Who cares if you plant flowers or veggies out front? Or mix it all together? As long as you’re not growing weed in the wrong state, there should not be an issue.


  5. paisstat says:

    Reblogged this on Pursuit of Life and commented:
    A nice post from libertyjamie.


  6. Good for them! It never occured to me that some people couldn’t do this. Sad.


  7. What a strange idea that people could not make something nice of their front garden by planting certain vegetables or fruit-bushes in it?

    Is it not weird when people do have to hide their vegetables by sunflowers or by shrubs so that people would not see those plants which could bring some food on the table?


    • It is a very strange idea that we cannot use our space – front yard, back yard, side yard or even rooftop – to produce food for ourselves. My garden and my chickens are hidden as well as I can hide them so that officials won’t make me remove them all or make me pay fines because I do not grow a lawn.
      This is the “Land of the Free”? Our founders must be rolling in their graves laughing at what we’ve become!


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