Joel Salatin: “What You Can Do”

Joel Salatin holds a hen during a tour of Poly...

Excerpt, Wanderlust Festival – (Emphasis mine) “What do you mean, “what can I do?”  You can participate.  You can connect.  You can get actively involved in the process of turning that beet into Harvard beets.  Yum.  You can turn off the TV.  You can cancel the Disney vacation and buy bushels of tomatoes to can or turn into salsa.  You can get some pots and grow a pot garden . . . of vegetables.  You can put a beehive on the roof of your house, two chickens in the foyer instead of that aquarium or parakeet cage.

Just like today–whatever today looks like–is the manifestation of billions of individual decisions accumulated over time, tomorrow will be too.  And if you, I, we don’t start making different decisions we will end up where we’re headed, only it may be worse because we’ll be farther down the wrong road.

We must stop this incessant victimhood mentality.  Somebody else will not fix things.  Somebody else will not make me healthy;  somebody else will not make me happy.  These things are my responsibility. Not the neighbor’s, not the government’s, not the church or civic club.  If I don’t know what to do with a beet, I need to find out.  Knowing what to do with a beet begins a long chain of events that ends up creating a soil in which earthworms happily procreate.  And that is a good thing…” Full Article Here On Wanderlust Festival

Joel Speaking at Wanderlust Festival 2012 –

Want to hear more from Joel Salatin? Joel himself hosting a Q&A right here on this Wanderlust Journal blog page on Wednesday, April 10 at 1pm EST. Post your questions for him at that time and the man himself will answer your questions!

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