RoboBees…The Answer To Dying Bee Colonies?

By coordinating large numbers of small, agile robots to mimic the physical and behavioral robustness of insect groups, the program could direct a swarm of robots to accomplish tasks faster more reliably, and more efficiently than a single unit.

Scientific American “Honey bee populations around the world are in decline due to causes ranging from ‘super mites‘ to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and even cell phones – and if the insects disappear completely the planet’s ecosystems would be in peril. The issue has become so dire that now a team of Harvard and Northeastern University scientists are working on a swarm of miniature Robobee robots that could pollinate flowers and do the job of real bees if required.

Speaking to Scientific American, the team leaders said: “In 2009 the three of us began to seriously consider what it would take to create a robotic bee colony. We wondered if mechanical bees could replicate not just an individual’s behavior but the unique behavior that emerges out of interactions among thousands of bees. We have now created the first RoboBees—flying bee-size robots—and are working on methods to make thousands of them cooperate like a real hive.” Full Article Here


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9 comments on “RoboBees…The Answer To Dying Bee Colonies?

  1. digger666 says:

    Like it or not, this represents a step in the direction of terra forming on a major scale. Distasteful to some, it may, nevertheless, become a necessary Plan X. Let us hope it never comes to it.


    • It IS distasteful to think that we have done enough damage to make this technology a possible necessity in the near future. Remove the reason behind the need for it though, and the technology itself and what we can do is remarkable, isn’t it?


  2. george-b says:

    Reblogged this on euzicasa and commented:
    It looks like we do have the wrong answer to everything…


  3. says:

    Great post! I was watching a segment on Bee’s on the Science Channel last night. I never realized how much potential and effect these critters have and how beneficial they are for society.

    It’s an interesting story about various aspects of bees and honey.

    First, it mentioned the “killer bees” and how because of them, Brazil has a higher honey production than they normally would.

    Then, they go into various ways that the study of bees is being used from everything from planetary exploration (they are trying to model unmanned aircraft after the behavior and visual acuity of bees) to bomb detectors (they can train bees to be able to “sniff” for explosives).

    They then go into the various medical uses for honey. They mention that using honey on an infection can prevent the spread of flesh eating bacteria. They also mention that a doctor in India is using it to treat various eye problems in his patients, with a 60% success rate.

    Cheers :)


  4. Findog says:

    I’ve got an idea.. how about remote-controlled financial-drones that citizens can use to ‘take-out’ terrorist corporations??.. ;o)


  5. The actions and consequences of the human species becomes more disturbing by the day.


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