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If you are a woman living in America, you can thank Elizabeth Cady Stanton for your right to vote. She was a leading figure of the early women’s civil rights movement.

The first women’s rights convention was held in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York. Elizabeth presented her Declaration of Sentiments at the convention and is considered the leader of the first organized civil rights movement for women.

Elizabeth was an abolitionist, but her main goal was women’s rights. However, she considered women’s rights to go far beyond voting. She wanted women to have equal custody rights, property rights, income rights, the right to file for divorce, and birth control rights. She was also a supporter of the temperance movement.

She opposed the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments because she felt that it was wrong for black men to be given Constitutional rights while women (both black and white) were left without these same basic…

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  1. ephraiyim says:

    While I am supremely grateful for the fact that women can vote. I am always the cynic and no longer believe it even matters. I am so convinced that at least since JFK’s assassination the powers in charge stopped trusting the control of the elections, at least at the Federal level, to the American people, that it is of little value to vote.
    I did vote in the last election but only as a matter of conscience not because I thought anyone was counting. : (
    Local election, on the other hand, are grass roots and there a difference can possibly be made. Especially if one organizes and communicates the issues succinctly. There I believe we have a chance to turn things around. If local government, as well as county and state governments will begin to take a stand against intrusive federal regulation.
    Whether we are organizing to vote or to protest in non-violent means people must still choose to do something or those rights fought for by people like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Others will gradually be eroded until completely lost to future generations of Americans.


  2. ephraiyim says:

    Reblogged this on Eclectic Thoughts and commented:
    We need to continue to fight for our rights as the federal government is eroding more and more of them . Even the Right to Vote is suspect when all votes are now tabulated by computers which can have code manipulated so easily.


  3. I don’t think I will bother with national elections again after this last time around. Working with Johnson’s campaign was the most I’ve ever been involved in the political realm and once was enough for me. It is discouraging to realize that not a single of my votes has ever mattered. I thought there was hope with the Libertarian party but even that was an illusion; groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council have already managed to sink a tentacle into the party here and there and I know enough to understand it is basically Game Over – and should they ever get any true measure of power, the L’s will do it only by following the same corrupted path as the other parties.

    I agree that local elections may still be a viable pathway to use to make real changes where it matters. Our city council has already made great progress in foisting multiple A-21 ordinances on citizens and they did so before anyone would even believe such a thing existed so ‘we the people’ are already behind in the race. I bet there are thousands of cities, counties and municipalities where the same holds true. We also have one of the worst records of fair elections in this state so odds are stacking up against citizens day by day if people don’t organize and get moving.


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