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“Prisons have become the nation’s primary mental health facilities. But for those with serious illnesses, prison can be the worst place to be.”
Director, U.S. Program of Human Rights Watch
“We are literally drowning in patients, running around trying to put our fingers in the bursting dikes, while hundreds of men continue to deteriorate psychiatrically before our eyes into serious psychoses… The crisis stems from recent changes in the mental health laws allowing more mentally sick patients to be shifted away from the mental health department into the department of corrections…”
California Prison Psychiatrist
Dr. Ken Martinez of the New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families said the figures showed “the criminalization of mental illness,” as “juvenile detention centers have become de facto psychiatric hospitals for mentally ill youth.”
Ernestine S. Gray, a Juvenile Court judge in New Orleans, testified that 70 percent to 85 percent…

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  1. Ray's Mom says:

    A serious problem with few solutions.


  2. I think we have similar problems here. Both for children and adults. There ate just too many of us on this planet now and the effects are showing but we’re too overcrowded to be able to deal with it anymore. Too many ill people not enough people to.treat them. If we don’t do something soon there are going to be endless generations of increasingly ill people through no fault of their own…and the correctional facilities will keep filling and the.suicide and self harming rates rising…no easy answers…beyond Be Prepared!!!


    • And these numbers are all much higher by now already, I am sure. This problem is not going away and is spreading around the world (with the expansion of private prisons, coincidence?). Maybe if we’d send fewer people off to war, there would (A) be more folks to tend to the ill and (B) we’d not keep creating more mental illness issues (PTSD) in citizens. Oh but hey, let’s not discuss such radical ideas…we must keep things in order of priority…profit, more profits and then oooh, just a few more profits…THEN we’ll worry about services and reform, right? Agh!


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