Point B

This past week was a long and trying one in our home. My teen daughter has decided that she would be happier if she moved in with her dad. Aside from the fact that, like any parent, I want my kids here with me…I know that her choice is going to take her back near a darkness that is unhealthy. Letting her go…watching her walk out the door…setting out on a path that is going to be one covered in thorns and brambles and all sorts of things that could scratch her and tear at her…I just want to grab her up and run a million miles away in order to protect her.

Picture 265

The more rational part of me knows that I have to stand aside; to let her fight her way down this path regardless of what I feel & think and in spite of the hard times I see coming straight at her. I believe we are all here to learn and I know that sometimes trying to protect people we love can actually interfere in their ability to learn the spiritual lessons they need to grow.

I hope that I am wrong…I hope that my beautiful Motorcycle Girl manages to accomplish what she is setting out to do and that she will never feel an ounce of pain or a moment of sadness.

And if she does get hurt, I hope she remembers how to find her way back to me…to Point B…

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2 comments on “Point B

  1. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence till you actually get there…especially when you’re a teenager and the hormones rule your life :) Hang in there, stand tall against all the pain, sadness and anxiety this is causing you, and the hurt. You and your daughter will come out the other side of this situation closer and stronger than you could possibly imagine right now. And remember…Wolfie is here. You only have to reach out if you ever need me :) Wolfie hugs my friend :)


    • Aww, thanks so much, Wolfie. When I remove myself from the situation and try to think like a teen (incredibly difficult, btw!!) I understand the reasons she thinks Dad’s house is more fun – it is. No chores, no real rules and plenty of fast food and soda. But…I would be a liar if I said it didn’t pierce my heart a bit when she said she was not happy here and wanted to leave. I said I wanted my daughter to be independent and free-spirited…oh boy, oh my…did I EVER get my wish! Thanks for your words of encouragement – I will get my wits about me again in a day or so;transition periods and moving things are always icky no matter the relationship.


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