Etch A Sketch Creator Andre Cassagnes Has Died

(CNN) — While tinkering in his garage, French electrician Andre Cassagnes dreamed up a drawing toy that kids could shake up and start over.

Little did he know that more than 50 years later, the toy that became the Etch A Sketch would continue to delight children.

Cassagnes died January 16 in a Paris suburb at age 86, according to a statement released Saturday by The Ohio Art Company. His cause of his death was not disclosed.

Cassagnes created what would become the Etch A Sketch in his garage in 1950. The drawing toy was made up of a joystick, glass and aluminum powder.

Initially dubbed the Telecran, the toy was renamed L’Ecran Magique, or ‘The Magic Screen,’ and made its debut at a toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1959. Read More on CNN

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2 comments on “Etch A Sketch Creator Andre Cassagnes Has Died

  1. I feel a little odd whenever I “like” a post of someones death…

    But one of the brilliant “toys” of the modern age. Right up there with the old school lite-brite and lego. (don’t get me started on the modern lego with their very specific manufacture and instructions…whatever happened to the joy, and the power, of simple creativity and imagination… )


    • I think at this point in social media, most folks get the often times a Like means, I Read This or Saw This and not always an expression of actual like or approval. I hope they do, anyways!

      They’ve modified and destroyed all of the best *classic* toys, haven’t they? Tinker Toys…have you SEEN them lately..? They’ve been *childproofed* into a total joke. Ditto Jacks…no small hands can swoop up those huge plastic safety jacks! Oh course, I survived the dreaded and deadly…lawn darts! ;-)


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