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We humans sure have the ability to act like spoiled children; we don’t want to clean up our mess! It’s hard and it will take too long so let’s just sweep it all under our beds and hide it so that we can run out and play again without having to be bothered with ‘adult’ responsibilities. We can only cram so much mess under the bed before it all bursts out and sweeps us all away…

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Radioactive Material Is Being Dumped in Japan’s Rivers…


Fukushima-radiation-could-be-ocean-riskThe government has committed 650 billion yen ($7.4 billion) to clean up the surroundings in contaminated towns and villages. The Environment Ministry engaged Japans most prominent contractors, the Taisei Corp who have a 7.72 billion yen contract in Iitate, and the Maeda Corp who have a contract in Naraha to the value of 18.82 billion yen. Infrastructures, highways and farm land will have radioactive substance sited within 65 feet of their location stripped away, if the objective is realised.

The Rice University of Houston and the Lomonosov Moscow State University has generated

Graphene is a substance made of pure carbon. Its atoms are arranged in a similar way to graphite, but in a very light sheet only one-atom in density. It’sgraphene_from_gases_for_new_bendable_electronics_ been suggested that Graphene could also be a highly significant factor in increasing the efficiency of the desalinization process, in…

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  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Good coverage of a bad situation.


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