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I tried to make this bigger, so it would be more readable, but then parts of the image got hidden by what I have on my sidebar (clock, etc.) SO…here is the poem:

Murder by genetic manipulation.
One poison’s as good as another.
No labels needed for the population.
Seeds to feed the corporate greed, brother.
Any independent competition: eliminated.
No naturally-grown harvests allowed.
Test-tube food, specially (re)created.
Opt out, if you can, of the guinea-pig crowd.

~ C.L.R. ~ © 2013

The info at the bottom regarding numbers involve the PLU stickers you find on produce, etc. at the grocery stores. Here is that info:

* 5 Digit Code starting with 9 – Organic. Grown Naturally, no chemicals.

* 4 Digit Code starting with 4 – Conventional. Grown with chemicals and pesticides.

* 5 Digit Code starting with 8 – GMO…

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