Monsanto Shareholders Reject GMO Proposal

Oh, gosh, golly, gee-frickin’-whiz!!

Monsanto shareholders voted to do the wrong thing and denied a proposal that would finally force them to admit their GMO crops cause damage and harm to organic farms…who’d have thunk they’d so such a thing?

SL Post Dispatch

Monsanto shareholders voted down a proposal Thursday that would have forced the biotech seed giant to report on how its genetically modified products might affect organic farmers.

Only 7 percent of votes cast by shareholders were in favor of the proposal, the Creve Coeur-based company said Thursday.

Monsanto had opposed the proposal, which would have required the company to make a report on the financial impact of the unintentional introduction of GMO seeds into organic farms.

In other matters at the company’s annual meeting Thursday, shareholders re-elected four members to three-year terms on Monsanto’s board of directors. Shareholders approved a proposal to phase out the current three-year, staggered terms of directors in favor of annual election of directors. They will serve one-year terms, beginning next year.


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3 comments on “Monsanto Shareholders Reject GMO Proposal

  1. desertrose says:

    LOL, actually I would have been flabbergasted had they chosen to do the right thing . We all know it is not their MO to be forthcoming in any way shape or form. Silence and subterfuge is the order of the day because that is what protects their bottom line, as they poison us all.


    • Well ya know…sometimes I just gotta snark it up to keep from ranting insanely and with words that would scare off the readers! ;-) I have no doubt there was never a chance in hell this proposal would be accepted…odd that for such a successful company, they don’t see the marketing potential in such a move though. You’d figure they’d find a way to fix the report results and use it to boost their profits after they’d *proven* there was no danger.


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