I’ll Fly Away…

Seriously. I would love to just fly away this morning…and the 50+mph winds that are howling outside, rattling my windows and causing a near total brown-out (think dirt blizzard) would make it easy enough to catch a breeze – okay, ride a viscous gust – right on out of town if one had a cape, carpet or umbrella…

Ah…but my cape is at the tailor’s after that barbed wire incident…and my umbrella is still all smashed up from the last time I tried to “Mary Poppins” my way down from a really high place (the ankle has healed nicely though)…oh, and the Magic Carpet is at the cleaner’s after the great chihuahua fiasco…hrm.

It’s not the right time to haul out my broomstick (she gets grouchy & flies crooked when I bring her out in the off-season)…so…what to do, what to do..?

Then it hits me…use music to lift you and fly you out of here, dummy!

And so I did. Take a break and enjoy the flight with me…


I know that video cuts out short but there is no better recording of that performance that I can find – and Russell’s performance on the ring is just too incredible not to share…but I am sorry for that abrupt, WTF??? ending. Here is a full version of Rising Appalachia performing I’ll Fly Away that is not as visually stimulating but is both outstanding…and fully complete!


If you dig Rising Appalachia, check ’em out here.

Thanks for flying with MisBehaved Airlines. We hope you enjoyed the flight and fly with us again soon! 

English: Screenshot of Julie Andrews from the ...

English: Screenshot of Julie Andrews from the trailer for the film Mary Poppins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 comments on “I’ll Fly Away…

  1. Susan says:

    “You’re a riot Alice!” Made me smile ’til it hurt.


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