New Law Proposed in MO: Criminalize the Failure to Notify Schools of Your Private Business

“A Missouri lawmaker has proposed legislation that would require parents to notify their children’s school if they own a firearm.”

This irks the living crap out of me. Set aside the standard gun-issue arguments of whether or not we should own guns, how many or of what caliber and consider the concept underneath all of that…this law (or others like it) could be expanded…report to the school if you have medicines, objectionable books, cleaning products…think about it.

A 2nd point to consider…who is going to PAY for this?? Literally…where is the money going to come from to enforce this right now?

Who is going to go door-to-door and search the home of every child enrolled in MO schools? By what authority??? With – or without – search warrants and the all-too-common use of SWAT teams?


Excerpt“The bill, introduced by Missouri Democratic State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, would make it a crime to fail to report gun ownership to a school and to store a firearm in a place where a child could possibly access it. The legislation also criminalizes failure to prevent illegal possession of a firearm by a child under the age of 18.

“This act requires a parent or guardian to notify a school district, or the governing body of a private or charter school, that he or she owns a firearm within 30 days of enrolling the child in school or becoming the owner of a firearm,” the bill reads in part. “The written notification only needs to include the names of the parent and any child attending the school and the fact that the parent owns a firearm…

Failure to report a firearm to a child’s school would result in a fine of up to $100 or $1,000 if the parent is also found guilty of “negligent storage of a firearm,” in addition to any other required punishments.”

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9 comments on “New Law Proposed in MO: Criminalize the Failure to Notify Schools of Your Private Business

  1. I agree, it should not be a law, but rather the responsibility if a caring humanity to think wisely and be sure that things that are not safe for self or others are stored so that self or others can’t have easy access. Man children have died because the parent failed to put away a gun in the house. Should this be legislated? NO. Should parents and humanity in general be ashamed of their lack of responsibility? YES. When my children were young and wanted to stay the night with someone, I ALWAYS asked the parent if there were guns or prescription medication in the reach of my child. I didn’t want to be nosy, but neither did I want my child to get accidentally killed. The other parents were never offended and actually appreciated my responsible action as a parent. This is what humanity does not grasp. Laws don’t change things. WE do an we shouldn’t need a law to enforce to be the intelligent beings that we are. Now I’m ranting, so I shall stop. Sometimes though I hurt so deep inside my soul for what humanity has sunk to.


      • In 1957, when I was in the 3rd grade, in public school, personal information questionaires were sent home. My Mother, a remarried divorce’ decided she had had it with busy body nosey better than thou prissy namby pamby school officials. She was not going to answer one more question about marital status. She wrote in big letters (I don’t remember if it was crayon or lipstick) “NONE OF YOUR GOD DAMNED BUSINESS!!!” on this form. The only filled in blank was MY name. And instructed me to return this paper to the school—–


        • Oh my goodness! I don’t blame her for making a point but it must have been a real joy for you as a kid to return it to the school! :-/

          Nowadays that sort of thing would probably result in some local or state official being called, a full investigation by child welfare…which is why I think this new law is dangerous stuff and a road we really don’t need to be expanding.


  2. Steve McFarland says:

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    I cannot believe people are still having this knee jerk reaction from shootings.


  3. Ronin says:

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    Missouri Senator wants to play Little Brother with citizens.


  4. Reblogged this on 201010blog and commented:
    How crazy can the system get. Whilst I’m not in favor of gun ownership I believe it’s the person’s state of mind that causes the problem. Maybe all parents should get a psychiatric examination and produce a certificate to say they are sane! :))))))))))


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