MisBehaved Woman:

“Movements make change. So let us build such a movement that it shakes the earth!

Don’t rely on voting, for politics is but the cruel art of betrayal. Rely on working together and fighting for change. For “Power concedes nothing without demand!”
~Powerful Words, I hope many hear them…REALLY hear them. ~

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by Mumia Abu-Jamal

You may think that you know something about solitary, but you don’t. You may have a loved one in prison who has experienced it and told you about it. But still I say, you don’t know it.

You know the word; but between word and the reality, a world exists. You don’t know that world.

'Solitary Confinement = Torture' protest by Human Rights Coalition Penn
Pennsylvania activists protest solitary confinement.

But the closest we may come is to say it must be like life on another planet. One where the air is different, where the water is different, where wildlife and flora and fauna mean different things.

For, as you know the word torture, you don’t know how it feels. For solitary is torture. State torture. Official torture. Government sanctioned torture.

Some may call that hyperbole, or exaggeration. But I’ve lived in solitary longer than many – most, perhaps – Americans have been alive.

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