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Outstanding. Well worth the read time.

Originally posted on Moorbey'z Blog:

From CounterPunch today, a piece on the broad corporatist/government agenda to suppress both the free flow of information by targeting people like Aaron Swartz — and the dissent that inevitably arises from that free exchange of public knowledge. Piece goes into some length on the current cases against the NATO 5, the 23 anti-war/solidarity activists targeted by the FBI and the US Attorney in Chicago in 2010, et al. Kevin Gosztola also wrote a brilliant piece on the persecution of Swartz for Fire Dog Lake. Read Kevin’s piece here: http://bit.ly/Uk7c6N
JANUARY 15, 2013

Malicious Government Prosecution

Aaron Swartz and the Assault on Open Information


Advocates of open access argue that information should be free, especially when public dollars and public consent, however torturously that consent is extracted, lie at the root of the creation of that information. Yet we live in an age of mounting

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