80 Years In Prison For Legal Pot Growing

Land of the free, eh? Tell that to Chris Williams who trusted that the Obama would keep his word and end federal raids on marijuana dispensaries.

After following every guideline set down by his state, the Federal government overstepped their authority…now Chris is behind bars after being given an 80 year sentence…

For legally growing a MEDICINAL PLANT. 


Chris Williams is a Montana man who opened up a Medical Marijuana production facility after 62% of voters approved the law in his state. Chris William’s operated his facility according to the law that was passed by Montana voters.

However, his facility was raided by the Federal Government in March of 2011, and he was charged for operating the grow facility.

Mr. Williams was convicted and is facing 80 years in prison. He has been offered numerous plea deals to reduce his sentence, but has refused them because he believes he has committed no crime.

Mr. William’s sentence, a sentence that will take him away from his family for the rest of his life, is most certainly cruel and unusual.

We call on President Obama to review the facts of the case and grant Mr. Williams a full Pardon.

Click Here & Sign The Petition To Pardon Chris Williams


7 comments on “80 Years In Prison For Legal Pot Growing

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  2. […] I posted concerning Chris Williams, the medicinal marijuana grower in Montana who is now serving an 80 year prison sentence in a federal […]


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