Farmers Beware – The DuPont Squad Is Coming

Oh gosh, what a shocker…DuPont is following in Monsanto’s footsteps and using all of the latest intimidation tactics to force their product down our throats…

Excerpt from RT – “GMO giants DuPont have contracted dozens of retired law enforcement officers to begin patrolling farms in the US next year to spot any potential intellectual property theft.

DuPont Co, the second-largest seed country in the world, is hoping to find farmers that have purchased contracts to use their genetically modified soybean seeds but have breached the terms of agreement by illegally using the product for repeat harvests. Should farmers replant GMO seeds licensed by DuPont, they could be sued for invalidating their contracts.

“Farmers are never going to get cheap access to these genetically engineered varieties,” Charles Benbrook, a research professor at Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, tells Bloomberg. “The biotech industry has trumped the legitimate economic interests of the farmer again by raising the ante on intellectual property.”

DuPont competitors Monsanto have been known to relentlessly sue small-time farmers who have been caught abusing their own patented GMO products, but the latest maneuver is being considered by some a form of intimidation. DuPont has cut a deal with Saskatchewan-based Agro Protection International, a company that contracts mostly retired police officers to patrol potential violations of IP law.” Full Story Here

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3 comments on “Farmers Beware – The DuPont Squad Is Coming

  1. Reblogged this on The Populist Farmer and commented:
    I haven’t time to write just now but here is a very disturbing post from a blog that I follow:


  2. Hi, I love this (well I don’t love it, actually it pisses me off) and am reposting it to my blog. Thanks for the update!


    • I understand what you mean by loving/hating it all at the same time. I feel that way about most of the stories I read or post about. Thanks so much for helping to make people aware and reblogging it!


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