E-Day Has (Finally) Arrived!

WooHoo! Yippee! Hooray!

Finally! E-Day has arrived!

Oh wait…that was just a dream I had that today would be something glorious to behold…I haven’t had a full dose of coffee yet this morning, pardon my slip between Dreamland & Reality. I wish I could be truly excited and twist my hands in anxious anticipation as I await the outcome of the elections this evening but it seems I am suffering from the side-effects of Electile Dysfunction and possible political burn-out. Maybe it’s just a migraine brought on by the sound of so much “baa-ing” ringing in my ears today that has me just a touch…disheartened by it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled at the way my vote was cast – but I’m also a realist and aware that come tomorrow morning I’ll wake up in a country where nothing has changed. And as today passes, I can’t help but flash back to my 1st time at the polls…and how much I have learned in the years that have passed.

On my 18th birthday I did two things I had been longing to do – get a tattoo…and to follow in the family tradition of registering as a member of the Republican Party. Naive little fool that I was, I was quite proud of both actions. 20+ years later and I still don’t regret the ink…but oh my how I came to be ashamed of my political affiliation!

MisBehaved Ink – Gift from my hubby for my 35th

My first vote was cast for Bush…no snazzy-jazzy sax player for me..! I had convictions…I had morals!

I was going to stand on the side of all things Right, dammit!

If it were possible to time travel I think my first jaunt would be back in time to bitch-slap the smug little voter I was back then. I’m sure I meant well but if ever there was a wasted vote, my first attempt would most definitely qualify as such. I voted for the ideas with which I was most familiar…the ‘convictions’  I claimed to hold were passionate regurgitation of household conversations and nothing more.

Ah well…life is a journey of learning and I have learned my lesson(s) well over the past several years. I have defined myself more clearly; I’ve learned the art of quiet contemplation and keeping my own counsel. The idea that I should accept the choices of being led through Meat Grinder A or Meat Grinder B just to keep peace in the lunch line is no longer acceptable to me.

Somewhere over the past two decades, I’ve learned that the Republican Party does not represent me; I do not share the idea(s) that war is the path to peace, that citizens should be penalized for personal choices or that religious fanatics are fit to lead the country in any sort of rational manner…

I learned through my prison advocacy work & from working with the Democrats/extreme leftists that participate in the movement that the Democratic Party also does not represent me. If there were any doubts left, 4 years of watching Obama take actions like approving the slaying of people in other nations with robotic drones has more than erased them. In no way does the Democratic Party represent me or anything I would ever stand for.

Just when I decided to chuck my “R” affiliation once and for all, I get wind that a new kind of Republican was spotted on the horizon! It put me in quite the pinch to think that in order to support a candidate whose views I almost fully agree with…I’d have to show support for a political party that chilled my blood.  But I really…and I mean really…liked what Gary Johnson did for us as governor of NM. The biggest beef people could come up with to use against him was that he was gone too much and left us alone to govern ourselves…

Oh..the horror!

But to support him in his run for POTUS, I’d have to grit my teeth and vote Republican…just one.more.time


Then, a miracle happened and Gary Johnson jumped from the sinking Republican warship!

Because of that – and in spite of feeling a bit jaded about our electoral process as a whole – today I got to cast my vote with a clear and satisfied conscience…

I got to vote for both a candidate and a party I agree with.

 I got to cast my vote for the one thing I believe in above all else –

The right for each of us to


So even if I wake up tomorrow in a world full of unjustifiable wars, deplorable use of drone technology against humans…even if I wake up in a country where leaders find it acceptable to illegally search and detain its citizens; where video-spying and surveillance is common practice and even if I am stopped and unconstitutionally searched at a DHS checkpoint on my way to work in the morning…I’ll have the small solace of being one of a determined group of people who are still willing to try to take a stand for what this country once was and could be again – free, prosperous and peaceful.

A million kudos to everyone who worked their asses off to promote Johnson’s campaign of Liberty. I hope to have the honor of working alongside you all again come 2016!

7 comments on “E-Day Has (Finally) Arrived!

  1. Ronin says:

    I voted for Bush Jr and McCain…I’m sorry. After that mess and the clear message I got from the GOP Convention I said “Fuck them” and joined the LP, blogged, waved signs, etc


    • For a minute or two I actually thought Johnson might be the one to help save the Republican party and restore it from the inside out. Didn’t take long to realize the R’s wanted no part of *restoring* anything. No matter what happens from here on in, I can’t see voting for anyone other than Libertarian candidates.


  2. I am wringing my paws and my tail in anxiety here! I just hope you guys over there make the right choice of President seeing as your choice of President will have ramifications around the world! … No pressure then ;)


  3. Ronin says:

    I’m comfortable with my vote.


  4. vMonster says:

    “…I’ll have the small solace of being one of a determined group of people who are still willing to try to take a stand for what this country once was and could be again – free, prosperous and peaceful.”

    Beautifully said! I stumbled upon your blog because I wrote about how I “wasted” my vote on Gary Johnson as well, and wanted to see who else did, and what they had to say.

    I love the quote “well behaved women seldom make history.” One of my favorites!


    • Thanks so much. However it happened, I’m glad you stumbled in! It’s always nice to *meet* like minded folks to interact with. Being out here in 3rd party land can be a bit lonesome sometimes, can’t it? Thanks for wasting your vote – we may not have won this time but the message is getting louder and by next cycle, the noise won’t be so easy for MSM and the Powers That Be to ignore.
      If you’re on FB and want to stay connected, you can find my personal page here at – https://www.facebook.com/MisBehavedReb


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