A Day With Gary Johnson

After months of writing about and promoting Governor Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign, I actually got to meet the man himself yesterday afternoon. To say that it was a truly exciting day would be to make the understatement of the century…it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime days that will forever be woven into the fabric of my memory as a day that made my life a more interesting tale.

First off, much love and credit to my best friend and light of my life, Steve, who really made this day happen. I may be willing to support or campaign online or behind the scenes but he is the one who stepped forward and took the campaigning efforts to a whole new level. This week marks our 8th wedding anniversary and the trip to meet Governor Johnson was Steve’s gift to me. Other women may get diamonds but I’ll take a good adventure & road trip over a cold rock any day and Steve knows that better than anyone!

And what an adventure it was… 

We started the day with a luncheon at Johnson’s favorite Albuquerque digs, The County Line. As soon as he entered the room, Governor Johnson started greeting folks – and not just a select few…he took the time to greet each person individually and stood to chat with every one of us. He sat only long enough to eat ten bites of BBQ…and then he was back on his feet as if passion and excitement make it impossible for him to sit still.


He gave a brief but very energetic speech – once again touching on some of the biggest issues we face; eminent financial collapse, over-stretching military obligations, eroding freedoms & the rise of the police state. Every solution he offers makes total sense. Logical, practical…common damn sense all the way around and his is a message that would appeal to a huge number of disenfranchised citizens – if it could ever be heard.

As a native of New Mexico I saw firsthand that this man does as he promises; there is no deceit in what he says. He is a man of discipline and principles…traits that are sorely lacking in our other candidates. After being able to observe him from only inches away as he spoke yesterday, I believe even more strongly that he is sincere and that his message is not only genuine and can be believed in, but is a message that can be embraced by those who feel let down and deceived by both the Left and the Right.

As the event was winding down, Gary once again took time to meet and speak with everyone in the room and was most gracious about posing for photos with everyone. A few weeks ago I received an autographed copy of Gary’s book, “Seven Principles of Good Government” and wanted to find a way to reciprocate with a gift from his supporters. Well, it just so happens that I had a copy of a most appropriate book, “Howls From the Wolfpack” on hand. I know several of the authors are fans and supporters of Gary Johnson…I also know that Johnson truly is a Lone Wolf…and I thought the book & the candidate are perfect match. I took advantage of my turn to meet the Governor to present him with the book and snapped a pic for the authors who were there in spirit and who campaign on his behalf, each in their own way. (More links to the authors listed below)

After lunch, Steve & I dashed across town to the Sign Waving Event near the university. The cheers, honks, peace signs and thumbs up were really encouraging and I’m only sorry more supporters weren’t on hand but it’s hard to coordinate things on workdays. From the sign waving it was off to the evening speech at UNM. We were fortunate to have good seats and once again, the energy, passion and sincerity in the message were too strong to ignore.

If there were any doubts still rattling around in my mind about voting for Gary Johnson, they were erased after meeting the man. “We The People” could have no better representative than a man who is truly part of “The People”…from starting and building his own business into a multi-million dollar company to climbing Mt. Everest with a broken leg and no pain pills to being the most successful governor my home state has ever had…Gary Johnson has a proven track record of strength, determination, ingenuity and above all, integrity. He isn’t out there simply trying to campaign like a wooden puppet; he’s working his ass off to get an important message heard and to offer the American People honest solutions that WILL work to turn this country around.

Gary Johnson 2012

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6 comments on “A Day With Gary Johnson

  1. Ronin says:

    Who’s awesome? You’re awesome.


  2. taxmaiden says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Being a volunteer with the campaign, I’ve had the rare privilege of being around Gov Johnson on several occasions including helping out at the Libertarian National Convention. He’s about the most warm, friendly and delightful individual you could ever meet. And everyone, whether they agree with his political views or not, has that same impression. He’s genuine which is probably his downfall in politics. I’ve always said he is a real person who has a hard time being a politician where the politicians have a hard time coming across as real people.


    • MisBehaved Woman says:

      I’m glad that I am not alone in my perception of him. It’s one thing to watch a candidate on TV but that is only a one-dimensional view of someone. Getting to just watch him move around the room and watch his expressions as he talked to everyone was more enlightening for me than seeing him 500 times on a screen. I like your assessment that he is a real person who has a hard time being a politician – it sums him up perfectly!


  3. […] Read Misbehaved Woman’s account of the Hometown visit here […]


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