Who Is Jack Gault?

My name is Jack Gault.

I am one of Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign minivans.

Live Free in Las Cruces, NM

Follow me around America as I spread the message of “Live Free”.

Learn more about Gary Johnson

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6 comments on “Who Is Jack Gault?

  1. Will keep big mouth shut on US politics for a change ;) Always get myself into trouble when I don’t! Guaranteed!! ;)


    • Bwahahaha! Our politics are so screwed up I can’t imagine anything you could say that would be offensive – at least not here on my blog. Gary was governor of my state so I am familiar with his record and know 1st hand the good he did for us. Will he win? Not likely. But…his message is one that should be promoted (in my humble opinion) so to me it is worth it to help out his campaign in the small ways that I can.


      • Good for you standing by your political man! I have no doubt your blog and the people who follow it are far more civilised than some of the extremists I have come across on other sites than W/P but I certainly seem to have the capacity to cause others to heap abuse on my wolfie head for daring to have an opinion or question their hatred of other political figures! I don’t believe in being intimidated into silence by political monsters lol but I have learned there is perhaps a time and place and that maybe sometimes I DO speak out of turn when I think I’m right :)


        • I can’t count the times I’ve been shredded from this side or that one for my political views. I don’t fit in the neat little niches of our 2 parties and there isn’t much room for us middle folks anywhere. One comment from me & I can anger the left and right and wow, can they team up to rip apart a differing view! It’s awful to always feel like you either need to hold your tongue or prepare to spend hours defending yourself, isn’t it? UGH! Why can’t people listen and discuss differing points of view in a civilized manner? Is it really THAT hard…? :-(


          • YES!! Apparently it is!! But it’s great to know I’m not completely alone in this problem…there are some really nasty mean minded individuals out there who are really awful and horrible if you dare to say anything even humorously that goes against their bigoted political viewpoint!!


            • No, you are not alone at all. I’m learning when to not even bother engaging people but still I manage to step in a mess now and then and usually with the most meaningless of posts. Election cycles really seem to bring out the hate and insanity…I think I may start blogging about…flower arrangements or sunshine & kittens only if things keep going the way they are lol. ;-)


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