Three Officers To Be Fired Over Kelly Thomas Beating & Death

Seeing as how it has taken over a year for this decision to be made, isn’t it only right that the officers to return the pay they have accepted since the night of the beating – the night of their original guilt? Why should they benefit from another year on the police force after using their power to  abuse and kill an innocent man? Scary to think they have been allowed to remain in such powers of position for so long but I’m sure the investigation of actions that were clearly seen on the first viewing of the video tape take time…right? It just wouldn’t have been right to assume that the officers plainly visible on tape while they beat a man to death were actually…uh…beating a man to death! At least there is some measure of justice being served here – even if it is over 300 days late and several paychecks short.

Excerpt from RT“More than a year after they beat a disabled homeless man to death, three California police officers are expected to be fired from the force soon over their role in the killing of Kelly Thomas.

Cpl. Jay Cicinelli and Officers Manuel Anthony Ramos and Joe Wolfe of the Fullerton Police Department all received letters this week from their superiors explaining the force’s intent to terminate their roles. They have ten days to respond with an appeal or else their titles will be revoked.

Both Ramos and Cicinelli are currently awaiting trial over the May 2011 death of Thomas, 37, a known schizophrenic and son of Fullerton’s former police captain. Wolfe has been linked to the assault but has not formally been charged in the crime.”  Full Story on RT

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One comment on “Three Officers To Be Fired Over Kelly Thomas Beating & Death

  1. Suzie says:

    A piece of justice. Small compared to a man’s life. May all the men involved in his death rot in hell.


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