Children Claim Fresno Police Tasered and Drown Their Father

Sometimes I come across stories or articles that I can only hope to hell are not true; the story below is one of those stories…

“Fresno police drowned a man by Tasering and hogtying him, then sticking a garden hose “onto (his) face and mouth” when he pleaded for water, the man’s two children claim in Federal Court.

     The two minor children, I.R. and H.R., claim that in the summer of 2011 Fresno police restrained their father, Raul Rosas, at a friend’s house while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

     The children say their father was not armed and “had not committed a crime.”
     After an altercation with a John Doe officer, police pepper-sprayed Rosas and then Tasered him a “countless number of times,” the complaint states.

     The children claim their father was Tasered “for eight to ten more minutes,” then he was “hogtied with his ankles tied to his handcuffs behind his back.”

     The complaint continues: “Decedent was then slammed onto a table in the residence’s backyard face down. An officer was observed with his knee on decedent’s back while decedent was hogtied, handcuffed, and face down.

     “Decedent stated that he couldn’t breathe and that he needed water; an officer ran water from a hose onto decedent’s face and mouth to the point of making it more difficult for decedent to breathe. Decedent tried to move his mouth away from the water and gasp for air. A witness yelled ‘He can’t breathe, you’re drowning him,’ but the officer continued running water over decedent’s face…”

Full Story Here On Courthouse News

And if it turns out that this is NOT a false claim and that what the children are claiming actually DID happen, I truly hope the officers involved are prosecuted for murder. If anyone other than an officer (of the law..?) committed an act such as this, there would be no hesitation to prosecute so let’s see just how ‘equal’ & ‘blind’ justice is…

6 comments on “Children Claim Fresno Police Tasered and Drown Their Father

  1. Suzie says:

    Boy, I’d certainly like to see the outcome of this story. 15 cops were around at one point and not one of them does something? Talk about giving cops a bad name…


  2. MisBehaved says:

    I’ll try to follow up on this but no promises with as fast as media moves; it’s hard not to get spun around and lose track of things.

    I used to volunteer with our local PD and have much respect for good officers. It’s the seeming growing number of ‘bad’ officers that scare me. Busting in doors, shooting dogs, openly murdering people in the streets…terrifying.

    I don’t like being so afraid of LEO and I’d give anything to have Officer Friendly back, wouldn’t you? :-(


  3. ephraiyim says:

    I have come to believe that ‘some” are good and the rest are just evil enemies that, like rabid dogs may need to be put down when they get like this. After all. If your Rottweiler viciously attacked someone like this and refused to stop even after repeated cries to do so the authorities would have the animal put down.
    I say if the same thing happens with a cop. They go on the attack and after repeated cries to stop they end up causing the death of someone in their custody they get put to sleep! NO APPEAL. That’s it Period. You kill a restrained prisoner and you as a cop will die. Not have an administrative review. Not be put on paid leave but life for life.


  4. Nothing worse than those vindictive individuals who believe they are above the law….


  5. […] Children Claim Fresno Police Tasered and Drown Their Father ( […]


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