Round-Up Creating Mutant Toads

So I wonder if it is possible that someone from Monsanto was originally behind the idea of marketing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Twisted thought…but hey, it’s a pretty twisted world we live in…


Jill Ettinger, Organic Authority

Recent research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh suggests that glyphosate—the most commonly used pesticide in the world—is causing “morphological changes” to some exposed animals, namely tadpoles.

Marketed by Monsanto as Roundup, the popular weed killer and companion to genetically modified crops may be interfering with the hormones of tadpoles, says the research team, even despite the fact that weed-killing herbicides like glyphosate are inherently intended to not adversely affect animals, only plants.

Tadpoles can naturally grow larger tails to help them escape predators sensed in their immediate environment, and similar body shape changes were noted after exposure to both environmentally relevant and sub-lethal doses of glyphosate.  According to lead researcher Professor Rick Relyea, “This discovery highlights the fact that pesticides, which are important for crop production and human health, can have unintended consequences for species that are not the pesticide’s target.”

Full Story On Organic Authority

8 comments on “Round-Up Creating Mutant Toads

  1. This is progress! Why the hell should I be satisfied with two eye’d toads when I could easily have super cool three eye’d toads?


  2. Suzie says:

    Not surprising what those chemicals can do but, where in the hell is he gonna’ find glasses?!? ;)


  3. […] Round-Up Creating Mutant Toads ( […]


  4. I shall be sure to hang around in the appropriate regions for maximum effect to ensure I develop eyes in the back of my head….always very useful to a wolf when out hunting….and perhaps the odd extra ear or two complete with built in radar, a giant set of claws and jaws of steel…excellent mutations….don’t know what the fuss is all about ;)


  5. Nancy Barnes says:

    Ye gads… every lifeform will be altered if Monsanto is not stopped.


  6. MisBehaved says:

    I’m afraid ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’, Nancy…I’m just reading a new article that mentions Monsanto has developed a brand new seed…aluminum resistant seed, that is. It’s just not ever going to end, is it? Caaaaaaaaaaaalgon! Take me awaaaayyyy!


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