Pigs On Ice

I hope to hell they don’t get any new funding for this project. We simply do not know enough to approve releasing GMO animals into our food supply. How arrogant could we possibly be..?!


(Reuters) Pigs that might have become the world’s first genetically modified animals approved for human consumption may instead face an untimely end, as key backers of Canada’s “Enviropig” project withdrew their support for the controversial engineered animal…

 …The project has produced eight generations of Enviropigs, including the current herd of 16 animals. But they may be the last of their kind, after Ontario Pork – an association of hog farmers in the eastern Canadian province – yanked their funding last month…

 …Canadian environmental groups welcomed the setback for the Enviropig…

 …”The GM pig was going to drive consumers away from eating pork if it was ever approved for market,” said Paul Slomp of the National Farmers Union, in a statement. “This GM pig fiasco could have permanently damaged (Canada’s) domestic and international pork markets.”

Full Story on Reuters

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5 comments on “Pigs On Ice

  1. Hmm…perhaps the Muslim community have the right idea when they consider pork an UNCLEAN food. GMO-frankenpork pig doesn’t sound exactly appealing or appetising to say the least. I love a good old bacon buttie (sandwhich) but I could go off the idea…rapidly!!


  2. MisBehaved says:

    Oh my goodness, I hear ya! I love my bacon (especially on Sunday mornings…mmmm!) but if I had to choose between never eating pork again and eating a slab of lab meat..? Vegan world here I’d come!!

    I just do NOT understand why cannot slow down and research our creations? We can do some really amazing things…and it is sad that our common sense is so far behind our knowledge…


  3. Well, I think I’d suddenly find myself with a very Jewish or even Muslim disposition towards ham…..


  4. Suzie says:

    I’d be joining you misbehaved in your vegan world…


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